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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 7 : This is Indeed a Disturbing Universe
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Chapter 7
This is Indeed a Disturbing Universe

The beautiful morning sun shone through the window's in Ron's serene little apartment. It was window, that Ron was now standing in front of after just getting out of bed. He stretched and looked out through the shut piece of glass. He then focused his eyes on his own, naked, reflection and- NAKED! WHAT THE FUCK! He jumped back into the bed. He distinctly remembered putting on pajamas the night before. He saw Hermione was asleep and got out of bed. He put back on his comfortable, muggle clothes. He was stopped before he was able to make it out of the room.
"Where are you going?" He heard from the bed.
"....... No where.. Just out."
"Well you can't leave. Remember, you're supposed watch Susie today."
"Oh yes.... Susie." He said going into his daughter's room. She was still asleep. Ron found himself going back into his bedroom and sitting down on the bed.
"She's asleep..." He sighed.
"So now what?" she asked.
"I don't know... .Why did I wake up naked?" He decided to ask.
"You know how long it took me to get out the double knot in your pajama bottoms?" she asked putting a robe on.

"Remember that one time... When you had those little yellow bird things?" Ron asked with Hermione's head on his shoulder.
"I don't know what you're talking about..." she said looking up at him.
"Oh that's right... Never happened."
"You've been acting a lot different lately.."
"Like how?"
"Well for one, you've been pretty resilient when I'm throwing myself at you."
"what do you mean? I didn't fight you off a couple of minutes ago." he said as she got up.
"I mean seriously... About how much feeling am I supposed to lose in my extremities?" Ron asked shaking around his hands that were currently tied up to the bed posts.
"Just enough to where it still hurts." she said taking off her robe.

Ron woke up 3 hours later, and half of the day was already gone. He spent the rest of it with Susie. He stayed up until about 3 in the morning tending to her. It was so odd having a baby. He felt guilty about leaving tomorrow. yes, he had decided to leave his nymphomaniacal girlfriend and child for a life of unknown prospects. He had spent most of the day thinking over the perfect memory to go back too. He had thought about what Ginny had said about Malfoy. Ron figured the best way to convince Hermione was too prove he was somewhat brave. And saving Malfoy would probably do the trick. That night he was able to get some sleep since he slept in the rocking chair next to Susie's crib.

He was sure not to wake Hermione that morning. He feared what might happen considering he woke up with his zipped undone. He slipped back on the muggle clothes and headed for the door.... But not without saying one goodbye to his daughter that had barely gotten to know. He then left to make things right, not bothering to stop by his "Best mate's" house. He had everything planned out. Ron would save Draco, even if it killed him to do it, by doing that in some way he was sure Hermione would be fine but probably not with him. He would then try to make things work with her. It would also right his sister and Harry's lives.
He worked over the plan a few more times before showing up at the ministry during lunch time. It would be a bit difficult finding that certain memory. Luckily it had still happened in this reality. As soon as he got up into the Time Room, his head began to pound. It was a wonder that he had been able to pack over 20 years worth of memories into his head. What Shockley had said held true, because others memories he had were being forgotten. He took his, rather different more expensive, wand out of his back pocket and pointed it at his temple. The memory slithered out of his temple with a little more pain than usual. He held up the wand and opened the cabinet. He slowly put the wand into the little wooden bottle just as he heard the Time Room's door click open.


"Well you're right, there! You couldn't even kill a frail old man!! It's because you don't have the gaul, Draco! You're no son of mine! DO you know how many I've had too kill to get what I want?! Don't you remember.... I had too kill your mother too get out of Azkaban!!!" Lucius barked at his son who was shivering with anger. The three who were conscious had yet too learn that Lucius was the one who killed Narcissa last summer. Ron suddenly woke up, when he regained consciousness and saw the predicament, he could barely move.
"And once again, someone has to do it for you!" Luscius pointed his wand towards Hermione. Before he opened his mouth , his son sent an anger driven elbow into his father's throat. Lucius tumbled onto his back as his son jumped on top of him, chocking the life out of him for his mother. He was finally able to stun his son off him onto his own back. Lucius got back up and pointed the ebony wand at his son. Ron, with a newfound energy he lacked the first time he went through this moment in time, leaped at Draco and pushed him into Harry. That same beam from Lucius's wand sprayed out as Ron blacked out. He didn't have too see to know things had begun spinning again.


"Oh... Oh my god.." Ron chocked out. He was sitting a chair in the main room of Grimmauld place. He had a blanket over him, so it seemed that in this reality he was sleeping in a large armchair. He looked over at the couch and saw Harry under the covers wrestling with some girl.
"hey, you okay mate?" Harry asked, breathless and without glassed.
"Yeah... Yeah I'm good.."Ron chuckled. Things looked okay. He heard the girl giggling and it wasn't Cho..... Nor was it his sister. He threw off the blanket and got up to take a peak at who he was with. As soon as he stood up, all the blood rushed around in his body until it all made it to his head, as he began bleeding profusely form the nose.
"Oh my god!" He heard Harry yell. He saw Harry dash up from the couch, pulling on his boxers. Harry's new girlfriend leaned over Ron and pulled him over to the couch and leaned him up against it.

