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LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 13 : Fatal Attraction
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**CHAPTER 13: Fatal Attraction**

Monday morning came bright and early, and Harry felt really tired, his eyes puffy and red. He got ready for class, wearily taking the pile of new books that were placed in his trunk. Ron glanced nervously at him, but Harry just smiled, indicating he was fine.

“So what classes are you taking?” Harry asked Ron as they made their way down the busy halls.

“Umm, I’ve got Charms, Transfiguration, Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care of Dangerous Magical Creatures,” said Ron, dodging a racing first year on his way to class. “You?”

“The same, except I have Potions in the afternoon,” Harry replied, unconsciously sidestepping the Gryffindor second year girls who stood transfixed, staring at him.

“Hah! At least no more Snape, huh?” Ron said, but immediately wished he hadn’t. Harry’s face darkened visibly, and he did not reply, his face set. “Uh- I didn’t mean it like that…”

“Yeah, I know you didn’t...” Harry sighed, but no matter how much he didn’t like the man, he had fought for their side, and he failed to save him. He didn’t even bother dodging Luna and Ginny, who had to scamper out the way a bit, mild annoyance on their faces.

“Hermione only has Defense against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration with me, she’s taking Arithmency and Potions as well.” Ron nodded to McMillian as he passed him; they had a prefect’s meeting with the rest later that day. Harry nodded, pleased. At least she was in the majority of his classes. He kept on walking with his head down, deep in his thoughts. He came up short when a pair of curvy legs under a short skirt stopped directly in front of his vision, effectively blocking his path.

“Hello, Harry,” a familiar voice wafted into his ears. Ron stopped short, and glared at the pretty girl in front of them.

You !” Ron said vehemently, stepping up to Harry’s side. Kenna was smiling sweetly at Harry, her hair pulled back in a cute schoolgirl ponytail. She gave Ron a look, and her eyes flashed green at him.

“Cho looking for you, she says meet her out side class,” she smiled at Ron, and his entire attitude suddenly deflated. For a moment he looked mildly confused, but he eventually shook it off and he meekly went in search of Chang. Harry watched him go, what the hell was that outburst all about?

“Hi,” she said, inching a bit closer to Harry. Harry stood still, feeling her presence capture all of his attention.

“Hi,” he replied, finding it hard to look anywhere but at her.

“How are you feeling? I visit you every day,” she said, softly straightening his tie to lie flat against his chest.

“Er- I’m okay I guess…” he gulped, her fingers playing against his shirt.

“I wanted to thank you, for, for everything,” she continued huskily, running her hand up to lightly play with the hair at the base of neck. She wasn’t wearing her Ravenclaw tie, and two of the buttons of her white blouse underneath her Hogwarts’ jacket was unbuttoned, giving a tantalizing glimpse of her cleavage. She fixed his collar, folding it down neatly around his neck.

“Ah- ..” Harry stumbled, finding it hard to concentrate.

“I have something to tell you, meet me lunchtime?” she breathed into his ear, letting her soft lips play against the sensitive skin there.

“...Er-sure,” Harry answered, his temperature rising a notch, he was getting very aroused.

“I’ll be waiting,” she told him, tiptoeing again to whisper in his ear, letting her chest brush against his. She walked off, and Harry found himself checking her out as she sauntered down the hall. If he were a few years older that would definitely qualify as the ideal school jail-bait. Damn, she was fine. Cho Chang was on her way to class and saw everything, and was watching Harry and Kenna exchange words, that girl fawning all over him.

She knew it. Something was wrong about that girl.


The morning whizzed past in sort of a daze, Hermione and Ron were bickering about the Leprechaun Gold spell that Ron wrote about in his essay last week.

“Ron, it is not “Privora Hijinkus - it’s Suprivora Hijinkus!” Hermione criticized.

“Oh yeah?’ Ron challenged.

