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Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 20 : At The Post Office
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A/N: Here it is, chappy 20. Hope you like it, it has more twists and turns, so enjoy it to the fullest!


Chapter 20: At The Post Office


The Easter holidays had come at last, but for most it wasn’t something to celebrate. The fifth and seventh years would be taking their exams straight after, so instead of having fun they were prone to revising.

Now that McGonagall had returned and was back on her feet, she kept the teaching positions as they were and let the ghost of Lupin help out Harry.

“So I guess you’re not going on that exotic Easter excursion then?” Pansy said suddenly.

Hermione looked up from her book. She shook her head. “We have exams and I don’t think McGonagall could handle everything without us.”

“Has anybody actually found anything for the cure?” Ginny asked, her head poking out to the side of the tower of books.

Everybody took that as a sign to give up. They threw whichever book they were reading on to the ground and then fell back with heavy sighs.

“Oh come on guys!” Hermione complained. “We can’t give up now!”

“Yeah we can. We’ve been looking through books for three and a half hours today. And every day since Snape disappeared,” Ron explained.

“Why don’t we go into Hogsmeade?” Harry suggested. “Everybody else has.”

The sound of agreement burned Hermione’s heart and deafened her ears. Does no one care, she thought. Everybody got up, Ginny grabbed Harry’s hand, and Neville wrapped his arm around Luna’s waist; her engagement ring sparkling in the sunlight.

They escaped the dark grotto of the willow tree. “Aren’t you coming?” A hand reached out in front of Hermione, she looked up to see Draco’s pleading expression.

Aha aha this is for my fans
Aha aha this is for my destiny
Aha aha this is for my fans
Aha aha this is for my future man

She took his hand and he pulled her up from the ground. They walked out from underneath the willow tree to step into warm, glorious sunshine.

The walk to the village was slow and quiet, but giggling soon broke the silence. Pansy was laughing at something that Blaise had just said, and then took his hand.

“When did you two get together then?” Draco asked suspiciously.

“Work brings people closer together. Before we went into the Chamber, I asked her out. Just in case…” Blaise explained, but a hand muffled his speech when a flush of cold rushed over Hermione, making her shiver and letting one tear escape her.

Draco squeezed her hand, which made her smile and return her warmth. They reached the gate and making sure that everyone was there, they stepped into the village. But everyone wasn’t there.

“Where’s Ron?” Ginny pondered, worry shaking in her voice.

Aha aha this is for my best-friend
Aha aha this is for my future children
Aha aha this is for my mother
Aha aha this is for my…

“Wait here, I’ll go find him,” Hermione kissed Draco quickly on the cheek, then ran back the way they had come.

She called out for him, but no response came to her ears. She looked across the lake, but Ron was nowhere to be seen.

She began to walk back to Hogsmeade, the willow leaves rustled even though there wasn’t a wind. Unnerving as this sign was, she drew back the leaves and saw the mop of red hair behind the tree trunk.

She sat on the other side and began to talk. “Why have you stayed?”

“I didn’t want to go into Hogsmeade,” Ron replied, sniffing in the pollen then sneezing.

Hermione giggled. “Well, you’re the one who’s bored, so come on!”

“I’m not coming,” he spat. “Not when everyone is loving into each other.”

“Oh, right,” Hermione moved to the side of the trunk where Ron was sitting and knelt in front of him. “There’ll be loads of girls in Hogsmeade you can work your charm on.”

“I used all my charm on one girl, but she left me like the rest of them,” he said sulkily.

The twinge of guilt bubbled in Hermione’s stomach. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled and hugged him, which he managed to return.

“I don’t care if you’re with Malfoy, but I just feel weary around him. Please be careful, ‘Mione,” he kissed her forehead.

You are my best friend.
And I love you
You're always there to love me,
When I didn't even love my self

“I will. And for your ears only, you were the first boy who I truly loved. And I still do,” she kissed him on the cheek. “But all must move on.”

Hermione got up and walked out of the willow tree and back down to the village, where Draco took her hand and they made their way to the shops.

Ron; meanwhile, messed about with his hair even though it was very ruffled from the lack of sleep. He rummaged around in his jacket pocket and extracted a small box which he opened.

A gold ring with six diamonds and one ruby; which sat in the circle of diamonds, sat in the box. One of his relatives had given it to him in their will, and he had thought about giving it to a special someone; someone who he truly loved, a special friend.

You bring out the best in me
And I thank you
Thank you for my life, thanks for your advice
Your wisdom and your straight, ohh

The ring glistened in the suns rays, then a thick cloud covered the sun and stopped the ring from sparkling.

Ron snapped the box closed, got up and made his way out from under the willow tree. He stood at the back of the lake and stared at it angrily.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin' me
If you love unconditionally

He pulled back his arm then threw it forward, releasing the box from his grip; along with the ring, and it landed in the water with a small splash.