Ron had suffered a loss like Malfoy's, only his wasn't permanent. Ron spent a year or two recovering at St.Mungo's which left Malfoy to take his place. This also, oddly led to Ginny and Malfoy having a relationship. But the worst thing for Ron, was that while he was out of the picture, Harry and Hermione were now together.
"Fuck!" she yelled as Harry rushed back with a towel.
"Come on! We're leaving!" Harry said lifting Ron up.
"No... No wait!" Ron yelled throwing himself onto the floor.
"Ron!" Hermione yelled rushing too his side. Ron knew he was horrible to look at. He looked like his mother still dressed him, keeled over the floor, and his face was covered in his own blood.
"I'm staying here..." When he spoke it came out much slower than Ron remembered.
"No, you can't we have to-" Hermione pleaded.
"You're not taking me anywhere!!.... You owe me that much....." he said tears starting to form. Harry leaned Ron up against the couch. Hermione used her wand to clean Ron's clean shaven face. Harry leaned his forehead on Ron's head while Hermione went to clean her face up. Harry kissed Ron on the head before tending to Hermione. Ron was able to pull himself up. When he walked, he had a sort of limp that slowed him down by a lot. Hermione came back out. "Why?... Does she have to look so beautiful when she isn't mine?" he asked himself in his head.
".....I think.. I'm gonna go back.. To sleep.." He said falling down onto the couch.
"No. Remember, we're supposed to meet Draco and Ginny." she said getting on her coat. She walked over with his.
"Sit up..." she said as he did so. Ron slowly moved his arms up as she put the jacket on for him. He was completely pitiful.
"..... Where are we going?" Ron asked.
"The Leaky Cauldron.. haven't been there in a while." she said.
"They have those new pancakes.. Good for breakfast." she said now combing his hair.
"You, Draco, and Harry all like pancakes... that's all that really matters now.." he sighed.
"Don't be all down like that." she talked to him like he was a child. Harry came down the stairs, looking all studly like he used to... It made Ron even more depressed.
"Are we ready to go?" He asked.
"More ready than ever, Dad!" Ron said sarcastically. He pushed himself up and headed out of the door. This left Harry and HErmione to shrug and frown at Ron's comment.

When they all arrived, they sat in a little booth. Ron was further taunted by sitting across from Harry's perfect Hermione. Soon.. Draco and HIS girlfriend showed up.
"Hey everybody!" a cheerful Malfoy said. Ron was stunned at his appearance. A smile on his face, clean parted hair, and clothing that believe or not wasn't black. Ginny looked better than she had before, thank god.
"How are you doing?" Malfoy asked patting Ron on the shoulder.
"I woke up to the sound of these two screwing, and bled maybe 4 liters from my nose..... How are you?" Ron asked back. Everyone's eyes widened at his sudden crankiness. He wasn't cranky, more pissed off really.
"All right so what's the plan then?" Ginny asked.
"Well, we'll eat, go and check in with Fred and George, then look for something to wear to the wedding."Draco said smiling.
".... wedding?"
"yes, Ron. Me and Harry were getting married, remember?" she said, just like how she used to correct him.
"Great then..." He frowned. Ron chocked down the pancakes that were cut up into tiny slices for him. Soon, it was time for everyone to leave.. .So Ron could have another moment alone with Hermione.
"Well let's get going." Harry laughed as they sat up.
"Wait! Hermione, I need to ask you something... In private."
"Ok, I'll catch up!" she said sitting back down and leaning over the table.
"What is it?" she asked concerned as the group left.
".... I just wanted to talk to you..." He said once again, slowly.
"I'd like that.. We haven't talked in a while."
"Well it's just that.... I had been thinking... About our fourth year."
"Oh, I remember that night.... The Yule Ball... I remember it was our first time.." she grinned.
"Is that what you want to talk about? Our little fling?"
".... shit that did happen..." Ron realized that even when he changed this reality, everything he had done before had also happened.
"What do you mean?"
"A fling?"
"Yeah, it was just a short fling."
"I don't see how? Didn't we shag like every night?"
"Maybe, but still... when you were in the hospital, I spent more time with Harry and we both realize how we felt."
"Didn't you care about me?" he asked.
"Yeah... You were, really, the first person I really cared about... I mean, I wouldn't be with Harry right now, if you hadn't stopped me from being that nerdy girl and being... Truly me.." she smiled.
"Well.... I mean.. After the accident, did you ever considering getting back together?"
".... Ron... I'm with Harry now..." she frowned.
"Well do you think it could change your mind... If I told you that no one could possibly love someone as much as I love you?" more tears formed on Ron's eyes.
"............ Ron...." she was going to say something, but Harry whistled for her. She almost fled from the table to go see him. Ron watched as they talked.. and then kissed. Without either of them knowing, he left.

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Turning Back: This is Indeed a Disturbing Universe


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