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The Lioness's Son by Queen Sabreen
Chapter 50 : The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son
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Epilogue: The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Draco Malfoy paced back and forth in the Hospital Wing wondering what had happened to his wife, Hermione. They had gotten married on the month of May on Hogwarts grounds by the lake. Every student and member of the staff, and friends and people from the Order of the Phoenix arrived and Albus Dumbledore was the one to marry them off.

Hermione even invited her Muggle parents, the Grangers, after Devin's insistent requests to meet the people who raised his mother. They cried as they saw the daughter they raised for 17 years and asked Hermione for forgiveness for when Hermione was pregnant they shunned her. Now they understood how wrong their actions had been and Hermione had forgiven them.

Lavender, who by then had been cured completely, Parvati, Padma, Ginny, and Luna all were Hermione's bride's maids. Blaise Zabini was Draco's best man. Little Lillian had become the flower girl with Devin as the ring-boy to his dismay.

As the sun dipped under the horizon and the lake gave off a red orange glow, Draco and Hermione exchanged their vows and became man and wife, kissing until the sun had fully set and the moon shone brightly in the darkened sky.

And now more than a month later it was the last day of school and before they could go to the End of the Year feast, Hermione had fainted and Draco insisted to get her a full checkup. After much reluctance, Hermione agreed. It had been a full hour since Madam Pomfrey had drawn the curtains around Hermione's hospital bed and Draco was getting worried. He was just about to barge in there himself, when Poppy arrived with a large smile plastered on her face.

"Is Hermione all right? Is she better? What had happened? Can I meet her? Is she still unconscious?" Draco asked, his voice loud with concern.

Madam Pomfrey simply grinned. "Hermione has something to tell you. Why don't you just go inside and see for yourself?"

Not hearing a single word more, Draco pulled the curtains aside so he could enter, closed them behind him and then raced to Hermione's side. "Hermione what happened? Are you okay? What took so long?" he asked as he watched her. She looked tired but there was an unusual glow on her face that he hadn't seen before.

"I'm perfectly all right, Draco," she said taking his hand. "I have some good news to tell you."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Devin smirked as he heard the good news. Slytherin not only won the Quidditch Cup due to him finding the snitch almost every time, but they won the House Cup too for the first time since Harry Potter's school days. He couldn't wait to go to his dad (Harry) and tell him 'I told you so!' for long ago he challenged Harry that he would indeed get the House Cup and Quidditch Cup for Slytherin long ago on the first day of school when Harry gave him the Marauder's Map and his invisibility cloak. Speaking of the invisibility cloak and Marauder's Map, Devin was thinking about giving those to his little sister Lillian who in a few years time would be joining Hogwarts and those would be pretty useful to her.

The locket suddenly felt warm against his chest and he wondered what happened. The last time it glowed was the day his mother and father had gotten married and since then not a thing happened. At least I know the meaning of the locket, he thought. It took him 17 years, but at last he did but there was something else that Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, and Roy Salyther had forgotten to tell him. The Serpent was not only Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange or even Harry, but also Harriet Cobraphillious, Hermione's real mother. How she had died was still a mystery but all people knew was that there were snakes sprouting from her head. No one may know the answer but one thing was for sure, she indeed was part of the Serpent that neither bound or strangled the Dragon and the Lioness for without her Hermione would never had been born and if not her than Devin wouldn't have either. And if it weren't for her going to the Dark Side, Roy Salyther would have never been forced to hide Hermione and what happened would never have happened.

Devin walked over to the portrait of a very cranky and old witch whose name he knew not. Knocking on it, he was glad to see Melissa opening it for him with a large grin on her face.

"Congratulations Devin, Slytherin got the House Cup," she said, looping her hand in the crook of his arm.

"Why, Ms. Finnagan, by the tone of your voice one would think you were jealous," Devin said playfully as the two of them walked towards the Great Hall arm in arm.

"Jealous? You must be joking!" she said and then stopped walking making him come to a halt as well. "I already told you Devin, no matter what House you're in or what happens, you'll always be my friend," she said seriously, giving him a hug.

"Friend? I thought you were my girlfriend?" he said recalling the day that they officially began going out. It was the day of his parents wedding, right at the reception.

Devin watched as, at the reception in the Great Hall, couples danced and he was left to his self, watching Melissa from the corner of his eyes. Then suddenly Nelsy Longbottom arrived and told him she had an idea that would get the two together. He told her to try it, liking the idea and the younger girl skipped to Melissa, holding her purple frog in her hand. She took her away and into an empty classroom telling her about the legend of a girl that kissed a frog that turned into her Prince Charming.

"Close your eyes and kiss the frog!" Nelsy insisted.

"I will not kiss that purple frog of yours!" Melissa said, crossing her arms over her chest definitely.

Nelsy began to cry. "I thought you were my friend!" she wailed.

"Being your friend doesn't mean I'm going to kiss that frog!" she said refusing to get intimidated by the little girl's cries.

