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If You Loved Me... by ron_hearts_hermione
Chapter 3 : Who needs weddings?
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(A/N: Hey guys, just so you know, Harry's not in here is because I'm just gonna assume he had to go to the Dursley's house for the first week or so of the summer. But now he's coming back!)

Hermione woke up the next morning felling very refreshed… until she remembered last night.

Bloody hell…

She rubbed her eyes and got out of bed.

God I just swore…

The reason why Ms. Granger was now feeling particularly grumpy this morning, was because a certain red-head had asked her to his brother’s wedding, and she was having doubts of the sincerity in his action.(A/N: Sounds weird… lol)

She decided she might talk to Ginny about it later. She got dressed and headed down stairs for a hearty breakfast.

When she got into the kitchen, she got some milk and a cup and poured herself a glass.

As she sat down at the table, she heard a “Hey.” She turned around to find Ron stepping down the staircase.

“Hey Ron.” She looked down at her milk still remembering how Ron might not have meant he wanted to go to the wedding with her. Maybe he just felt sorry for her, maybe he felt he had to ask her because no one else would…

“Listen, I kinda wanted to tell you something…” Her eyes widened as she still fixed her eyes on her cup.

Oh no… Here it comes…

Ron started stuttering and stumbling with words, and for a minute, Hermione just let him. But it seemed he had something important on his mind.

She stood up and walked over to Ron.

“It’s ok, whatever it is… Tell me.” She still had that feeling in the pit of her stomach that he was just trying to find a nice way to tell her he was already going with someone else…

Lavender; the slut…

She started to listen to Ron’s attempt to say something.

“So… yeah… ah... er… so uh… Oh bloody hell…”

“Ron don’t sw-”

Hermione was going to scold Ron to not swear, but couldn’t exactly finish, and that is because Ron was kissing her. She was feeling some sort of weird shock wave throughout her body. She couldn’t believe it! Here they were snogging and she had thought he was there to change his mind about going to the wedding with her.

But as quickly as the kiss started, it ended.

“I- that wasn’t- uh…” He stared at Hermione with wide eyes, and then ran for it.

Hermione on the other hand stood in her spot, and touched her lips, almost questioning if that was real.


“So he just… kissed you?”

“Yeah… It was terribly romantic, I felt like I was going to explode…”

“And… Did he tell you anything? Anything- that seems important?”

“No, why?”

“Oh, only because he was supposed to.”

“Oh… well… He didn’t…”


“Harry, I blew it…” Ron said to Harry who had just arrived a couple minutes before.

“Well, did you kiss her?”

“Yes, but I didn’t tell her… Now she’s gonna think… I dunno what she’ll think! Shit… I’m doomed…”

“No your not.” Harry got up and walked over to Ron’s bed, and sat down next to him.

“Just go tell her how you feel now, I bet she’s still stuck in the moment, she won’t mind the delay…”



Hermione was on her way to Ron’s room but they met in the hallway halfway in between.


“Hey Mione”

“Um… Hi…”

“Yeah… so I had something to tell you…”

“I kind of do too..”

“You see-”
They said at the same time.

They both started to chuckle, trying to take off some of the tension. Apparently it wasn’t working, because it got twice as thick once it was silent again.

“Uh… You go first.” Hermione said.

“Right… well… you see… I sort of... I- I love you Hermione.” Hermione’s eyes widened. I guess she had known it all along, but hearing it from Ron, it was just so… surreal, if that could be the word to describe it.

“Oh my god…”

“Oh my god… what?” Hermione considered what to do, tell him she loved him back? Scream for joy?

She ended up doing neither, for she had jumped into Ron’s arms and kissed him… hard. The shock she had felt earlier was coming once again, but in waves. Once it had gone out of her body through her toes, it started again at her head. Over and over these waves of ecstasy and happiness and exhilaration, non-stop. And just when the kiss was getting to its peak-

“Can you say public humiliation?” Ron and Hermione broke the kiss to see six people looking absolutely thrilled.

They stared at the Weasley family (plus Harry) with wide–eyes, and suddenly Ron started to run toward Fred, who had a muggle camera in his hand. Fred ran for it and Hermione stared after Ron, smiling.

Harry walked up to Hermione and said what apparently he, and Molly, Ginny, Arther, and George Weasley had on their minds.

“Finally!” She laughed as she hugged Harry.


Ron and Hermione were seated comfortably on the couch in front of the fire, Ron’s left arm around Hermione’s shoulder.

“Today was very fun…” Ron laughed.

“Yes, it was” Hermione agreed. Then suddenly, a thought popped into her head.

“Why do you always call me Mione? I mean, no one else does.

“Well, I always thought it was a pretty nick name for you. Why, do you not like it?”

“No, Ron." She looked up at him with a smile on her face. "I love it.”

Right so that's the ending... I hope you liked it, I tried to think of a spectacular ending and this is what I came up with... It might suck, but if you think so, comment and tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankies!

BTW: Cool Goth Girl and Creepy Guy are not here on account of a terrible happening... they were murdered. *Gasps form the readers* What? they deserved it... *Licks fingers* tee hee

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