Not all dreams come true, and they can not be bought with diamonds!

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin' me
If you love unconditionally

He placed his hands in his pockets and walked back up to the castle, his dream sinking to the bottom of either his stomach, or the lake.


They passed Zonko’s, (no one felt more happier), and walked up to Magical Imageries.

“This is where Tonks works,” Hermione pointed out. “Its her Saturday job,” she explained to Harry and Ginny’s puzzled looks.

They stepped inside and went over to the counter where the old woman with white curly hair and glasses greeted them all with a wide smile. “Hello there,” she said cheerfully. “How can I help you all?”

“Erm, we’re looking for Nymphadora Tonks, is she here?” Hermione asked. The woman shook her head. “But she works here on Saturdays!”

“I’m afraid she resigned. She handed in her recognition form last week. Said she couldn’t work under a loss,” the woman explained.

“She what?!” Hermione screamed.

“I’m sorry, dear.” The woman bustled away to place a box of decorations in their appropriate aisles.

“Poor Tonks,” Ginny mumbled.

“I never knew that she loved him that bad to give up her job,” Harry whispered. Hermione couldn’t speak; her words were caught in her mouth but they wouldn’t sound out. Instead, she breathed in calmly then ran out of the shop.

She ran down the high street and into the Post Office. She clutched at the stitch in her side, but breathed her request at the counter.

“An owl to London, please?” Her face was already red with the amount of breathing she had to do, but it blushed to a dark crimson when the young, brown haired, brown eyed, tall, broad-shouldered man turned to look at her.

“You’re just in luck,” he let a large Screech Owl hop on to his outstretched arm. “He’s the last one. Everybody seems to want to write to the Ministry.”

You are my messenger
From heaven
No matter how unhappy I become,
You always find a way to make me smile
And I admire you

She smiled and took the owl from him. It screeched loudly in her ear, making her jump and blush even more. “You need parchment?” He asked, while he rummaged around behind the counter.

“Yeah, and a quill and some ink, if you don’t mind,” she said quietly. He passed her the necessary equipment.

She dipped the quill into the ink bottle and began to write. She looked up occasionally and saw that the man kept on glancing at her, then turning away with a hint of pink in his cheeks.

She finished the letter, tied the letter to the owl’s leg, then handed it back to the man. He took the owl from her, opened a window and let the bird fly to its destination.

Hermione was about to leave when the young man called out to her. “Hey, I didn’t catch your name!”

For your feel hard
You always giving all of you
To everyone around you
And I pray we never part

She turned and walked back over to him. “I’m Hermione. Hermione Granger,” she held out a hand to him, which he took and held on for quite sometime.

“Up at Hogwarts, are you?” He pondered.

“In my last year, I’m doing my N.E.W.Ts. Which school did you go to?” She was drawn in by his physique, but she had to go and find the others but she was intrigued.

“I see. I was home-schooled, my parents didn’t think it wise to send me to somewhere unsubstantial to my brain,” he explained.

“So, are your parents teachers?”

“One of them is, but enough about me, what about you. Who were you writing to?”

“A friend of mine. She… erm… lost her boyfriend a few weeks ago.”

A twinkle of the light gleamed in his dark eyes. “I see. So, Hogwarts then, what’s it like?”

She rambled on about the classes and the teachers. Hermione felt trust burn somewhere for the man and decided on telling him about Snape, the illness overcoming the teachers and so on.

“Quite the life you lead, Miss…”

“Granger. But you can just call me Hermione,” she giggled, and he managed a small smile. “So, how come you’re working here?”

“Couldn’t take my exams, could I? Ministry said I should’ve gone to a proper school. I had to get a job so I can pay for the exams, my parents aren’t particularly bothered though.”

“Who are your…” Hermione was interrupted by the bell above the door, which announced the arrival of more customers.

“She’s in here!” One of them shouted out to the street. It was Luna. Everybody ran into the Post Office to see if Hermione was actually there. Draco ran forward, embraced her tightly and kissed her lovingly.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin' me
If you love unconditionally

The man behind the counter turned his back on the visitors, scowling at the love which Hermione was receiving.

“What’re you doing in here?” Draco asked quietly in her ear, whilst combing his hands through her hair.

“Sending a letter to Tonks, to see how she is,” Hermione answered. The man listened intentionally, a wide smirk came across his face.

“Come on, we’re going for Butterbeers,” Draco took her hand and lead her to the door; everybody else was waiting outside.

Hermione turned. “Hey, I didn’t get your name!” She called over to the man. He turned to answer her question, but was submitted to a sickening sight. Draco was holding her around her waist; his head lying on her shoulder and kissing her cheek.

“Scott,” he said. “Scott Watson.” He waved goodbye to Hermione as she got pulled out of the Post Office and into the busy, sunlit street. He watched her take the blonde boy’s hand with disgust on his face.