"But don't you want to meet your Prince Charming?" Nelsy said, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Yeah but--"

"But nothing. Kiss the frog. It'll turn into your prince!" Nelsy said wiping her eyes with the back of her hand and blowing her nose with the fabric of her sleeve.

The older girl looked at it with disgust, then her dark eyes fell upon the purple frog.
I can't believe I'm doing this, she thought and picked up the purple creature. Ick! It's even slimy!

Looking into Nelsy's pleading eyes, she closed hers shut tightly and kissed the critter.
Oh Merlin! she thought disgustingly, ready to puke.

Meanwhile Nelsy snickered and ushered the person waiting outside to come as they had planned.
This is too good. She took hold of the frog and snuck away and Devin appeared in front of Melissa a smirk on his face. When the dark-haired girl opened her eyes, she looked everywhere but at him. "Hey, where's my Prince?" she said aloud.

Devin's smirk turned into a frown. "But I'm your Prince!" he whined.

"What was that? Is that a croak I heard?" she said, trying to keep her voice firm and not laugh.

Devin then burst out laughing and Melissa couldn't could it any longer and laughed as well. And after their laughter finally subsided, Devin stood up straight and put a smug smirk on his face. "So aren't you going to kiss me now?"

"Now why would I want to do that?" she answered crossing her arms over her chest, cocking an eyebrow.

"So you could kiss a frog but you can't kiss your Prince Charming?"

"Hmm..." she pretended to ponder tapping her finger against her chin and looking into the air.

"Well I guess it's okay if you don't want to though I personally don't understand how you can resist my lips. I mean they're so soft and---" he rambled.

"Devin," she interrupted.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Just shut up so I could kiss you," she commanded with a smug look on her face and leaned forward, pressing her lips against his, smiling into the kiss as he smirked and brought her into his arms.

Devin smiled at the memory and didn't notice that they had reached the entrance of the Great Hall, but before they entered it, he took Melissa's hand and dragged her to a deserted corner.

"Dev, what's wrong?" she asked, pecking him lightly on the lips.

He looked at her seriously. "Melissa, what's going to happen to us after school ends?"

"I don't know. Are you going to go back to the States?" she asked, her face now serious as well.

"If I stay will you still be my girlfriend?" he asked her.

Melissa smiled. "Of course," she said, wrapped her arms around his neck and drawing him in for a kiss. His tongue egged it's way into her mouth slowly caressing her own. A familiar flip in his stomach made him realize how much he cared for her. Melissa wasn't just a schoolboy crush. He was pretty sure he loved her and he wanted to be with her forever. Holding her in his arms, he wasn't sure he ever wanted to let go, but Melissa pulled away. "I'm hungry," she said pouting.

Devin looked scornfully at her. "Fine," he said grumpily. "But you owe me," he said as they walked to the Great Hall, parting, she to the Ravenclaw table and he to the Slytherin. Thankfully ever since he began going out with Melissa, Christina ceased her flirtatious behavior and as for Kate, she gave him a letter saying that she just wished to remain friends for now. Eric and Amy were all over each other giving everyone quite a show as they always did and no matter how many people told them to get a room, they would, but only at night.

"Oh, before I forget, the 7th Years are going to go over to Hogsmeade to celebrate. You in?" Eric asked after parting his lips from Amy as she attacked his neck.

Devin nodded and quickly looked away, shaking his head at the sight of such great a public display of affections.

Finally, Dumbledore stood up at the table and began his End-of-the-Year speech. Though he was no longer the Headmaster, Snape saw it fit for him to give out the speech since people usually would fall asleep when he did it.

"The end of another year," he began. "For some it shall be the complete end of Hogwarts," his gazes fell upon all the 7th Years. "And for some it shall only be the beginning," he said his eyes falling on the 1st Years who beamed at him. "We passed the year with unexpected events. First, they were frightening and dangerous, and the end they were happy and joyful. Our two professors, Hermione Granger, Professor of Transfiguration, and Professor Draco Malfoy, Potions Master had gotten married. Let us raise our goblets to the health of the newly weds!" And everyone stood and raised their cups to their name and the Great Hall was filled with cheers and claps.

"We have also got gotten back two of our old students who faced unfortunate events. Welcome back Violet Weasley and Joseph Bulstrode! And may you live a very happy life!" he said and everyone raised their goblets and drank to their name.

"We have also received a newer student who faced danger courageously and without him we would all be doomed. He stood proud and tall and defeated the woman with no fear. Let us stand and raise our goblets to Devin Salyther!"

And everyone stood and raised their goblets and cheerily called out Devin's name. Devin looked up at the staff table, looking for his mother and father, but only Harry was seen and he was beaming at him. He decided to think about them later and shifted his eyes to the right of Dumbledore where Snape's steely dark eyes stared at him but there was an unusual twinkle in the ex-Potions Master's gaze. No doubt his step-grandfather was pleased that Slytherin won both the Quidditch and House Cup and Devin smirked in pride.

