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Once Upon a December by loveLIESbleeding
Chapter 1 : Every Story Needs a Beginning
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Once upon a December …

The door to the Shrieking Shack burst open, snow following the way of the door, the couple already making out like rabid, horny rabbits. Yes, this seemed to happen a lot these past few weeks with these two. Always going at it, seriously; it was pretty bad, especially considering who they were. No one would ever imagine that Ron Weasley would catch these two snogging the hell out of each other on the blood-stained stairs of the “most haunted house in England”. But, that’s exactly what happened when Ronald Bilius Weasley walked into the doorway to see none other than Draco Malfoy lying on top of, groping and kissing Ron’s girlfriend, Miss Hermione Granger herself. As Ron stood in the doorway, Hermione noticed his flaming red hair and instantly pulled herself away from Draco and gasped deeply. At this, Draco turned around, too, his eyes going wide and standing up, helping Hermione up, as well.


“Really, Weasley, it’s not what you-“

Not what I think?! How could it not be what I think?! You’re snogging my girlfriend, you sick fuck!!” At this, Ron lunged for Draco, sending the tall blonde into the doorway near the stairs, his body slamming hard against the wooden wall. Hermione yelped, not sure what was really going on at the moment. It had all happened so fast- the first kiss, the first date, her first time, this … everything had happened so fast. She wasn’t quite sure if she could … could …

And in that moment, Hermione Jane Granger passed out, her limp body falling to the wooden floor. And as the two boys rushed to her side, she could see it all. Everything. She saw everything happen from the beginning- when it all started in Diagon Alley before school.


“Just go away, Malfoy! I don’t even know why you’re here to bother us, anyway! They’ll never let you back into school after what you did!” Hermione Granger’s face scrunched up in rage, growling as she turned away from the blonde git, hoping he fell into a random hole in the universe that randomly appeared where he was standing. Oh, why did she tell Harry and Ron to go on ahead to Fred and George’s shop and she’d meet up with them later after she got her school books? The Malfoy heir only smirked and leaned against the bookcase containing shelf upon shelf of Charms books. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed the nearest book and opened it, hiding her face from his piercing silver view.

“Oh c’mon, Granger, I did nothing. I didn’t even kill hi-“

“Oh, but you sure as hell tried to kill him! That would be the word of the day, here, Malfoy- t-r-i-e-d! You tried all year to kill him! We know what you did, Malfoy, so don’t play the innocent card with me,” she snapped back, icily. Oh, she could slap him right now … just close the book and slap him with the 462 page textbook. He had to be the most annoying person on the planet. Period. That had to be the only reason he decided to bug her right now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste such time on a “Mudblood like her” would he? No. He wouldn’t. Usually that’s what he said, being the “prince” he was.

“Come off it, Mudblood, I was only doing what I had to do to stay alive. I mean, if you were being threatened by Voldemort, would you just ignore him?” His tone was defiant and sure of himself. Though, he was always sure of himself. That was just the way Draco was. He was self-confident, arrogant and quite the conceited guy. Arching a dark eyebrow, it disappearing behind his white-blonde locks, he gave her a smirk, which she didn’t acknowledge at all. That was one thing that was starting to piss Draco off considerably. She tried not to acknowledge him, even when he was being a pestering, spoiled brat. His father couldn’t even hold his own when Draco started to pester. His mother certainly couldn’t, that was for damned sure. She caved in as soon as he let out a whine of protest to anything- clothes, toys, trinkets, sweets, girlfriend options, parties. Like I said- anything.

“No, I would not ignore him, nor would I join him. I would defy him and help Harry defeat him, you stupid git.” Rolling her eyes, she placed the book back on the shelf and grabbed the one she really needed. Great, now one more to go- Advanced Defence Against the Dark Arts. As she moved to the DADA section, Draco followed her, much to her distaste. Rolling her eyes, she placed the Charms book under her arm and searching for a copy of Advanced DADA; Year 7. Draco sighed, pulling the very copy she needed out of the shelf as she reached for it and started flipping through its pages, a bored look on his face. Furrowing her eyebrows, Hermione tapped her foot impatiently, staring him down and waiting for him to look up.

“Give it here, Malfoy. I need that book,” she spat, trying to be as calm as she possibly could. Draco simply flipped through the pages, stopping on Chapter Fourteen and pausing. He seemed to be ignoring her, and it was starting to wear on her patience. Merlin, why was he so annoying?! And why did he feel the need to attack her? That just simply wasn’t fair. “Come on, Malfoy, give me the book! I need it!”

