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Two Brothers and A Girl by mum_weasley
Chapter 10 : BOOOOYSSSSS!!!!
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Alicia jumped as she heard the floor boards squeak overhead. “Someone’s up George.”

Fred pulled back. “George?” He mumbled quietly to himself. “Oh bloody hell" he thought "she got us mixed up again.” Shaking his head he whispered “We should get up to bed.” He couldn’t believe it. When was this chick going to tell up apart! He slowly stumbled up the steps and back in to his bedroom. He heard George turning in his sleep.

“Have a good time brother?” Fred heard coming from under the sheets.

“Uh…well, you see………” He stammered.

“No, no. No need to continue on. If she can’t decide between us and is going to slut around and kiss everyone she meets, YOU can have her!!” George sat up, his face red and his eyes burning.

“Now you just hold on Weasley!” Fred raised his voice. “DON’T YOU DARE CALL HER THAT!”

“Why? She’s letting you paw all over her, kissing you, kissing me. Who’s next? Ron? Maybe she can teach him a thing or two.” George raged.

“For your information brother, she once again got us mixed up and was actually thinking she was kissing YOU, but you’re too much of a git to see that!!!” Fred stormed out of the bedroom and ran smack right into Mrs. Weasley.

“Fred!” She hissed. “Why are you and your brother yelling in the middle of the night?” She pulled his ear and dragged him back into his room. “We have a very busy day tomorrow and all of us need our sleep. Now tone it down, get back into bed and SHUT UP!” She turned on her heels and marched back out the door slamming it shut.

The twins just stared at the door, to afraid to speak. Finally after a minute George cracked a smile. “Do you think dad sometimes tells people that his wife turns into a dragon after midnight?”

Fred laughed getting under the covers. “George, do you think we should just give up on Alicia? I mean she’s cute and all, but how long before she mixes us up with Percy?”

George shivered at the thought. “I don’t know. We should talk to her tomorrow. The others are coming in a couple of days. Let’s just have a good time and not worry about girls anymore.” They both agreed and drifted off to sleep.

In the next room, Ginny lay wide awake as Alicia snuck in and quietly made her way to her bed. “What the heck happened out there? Fred and George are yelling at each other.”

Alicia shrugged her shoulders. She was still thinking about George’s kiss. “I don’t have a clue, but your brother is an amazing kisser.” She giggled.

“Ewww, gross!” Ginny blanched. “Which one?” She asked.

“Well, George of course, he just came up to bed.” Alicia responded.

“No he didn’t. George came up 1st, then Fred. That’s when the yelling started.” Ginny said.

“They both were up? Wait! George came up 1st? Oh my! What have I done?”

“What? What’s going on!” Ginny asked.

“Well, you see, I was downstairs studying a bit and your brother, George, well, I thought it was George but it was really Fred, had come downstairs and we started kissing…..I mean really kissing. Then we heard a noise and he went back up to bed.” I came up right after but hid in the corner when I saw your mum standing outside their door. Oh boy.”

“I was coming back from the loo when I ran into George coming upstairs. I said good night to him and he mumbled something like ‘girls suck’. Then Fred came up about a minute after he did. You thought you were kissing George? Alicia, you need to talk to them.” Ginny said.

“I will. First thing tomorrow. I don’t want your mum catching me in their room at night.” Pulling the covers up, she laid their thinking. Wow, Fred sure can kiss.

The next morning Alicia came down to breakfast dreading the confrontation. George, Fred, Ginny and Ron were already devouring their breakfast. “Good morning.” She said timidly. The only response she received were mumbles and grunts as all of their mouths were full of food. Mrs. Weasley smiled at her. “Sit down deary, the sausage and bacon are almost gone. Eat, eat.”

Alicia looked at Fred then to George. They were both discussing a piece of parchment that was between them. “No we can’t do that without having that kind of side effect.” George said to his brother.

She started to fill her plate up, but kept her eyes on the two. “Maybe if we make them into sweets, the teachers would never suspect anything.” Fred was continuing. “How on Earth do they argue one night and wake up as best friends the next?” She thought to herself. She glanced at Ginny and nudged her under the table. Ginny stopped eating and looked at her. Alicia gave her a quizzical look and eyed George and Fred. Ginny looked the twins and shrugged and went back to eating.

After breakfast Fred stood up and asked Alicia to meet them outside near the pond. She smiled and said she would be out after she finished dressing. After five minutes she was outside walking towards the pond. George was sitting on a rock throwing stones into the water while Fred was staring at a couple of gnomes dancing in the weeds in the garden. “Hey guys, I need to talk to you.” Alicia looked down timidly.

“Oh?” Answered George. “What about?”

“Yeah, what could possibly be on your mind?” Fred sat down next to his brother.

“Well, for starters……” She started but couldn’t find the words.

“Why don’t you ask us who is who so we both know who you’re talking to.” Fred started in.

“Then why don’t you kiss us to see if you can really tell the difference.” George finished.

“I…….well………OH COME ON!!! You two look exactly alike! How am I supposed to tell the difference in the dark in the middle of the night!” She exclaimed.

“I’m the better looking one, darker hair, less freckles, more charming smile.” Fred insisted.

“No, no, I’m the better looking one, plus I’m more daring.” George argued.

“Yes, but I’m the shy, quiet type that most women go for.”

Ah, but I’m the rebel without the clue type. ALL the ladies think I’m the cute one.”

“Like bloody hell they do, who always got their cheeks pinched?” Fred asked.

“We’re not talking old grannies.” George said under his breath.

“Guys, guys!! Stop! You’re driving me absolutely batty!” Alicia stood staring at them.

They returned her look with shocked expressions. “Reckon she lost her marbles when she snogged you.” George finally said.

Fred punched his arm “At least she didn’t cry when I kissed her.”

“Who said she cried when she kissed me?” George rounded on him.

“No one, but I figured once she figured out she was kissing me instead of you she was probably relieved.”

‘BOOOOOOOOOOOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Alicia yelled. They both stopped and looked at her again. They couldn’t help it, they busted out laughing. “Alicia, you sure are pretty when you yell. Kind of reminds us of dear ole mum.” Fred smiled sweetly.

“Yes, but she doesn’t have the red hair with flames coming out of her ears.” George said.

“But the nose flares she has perfectly down.” Fred corrected.

Alicia stood there speechless. Shaking her head she turned around and walked off. Unbelievable was the only word she could think of.

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