"Many events had fallen on this year..." Dumbledore continued, his voice more serious than it had before after everyone had seated once again. "In the beginning we had to face another Evil. The Mistress Bellatrix Lestrange. I applaud you all for the bravery you showed." The whole Great Hall was filled with cheer and applaud and people beamed at their own good job. "United you fought her and her people and united you all should forever remain. Though one evil had left, another shall always take it's place and it is your job to not keep Hogwarts divided for when Hogwarts is, you shall fall and when Hogwarts is united you shall victor. So let's drink to the unity of Hogwarts and tuck in!" he said raising his goblet and everyone yelled out "To the Unity of Hogwarts!" and after the voices died down, everyone seated and began to eat as food magically appeared on the table.

Devin beamed as everyone talked to him and asked him questions. They all knew he had defeated Bellatrix through rumors but hearing Dumbledore clarify it made them all ask more questions and Devin smirked yet refused to answer a thing. And then in the middle of the End-of-the-Year Feast, Devin looked up towards the staff table and scanned the area looking for his mother but she still wasn't there and neither was Draco but he assumed they must have left due to their own 'problems.' Yuck, he thought shaking his head from the thoughts. I didn't need to think about that.

His gaze flicked over to the Gryffindor Table where Violet was chatting amiably with Joseph Ryler who had join Hogwarts to finish his last year. The redhead was blushing and laughing and Devin felt happy for her. After all the bad things that happened to her, she was finally happy. Then his gaze fell on the Hufflepuff table where he met and got to know quite a few people who smiled at him when they saw him looking. He looked back to his own table glad not to see Jo Ryler for she had transferred to Durmstrang and Karl Bulstrode was probably at his house doing nothing, his whole career thrown in the dump. At last his silver eyes fell upon the Ravenclaw table where Melissa's dark eyes rested on him. He made a mental note to pick her up before going to Hogsmeade for the party and felt a pang of sorrow at the thought of leaving such a place that in so short a time had quickly turned to become like his home.

Then, suddenly, he felt someone tug at his robe and he turned around to see little Nelsy Longbottom. "You're mother is in the Hospital Wing," she said and when she saw the alarmed expression of Devin's face, she quickly shook her head and added, "It's nothing bad. In fact she wants you to go right now and give you good news. Don't ask me what it is because I don't know."

Devin nodded and excused himself, wondering what good news his mother had for her. Whatever it was, he couldn't wait to tell her his good news too and see her reaction.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hermione beamed up at Draco after seeing the happy yet shocked expression on his face.

"You're not lying? It's true? You're pregnant?" he exclaimed.

Hermione nodded her head, her face glowing with mirth. "Poppy said it was a girl," she informed him.

"A girl? What will we name her?"

"I have the perfect name," Hermione said. "Sophia Athena Malfoy." Draco's eyes widened in shock. "Yes, Draco. I know how much you loved Athena and that Sophia was supposed to be the name of your unborn daughter. Let's just say that I'm going to have that daughter now and we'll raise her to be just like Athena. Okay?"

Draco just kissed her forehead, not knowing what else to say. She was so sweet and considerate to think about his late-wife. Normally someone would want to have their husband forget but she understood his feelings for her. Though Draco only married Athena because she looked a lot like Hermione, with warm honey hair and cinnamon colored eyes, he grew to love her and even now he cherished her memories.

Suddenly Devin appeared at his side breaking him from his thoughts. "What's the good news? And why is mum here?" he asked, his voice concerned.

Hermione smiled and then said, "You're going to have a little sister."

Devin's jaw dropped. "A-a sis--sister?" he croaked.

Hermione frowned and so did Draco. "You aren't happy?"

"Happy? I'm elated!" he rushed over and gave his mother a hug and then shook hands with his father, a serious expression on his face, but then father and son cracked a smile and they thumped each other on the back after a warm embrace. "Congratulations!" They were silent for a while each looking at the other thoughtfully when suddenly Devin remembered something. "Oh and I have some more good news!"

"What is it?" Draco asked, sitting down on a chair next to Hermione's bed.

"Slytherin got the House Cup!" Devin yelled.

Draco jumped up in joy. "That's great. Finally, I beat you Potter!" He threw a fist in the air mightly with a grin gracing his handsome features.

Hermione scowled.

"Oh come on, mum. Be happy for us," Devin said as he saw the scornful look on his mother's face.

"Fine. Congratulations," she said with less enthusiasm.

"Oh, I better be going," Devin said looking at his Muggle watch that he had jinxed to work at Hogwarts. "I have to pick Mel up so we could head off to Hogsmeade. There's a party for the graduates," he explained.

Draco and Hermione exchanged a look as they remembered what happened on their graduation party.

"Well have fun, son," Draco said seriously, walking up to Devin and squeezing his shoulder. "But whatever you do, just don't get Melissa pregnant."

Devin blinked in shock and Hermione smiled.

"Well," Draco began, his lips twitching to a smirk, " least not yet."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Author's Note: So yes, this is the last chapter! The tale has finally come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed it (even though I still personally think its one of my bad stories)! So just leave one last review and be sure to check out my other fics!

All Hail,
Queen of Serpents
aka Queen Sabreen

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