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I Hate You... Mostly by Devonny
Chapter 1 : I Hate You... Mostly
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Ginny glared at him. She knew that she shouldn’t have gotten into the fight with Malfoy in the first place, and over something so trivial as a potions essay. But she hated him. She couldn’t stand him. There wasn’t enough money in the world that could make her stay in the same room with him without a teacher for any amount of time. Hermione held her right arm at the elbow to keep her from lunging at Malfoy. “Ginny, remember you aren’t supposed to let anyone get to you like this.”

“Therapy, Weasley? That must be how you dealt with Potter going out with Cho, wasn’t it?”

The next thing Hermione knew, Draco was lying on the floor with his hand to the side of his mouth, trying to stop the blood dripping from it. Ron wheeled around the bend in the hall and stopped in his tracks. He looked from Draco to Ginny and back to Draco again. “Ginny! You clobbered him!”

“I know, Ron.” Ginny was rubbing her left hand.

“I’ve never been more proud of a family member in my whole life.” A wide smirk was spreading across his face.


Draco got up, muttered a “Watch it, Weasley,” and ran off.

“Ginny-“ Hermione started.

“I know! I know.” Ginny walked down the opposite hallway toward her next class.

Kaydence looked up from her work and at the portrait hole which slammed shut. Her best friend Ginny Weasley stood there with a highly perturbed look on her face. “What happened this time Gin?”

Ginny sighed. “Well, I failed my potions assignment, I beamed Draco Malfoy, and Harry is finally talking to me but for the wrong reasons.” She plopped down onto the loveseat in front of the fire, totally oblivious to Kaydence gawking at her.

“You decked Draco Malfoy?”

“Yes.” Ginny was now covering her face with her hands.

“How hard?” Kaydence forgot all about her work and just looked admirably at her friend.

“Well, I hear his lip was bleeding for ten minutes straight.”

“Good for you.”

“No, not good. Now he’s going to make my life a living nightmare and the only thing that Harry will talk to me about is how it was great that I hit Malfoy. So much for being ladylike.” Ginny looked at her watch. “It’s dinner time.”

“We should go to the Great Hall.” Kadence picked up her bag of books and went to the portrait hole. “You coming?”

“No, I’m going to sit here and be miserable.”

“No, because then you’ll make Malfoy think that you’re afraid to be in the same room with him. Plus, you need a meal. All the color’s drained from your face.” She dragged Ginny by her arm and out into the hallway. “You know what you need?”

“A life? A stop to my Harry Potter crush? Or, better yet, a relationship with him?”

Kadence looked at her. “Ummm, no. What you need is to get all dolled up and go have some fun.”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Ginny was staring at a portrait of a beautiful woman with waist-length black hair.

“Well, I happen to know that tomorrow is a Hogsmeade weekend. There’s a port to a small muggle city right outside of the Hog’s Head, and there’s a muggle nightclub there. It would be a lot of fun to go to, and” she paused letting a wide smirk spread across her face “the perfect distraction from Harry Potter.”

They turned the corner into the Great Hall. “Yeah, maybe.” Ginny took her usual seat between Kaydence and Harry, but wished that she hadn’t. Not only was Harry praising her for her fighting efforts that day, but she also had a clear view of the Slytherin table, and Draco Malfoy.

“I wish I could have seen it. I mean, Draco Mal-“

“He’s staring at me.” Ginny said.

Harry and Kaydence looked up and at the other table, where Draco was indeed staring at the youngest Weasley. Kaydence grinned maliciously and said, “Not for long.” She took her spoon, scooped three peas on it and launched them into the air, sailing over a whole row of students and hitting Draco Malfoy in the face.

Harry quickly looked down and started laughing into his hand. Ginny just rolled her eyes and smacked the back of her best friends head, sending her pink-streaked blonde hair out of place.

Draco stood up and looked over at Harry, Kaydence, and Ginny and watched them head out the door of the Great Hall. This was war.

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