“Yeah!” she retorted. Harry zoned out from the argument, he could not wait to meet Kenna at lunchtime. That bathroom encounter in Italy kept flooding back to him, and he could just imagine her soft wet hands running down his chest and stomach, going lower and lower until she was touching his throb-

“Potter!” Tonks snapped, interrupting Harry’s fantasy. ”What is the spell to change sand into Leprechaun Gold?”

Harry thought quick, he remembered overhearing Ron saying- ah! “Privora Hijinkus ?

“Correct!! Good to see that you’re still sharp and on top of things!” Tonks beamed at him, and all Harry could think of was fantasizing about her face contorted in the throes of ecstasy, remembering her voice filtering through the hospital wing as Remus rammed into her again and again-

Ron beamed at Hermione, opening his mouth to gloat. However, she was staring at her boyfriend, picking up on the strong sexual impulses he was feeling.

“Harry?” she called softly. Harry snapped out of his stupor, and looked at her.


“Nothing-“ she replied, not sure what to say. She still felt the raw sex swimming in his thoughts, it was something they haven’t even gotten close to talking about. This sort of close mental contact seemed to be a one way street, because she doubted Harry even knew how receptive she was to his thoughts. Her month long Occlumency spell on Harry had magnified itself after she saved his life in the battle against Voldemort to the point of being almost telepathic. She still did not tell him about that, right now things were still tentative between them, she didn’t know if it would be wise to let him know that as yet.

The bell rang, and the class packed up their books to leave. The trio made their way out, Harry taking a right instead of the left to the stairs to go down for lunch.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ron asked him, Hermione giving him a curious glance.

“I’m coming now, just got to do something first,” he said numbly, what was it he had to do? He couldn’t remember, but he knew it was something important. Hermione frowned. Where was he going?

“Okay, I’ll save your spot for you,” Ron added, and he went downstairs with Hermione. Harry walked in a trance through the halls, not really aware of what he was doing. As he rounded a corner near the off-limits girls bathroom a hand suddenly pulled him and Kenna pinned him against the wall, her small frame snuggled up to his. Harry looked into her green eyes, and he was lost. She brought his head down to hers and kissed him passionately. Harry returned the kiss with fervor, his hands grabbing her rounded derriere. She clutched the sides of his face, probing his mouth with her tongue. She rubbed against him, and felt him pressing against her softness.

Harry was in intoxicated immediately, but something still did not feel right. Concentrating hard, he pulled his mouth free, trying to release himself from this magic. He stood rigid, his hands still clutching her ass. Kenna jumped up and wrapped her legs around him, rubbing against his groin. She bore her eyes into his, and Harry’s resistance disappeared instantly. Harry hauled her into the nearby bathroom and rammed her against the wall, kissing her all over her face, neck and lips. Kenna arced against him, moaning in passion, her breathing coming in hard fast pants. Unbuttoning her blouse, she unclipped her bra, baring her breasts for him. He played with them mercilessly , nipping softly at them, rubbing them against his face. She screamed at the sick pleasure of it all, and Harry’s eyes blazed alive, charging her with his awesome power, heightening her senses until she almost burst in sensation.

“..Yess… “ she moaned, gripping his thick hair between clenched fists as he gave her lovebites all over her neck and chest. She frantically unbuttoned his shirt, and dug her nails into his strong shoulders. Harry was holding her up high against the wall, his mouth roaming all over her torso, flicking his tongue over the little pit of her belly button. His strength was incredible and Kenna reveled in his animalistic ferocity.

Harry!!” a wailing voice cried, and his head shot up. That was probably the most annoying voice he has ever heard. Moaning Myrtle ran through him, and the ghastly shiver he felt snapped him out of his lust. He let go of Kenna, looking at her with shock.

“What-?” he said, looking at her hickey covered breasts. She smiled coyly up at him, and came up close to him.

“It’s all right, we don’t have to stop,” she said, rubbing her palm on his chest. He looked down at himself, his tie and shirt was undone, and his pants was bulging out.

