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Muggle WHAT!? by DracoHermy4EVA
Chapter 9 : School Starts
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Chapter 9: School Starts

The week passed without incident. Hermione woke up in a bad mood on the first day of school. “It’s too freaking EARLY for school,” she grumbled as she walked into her bathroom. The Muggle public school started at 7 a.m. This caused Hermione to get up at 5:20 (that’s what time I get up). Hermione stumbled into the shower and thought about what she wanted to smell like. “Hmm,” she thought, “Roses are fine.” 20 minutes later Hermione stepped out of the shower smelling like roses and in a much better mood. She went into her room and changed into her camo outfit. She walked back into the bathroom and started to blow dry her hair. She used a smoothing spell to get the poof out and used shining hairspray to put in extra shine. When she started to put on her makeup She heard Draco’s shower start running. “I wish I could get up that late,” she thought. She put on some green eye shadow and continued to put on the rest of her makeup. She walked out of her room at 6. When she got to the kitchen Draco was eating breakfast. He was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt. “Do you ever ware anything other than black?”

“Yea,” was all he said. Hermione sat down and fixed herself some cereal. After she ate she went to brush her teeth. Draco had already finished eating and was nowhere to be seen. Hermione brushed her teeth and looked around her room. “This weekend I am changing these awful colors!” she thought. Hermione found the keys and got the map. She yelled, “Malfoy its time to leave!”

“Alright,” he said walking out of his room with his bookbag. They walked to the car in silence. Hermione sat in the car and started it up when she looked over at Draco she burst out laughing. “Um Malfoy?”


“Well that thing that you are wrestling with is called a seat belt, you put it around you and snap it in there.” Hermione pointed to where you snap in the seat belt.

“What is its purpose?”

“To keep you from flying out of the window if we wreck.”


“Don’t worry Malfoy we won’t wreck,” Hermione said with a smile. Draco looked a little green when they pulled out, Hermione noted with pleasure. They rode in silence until they got to the school. Hermione parked it and got out. Draco was trying to get out but couldn’t get the door open. Hermione walked to his side and opened the door easily. “Malfoy you have got to pull the handle towards you.”

“Oh.” They walked into the school with a bunch of people staring at them. They found the office and picked up their schedules. “I have Bath first,” Malfoy said confused.
“Math,” Hermione corrected. “I have English first so see you at lunch!” Hermione said looking at his paper and finding out that they don’t see each other until lunch. Hermione walked to her class finding the number easily. She walked in and sat down. A guy came in and saw her. He walked over and sat on her desk.

“Hey,” he said, “whats your name?”

“Hermione,” she replayed.

“You have an accent!” he stated.

“Yea, you noticed,” Hermione said sarcastically. With that the teacher walked in and class started. Hermione found that English class was very easy. The next three classes were much of the same. Guys hit on her, teacher walk in, Hermione bored out of her mind. Finally the lunch bell rang. Hermione didn’t find Draco at lunch but she was not worried. She sat with some girls that she made friends with in English. The next three classes were much the same as the first four. At the end of the day Hermione walked out of the building with many guys surrounding her. She stopped at the Hummer and they all stared. She got in and waited for Draco. About five minutes after the guys left he came striding towards her. He had a bunch of girls on his heels. Hermione laughed. “Looks like his day was much like mine,” she thought. Draco said goodbye to them and got into the car. “How was your day,” Hermione asked as she pulled out of the school parking lot.

“It was good,” he answered.

“That’s great.”

“Yes.” ‘How was yours?”



“Yup.” And with that Hermione turned on the radio and drove towards home.

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