He took out a piece of parchment and began to write upon it. Once he had finished, he came out from behind the counter and went over to a roost set back away from the others.

Scott stroked the black Eagle Owl’s head to make it wake up. It stuck out its leg and he attached the letter. The owl took flight once it had the letter.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin' me
If you love unconditionally

The letter in question was going to his father, who Scott thought would be very pleased with his son. Scott then put on his jacket and closed the Post Office, he decided against going home, owing to the fact he had much business to attend to.


The Three Broomsticks was packed, but no one felt like paying The Hog’s Head a visit. So they stayed and they eventually got served with foaming Butterbeers each.

“So, what’re the plans for Graduation?” Neville asked. Ginny and Luna’s faces dropped.

“Don’t worry,” Hermione said to the girls. “I’m sure Neville and Harry will take you. Won’t you guys?” She kicked them under the table.

“Sure,” Harry rubbed his shins than drank some of his drink.

“And if they don’t,” Hermione continued. “I’ll kill them! And I’m sure that both of you will still be able to come.”

“With this?!” Luna pointed at her stomach, which seemed flat for a pregnant woman. “Ow! It’s been kicking for sometime.”

“Can we feel it?” Hermione asked. Luna nodded and everybody crowded around to feel the flat stomach.

“Why are you so flat?” Blaise asked innocently. Pansy slapped him across the back of the head.

“I keep performing a charm on my stomach every morning to reduce the size. It hurts quite a lot, but I don’t have back pains anymore!” She laughed and took a swig of Butterbeer, which she then rushed to the bathroom to spit out.

It was Hermione’s turn to buy drinks, so she walked over to the bar and; without asking, she was handed six Butterbeers and one water. “Erm… thanks Rosmerta.”

“Don’t thank me darling, its him who you want to be thanking,” Rosmerta gestured a hand towards a man, sitting in a distant corner; on his own.

She walked over to the man and sat down opposite him. “Thanks for buying the drinks,” she said with a smile. The man lowered his hood and looked up at Hermione, his brown eyes piercing her skin, making her face burn. “Scott?” She pondered.

And if it wasn't for you
And if I didn't know you
And if you never reach me
And if you didn't tease me

“It’s all right about the drinks,” he said. “Shouldn’t you be with your friends?” He pointed over to the table from where she had come from.

“Yeah, but I had to thank you. I’ll have to return the favour somehow.”

I wouldn't be who I am right now
I wouldn't give what I give right now
I wouldn't think what I think right now
I'm thanking you, I'm thanking you, ohm

“It doesn’t matter, I’m hardly ever free anyway. Maybe you could write to me sometime and then we could go for a drink?”

Hermione turned to cast a nervous look at Draco, who was laughing as Blaise entertained them all with straws. “I’m always busy too, but I’ll write to you. I have exams and…”

“Who are your friends?” He interrupted.

“Well, you should know Harry Potter, I mean everybody does. And there’s Draco…”

“Draco who?” He cut in to ask.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin’ me
If you love unconditionally

“Draco Malfoy, I’m kinda seeing him at the present time, but enough about my love life,” she giggled but a stern expression was plastered across Scott’s face.

“Draco Malfoy… hmm…”

“Do you know him? Are you old friends?”

“I’ve just heard his name from somewhere, that’s all.” He took a gulp from his Fire-Whiskey which now left him with an empty glass.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin’ me
If you love unconditionally

“Hermione, its getting late. We have to go!” Ginny yelled across the pub.

“Coming,” Hermione called back. “I’m sorry about the offer. Maybe some other time when we’re both free?”

“Sure,” Scott made to get up, but his eyes wondered on to Draco who was making his way over to Hermione with her cloak.

“Draco, this is Scott Watson from the Post Office. Scott, this is Draco, who I told you about,” Hermione introduced them to one another. They both shook hands, both felt weary.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin' me
If you love unconditionally

Scott tied his cloak around his neck. “Nice seeing you again, Hermione,” he walked out of the pub with another wide smirk across his lips, very recognisable to the one his father usually wore, like he remembered. Once he stepped outside, he Apparated from sight.

“Seems nice, doesn’t he?” Hermione pondered, but Draco caught her words and he felt green in his cold, blue yes.

My earth angel
Thank you I'm so great full
For trusting me and lovin' me
If you love unconditionally

“Come on, everybody’s leaving,” he took a tight hold of her hand and they stepped out into the sunshine and back up to the castle.


Song: By Kelly Rowland; Angel. I chose this because it describes Ron in Hermione’s eyes in the beginning, but then it’s like a turning point when she meets Scott.

A/N: So, who’s this Scott guy then? Any guesses? He’s another twist in my story, but you’ll grow to love and hate him, I’m sure. Please review!


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