“HARRY! I THOUGHT YOU LIKED ME, BUT NO ONE LIKES POOR, SICK, MOANING MYRTLE!!” she wailed, and she splashed loudly into her stall, her sobs echoing loudly through the empty bathroom.

Harry backed off from her, his expression incredulous. “What, how..?” he said, utterly dumbfounded. He began fixing his clothes, his hands unsteady as he buttoned her shirt. Her face was flushed, and her blouse hung open at her sides, her bra dangling under her armpits.

“Don’t you want me?” she said in her Italian accent, stepping forward invitingly. Harry backtracked, and sidestepped her.

“I have to go,” he said, rushing out of the door. He rounded the corner, looking back to see if Kenna was following him, and ran headfirst into someone.

“Ow! watch where you goi-..” the girly voice trailed off, looking up at the person.

“Harry! Come back!” Kenna called, trying to button up her blouse. She bent the corner and nearly bumped into Harry, who stood still as stone.

Ginny Weasley was staring at the both of them, her mouth open in disbelief. Harry’s hair was in a rumpled mess, and it was obvious that Kenna was just the recipient of some heavy duty necking, there were prominent red marks all over her neck.

“Ginny-“ he started, but Ginny would not hear another word, she shook her head angrily and stormed off.

“Harry ,what’s wrong?” Kenna came up to him, holding his hand and leaning against him.

Harry roughly shook her off his arm, “ Get off of me,” he snarled, and made his way to the Gryffindor common room. Now he had done it, he was in deep shit. Damn, this was the first fucking day of school!!


Think, Harry, think.

Harry paced in his bedroom later that lunch hour, what should he do? He had to break it down and weigh the circumstances. Confront Ginny, Confront Kenna, and Confront Hermione, all before this spilled over. Right now that felt that the hardest thing in the world to do. Right now he needed someone to confide in, and Ron was out of the question, Sirius was dead..and Fred and George were too closely connected to the whole situation to really give him advice. Wait, Remus would know what to do! Oh shit, full moon was Saturday night, he may still be recuperating somewhere….

Think Harry, think !

Alright, he needed to talk to Ginny, avoid Kenna, and keep it quiet from Hermione. That’s would be the plan. The first task was easy, but the second two…



Wait, he had exactly the right thing for the job: The Marauders Map!! He took it out of his trunk, checked himself in the mirror to make sure he had no tell tale marks to give him away. He looked down on the map, and saw Hermione and the gang all bundled up in the main hall. Ginny was by herself at the end of the hall, presumably eating alone. Kenna was now exiting the Ravenclaw common room, Cho Chang was walking along with her. Oh yeah, Cho mentioned she tutored her at lunchtimes. Ron and the others were still waiting for him, and he needed to get down there before Kenna does.

He lay the map in one of his open books- frequently checking it as he hustled through the halls. He was heading down the stairs when Kenna abruptly changed direction on the map, and was heading directly towards him , coming up that same staircase. DAMN! He hustled back up the staircase, he would have to go the long way. He raced back down the long corridor, took a left at the Gryffindor common room, took a right at Charms class, then raced down past the west end balcony. He came to the deserted room which was the sub-chamber to where Hagrid kept Fluffy, and opened the door. The map said there was another passageway, a secret staircase to go down to the ground floor and eventually to the main hall through this way. He brushed away the cobwebs that hung low, and turned the handle to open the next room. It was locked.

Without even thinking he drew his wand and muttered “ Alohomora!

The door swung open, and he walked in, his nose still in the book looking closely at the map. Only when the putrid wind of stale breath fluttered the map slightly did he look up.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

Fluffy was still there, and drooling spectacularly for him. He growled menacingly, and all three heads bore huge fangs at him, his front paw scraping the floor like a raging bull. Underneath the Cerebus’ huge torso, Harry could see the large wardorbe on the far wall, the passage to the hidden staircase. He glimpsed down at the map, and the dot labeled ‘Kenna Malfoy’ was stopping at every other dot along the way, most likely asking questions to his whereabouts, her nose trained on her prey.

