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Innocent Until Proven Guilty by privatenicole
Chapter 1 : How It All Started
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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Disclaimer:Do I have to do this?All right,all right.I don't own anything.The end.

How It All Started

Harry's POV

I sat in my living room.It has been 6 years now.6 years ago,I was arrested for something I didn't commit.But that's behind me now.The day they didn't believe me,was the day I didn't exist in the Wizarding World anymore.My enermies will forever be my enermies.My friends will become my enermies.And now,without them,without magic,I lived a happier life.I now lived as a muggle with a job so muggle,you wouldn't have believed that I was a wizard.I was a police officer,by the name of Gerald Witfield.Ironic isn't it?A supposed criminal that is a police.I listened to the stereo that was playing "There you go" by Pink.I closed my eyes and slowly started to fall asleep.


"Mr Harry Potter,you have been arrested for the murder of Cedric Diggory.You will be kept in Azkaban until further notice," an auror said.

"Harry,how could you!" Cho exclaimed and ran away,tears falling down her cheek.

"You are no longer our friend,Potter." Ron said coldly,while Hermione looked bewildered and disgusted.

Sirius and the others?They looked as if they have disowned me,which they have.

"If they don't believe me,then there's no point staying," I thought.

I followed them out of Hogwarts but after that?I wandlessly stunned them and went off,vowing never to return again.

End of flashback

I got up,rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and looked at the stereo that now played "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte.I switched the stereo off and went into me bedroom,not knowing that Voldemort was overtaking the world on the other side and that my friends ... and enermies were all looking for me.

End of Harry's POV

End of chapter

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty: How It All Started


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