“I need this copy, too, Granger! I am going back to Hogwarts, you know,” he spat, just as icily as she had before. She winced at his words, and then gave him a curious glance. Wait … did he just say he was going back to school? He can’t go back to school! He tried to murder Professor Dumbledore! That should be the best reason for permanent expulsion! Who the bloody hell agreed for him to come back?!

“What do you mean you’re going back to school?! You attempted to mur-“

“Because, Granger, the Ministry had no where else to dump me and didn’t feel like ‘baby-sitting’ very much, so they wrote an appeal to Headmistress McGonagall and she agreed to it- so long as I had Ministry officials at my side. That’s why, you nosey little wench,” he sneered, slamming the book shut and smirked at her. Amazed, and offended, Hermione Granger wrinkled her nose and slapped his pale face so hard, he dropped his book. Eyes widening instantly, she regretted doing that in a heartbeat. She hadn’t meant to slap him … okay, well, maybe she did … just not that hard! She only wanted to slap him for insulting her. “I-I’m sorry, Dr-Malfoy … I didn’t mean to slap you so hard. It was a reflex.” Hermione reached a hand up, but quickly pulled it away. Draco just stood there, not moving until he brought a hand up to his now-reddened cheek. He didn’t say anything, just sat there, and it made Hermione nervous. It made her too nervous. She felt her hands and arms shaking out of nervousness, out of fear of what he would do next. And those fears were answered when he slammed the petite Gryffindor against the bookcase, his face less than an inch away from hers. Hermione’s breath caught in her throat, and she looked at him through shocked caramel-orbs. His silver eyes remained locked on hers, cold and dark. She could tell by his actions that he wouldn’t be a changed man this year at all- just the same Draco, plus some homicidal issues to deal with. She could feel his staggered breath on her face, trying to wriggle out of his grasp, but that only made the tall blonde Slytherin tighten his grip on her, causing a whimper to fall from the girl’s lips.

“Don’t you dare slap me again, Mudblood. You will regret it. I won’t warn you the next time. You’ll just … get the punishment,” he smirked, something in his dark eyes changing, though Hermione didn’t recognize it. She’d never seen that look in anyone’s eyes before. “Now, for your punishment for that slap,” he spoke, his voice brought down to a murmur. And as a pale, cold hand snaked its way down her side, under her skirt and over the back of her left thigh, Hermione tried screaming in his hand, which only became a muffled yelp against his other hand. She tried fighting him off, tried as hard as he could, but she couldn’t compete with his vigour. As she tried squirming out of his grasp, he ran one finger along her bum, the shadows in his eyes now recognizable. It was lust, that’s what the change she couldn’t recognize. She felt her eyes start to water as she shook her head, snivelling becoming weaker. Draco noticed this and arched a refined brow.

“Awwww, what’s the matter, Mudblood? Finally giving in?” He chuckled, this heaviness in his voice that scared Hermione beyond her means. Tears splashing over her face and the hand over her mouth, she jumped when his finger became a little too close to her … well … you know. Instantly, she kicked her leg up and found it collide between his legs. His eyes grew very wide and he let go of her mouth, falling to the ground and muttering too many obscenities and something about “stupid filthy Mudbloods.” She grabbed the DADA book from the floor and ran back to the cash register, where the rest of her schoolbooks sat, giving the man behind the counter her money and running out of the store. When the door closed behind her, she caught her breath. Checking her bag, making sure she had everything, she looked back to see a very livid Draco quickly walking toward the door. Running from the doorway of Flourish and Blotts, she made her way to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and pushed the door open as hard as she could, causing the Weasley family to give her a curious glance. Pink and out of breath, she gave them a weak smile before walking toward the concerned family, the door behind her opening quickly and Draco slamming the girl into the door. He looked pissed, beyond pissed. Harry and Ron saw this and ran over, pulling Draco off of Hermione and Ginny pulling the shaken girl away.

“What the hell is your problem, Malfoy?!”

“Yeah, what the hell’s gotten into you?!”

But Draco didn’t answer; he simply gave Hermione a sly smirk, their eyes locked again. He mouthed a warning to the frazzled Mudblood- “This isn’t over.” At that time, three Ministry officials took the pale boy from the others grip and gave them an emotionless stare.

“We’re terribly sorry for the trouble this one may have caused. He slipped away from us and we’ve been trying to find him. Our apologies,” they said to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, who nodded as each placed a hand on Hermione’s shoulders. The Ministry officials tugged the young Malfoy out the door and back to Flourish and Blotts. Hermione stood there for a moment, unmoving, before finding herself sobbing on Molly’s shoulder, wishing her parents had come with her to go shopping this year.

A/N: More to come when I get a good day/muse going. XD R&R please!

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Once Upon a December: Every Story Needs a Beginning


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