Harry never once in his entire life, predicted that he would have to be running away from a girl younger than him as if his life depended on it. She was bearing down on his position, so he had to move fast. He closed the book, and drew his wand, circling the huge dog tentatively. He did not want to hurt the creature.

“Easy now,’ he said soothingly, moving very slowly so to not make any sudden moves. The heads followed him as he moved, all six eyes trained on his face. One jaw snapped at him, and Harry instinctively jerked backwards. The other two growled louder than ever, and the massive beast crouched, ready to pounce….

“Here we go,” Harry mumbled, his eyes blazing alive at his command. They surged blue, and the dog pounced with amazing speed, all three heads snapping at thin air where he had previously stood. Harry had already rolled to the side, and was up sprinting towards the wardrobe. The Cerebus spun around on the spot, it’s tail flashing towards him like a huge whip two feet in diameter.

“SHIT-!!” He jumped straight up, and the tail flashed exactly where his torso was moments ago. As he landed his power spiked in warning, and he felt the huge paw of Fluffly smack him hard. He was sent flying, and he toppled over and over as he flew towards his objective. His head span, and he opened his eyes just in time to see the dog leap metres high under the ceiling, ready to pin him under those huge paws of his. He had no choice but to use magic on the beast.

Immobilus,” he muttered softly, and a bright yellow flash illuminated the room. The dog froze in midair, all six eyes darting around in panic.

“Sorry big fellah,” he said. He smiled inwardly- just imagine a few years ago he was catching hell just to immobilize a mosquito. Now immobilizing Fluffy seemed like child’s play. At least his lessons were counting for something. He opened the doorway and ran down the stairs. He sighed, the things he had to do to avoid a girl…


Ginny was fuming as she sat down at the end of the Gryffindor table, stabbing angrily at the pork chops on her plate. How could he do such a thing??!! She was really pissed, after all Hermione did for him – how-how- Harry could go so low? He woke up only a few days ago!! What is the matter with him!! All that fiasco during the summer with her brother, Cho, and everyone else at Sirius’ place, he goes now and does this. Even if he wasn’t with Hermione, he could have had any girl he wanted, and what am I? Some sort of mannequin? I would have been his girlfriend in a flash if he asked, what in Merlin’s beard was he doing fooling around with Kenna!

A Malfoy of all people!!

Oohh!! Is he gonna get it-!!

Just at that moment a hand touched her on the shoulder, making her jump visibly off the bench. She spun around in her seat, and saw Harry’s face inches next to hers.

“What! Harry? How in the world-!?” she looked over his shoulder and glimpsed a part of the wall slide seamlessly back into place right behind her.

“Secret Passage,” he panted, still trying to catch his breath. She saw that his uniform was ripped all the way across his back, and four long scrapes shone like bright red slashes on his skin. Her skin tingled at the power emanating from him, and his eyes were still dilated from adrenaline.

Her temper sizzled away and she watched him in concern, ”What happened to you?” she asked, her tone worried.

“Long story, I need to talk to you,” he implored urgently.

“If it’s about you and Kenna-“ she began, but Harry cut her off, putting his fingers to her mouth.

“Shh-!” he said, glancing around. “Inside here!” he whispered, pulling her back into the secret panel just behind them. It was dark, and cramped; it was a staircase for only one person to use at a time. He pulled out his wand.

Lumos!” The soft glow illuminated them both, their faces inches apart.

“Listen, you’ve got to believe me…” he began, trying to tell her all that went down with Kenna’s strange power. Ginny was barely listening, halfway overcome by the warm feeling rising in her as they were pressed together in the small space. This was the closest she had ever gotten to him, and he was urgently speaking in her ear, his voice sounding husky as he caught back his breath. He smelled warm and manly, and he was oozing raw magical power and sex. She half listened to the words, their torsos pressed close to each other.

“..and the spell was too strong, it was like being under the Imperius- Ginny? Are you listening to me?Ginny!” he whispered harshly in the darkness.

“-uhh What?” she said, embarrassed she got caught not paying attention. He sighed loudly and looked her into her eyes.

“Ginny, don’t tell Hermione, it’s not my fault. Rossilini has some sort of strange power over me and I-“

“You’re trying to tell me that she somehow used some sort of spell which took complete control of your sexual impulses, blatantly disregard Hermione’s feelings and sneak off to Myrtle’s bathroom to make out with her, kissing her all over he breasts, making her scream in passion, her hands all over you-“

“Whoa! How did you know all of that?”

Ginny flushed, her face going scarlet. She shut up abruptly, but Harry knew her too well.

“You were watching? Jesus Christ!” Harry said. She averted her face guiltily, and Harry knew that was the case. He sighed loudly, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. How much more complicated could things get?

“Well if it’s any consolation, you were amazing,” she froze, did that just come out of her mouth? Damn, being this close to him is really not a good idea right now!

“What did you say?!” Harry said, amazed beyond belief.

“Uhh -nothing,” she flushed even more. Composure Ginny, composure; you’ve known him for five years now, composure.

“Are you going to tell Hermione?” he asked a bit wearily. This was a disaster.

“Knowing Malfoys, it’s not me you have to worry about, it is her who you may have to look out for. I’m still very angry with you, but Weasleys NEVER snitch-. Never.”

Whew! that was a relief. But she did have a point, knowing Kenna, she would be the first to boast about her brand new hickeys all over her neck, courtesy none other than Harry Potter. Damn, he had to keep them apart until he sorted this out.

“Ginny, you’re a sweetheart,” he kissed her briefly on the cheek, squeezing past her to reopen the exit. Ginny nearly followed him out into the busy great hall, only to realize that his uniform was ripped open. She hauled him back inside, Harry totally caught by surprise.


Hermione was eating lunch with the others, wondering what Harry had gotten up to. There was an empty space next to her, Ron facing her across the bench. Something caught her out of the corner of her eye, and she whipped her head around, she could have sworn she saw something fishy happen down the hall. Ron followed her gaze, and looked back at her, puzzlement written all over his face.

“What?” he asked, his mouth full of food.

“Nothing,” she answered, getting back to her meal. “Just imagining things.” Ron nodded absentmindedly, putting another piece of pork into his mouth. He ate in silence, and realized he was out of pumpkin juice. He looked the long table, and stretch for the full pitcher a little lower down, to lazy to get up. Something caught his eye, and he was froze in mid-stretch. Harry and his sister were coming out of a tight enclosure, Harry obviously fixing his clothes, Ginny rubbing down all the creases in the back of his jacket. She was also running her hand through her hair, trying to get it back neat. She smiled at him, and he returned the gesture. Trying to look inconspicuous, Harry walked the long way around the table to come up on Hermione’s side, while Ginny approached on Ron’s side. He stared at his younger sister, she was all flushed, evidently trying to act normal when she was being secretive. He knew her tricks too well. Harry was looking around nervously, his breathing uneven. Ron could tell his mate was evidently trying to act cool. He put two and two together, and his jaw dropped at his conclusion.

He could not believe it. Harry was cheating on Hermione with his little sister.

“Hey,” Harry said coolly. Ron looked at him through narrowed eyes. Calm as ever eh? The fucking backstabber. He sat next to his girlfriend, startling her a bit. Ginny sat down next to Ron, at least she had the decency to hide her face and not look anyone in the eye.

“Oh there you are!” Hermione said, smiling at him.

“Yeah, here I am,” he said shakily. He smiled, and Ron could have puked.

“Oh, what do you want to eat?” Hermione offered him the menu. Harry looked across to her a bit puzzled, after five years she knew that he didn’t need any ‘menu’.

“Ron , that looks good. What’s that you’re having?” he asked casually. It was normal for them to ask each other if one came down for lunch first, that way the could gauge what the elves would have for them on that particular day.

Ron stared a him for a second, venom in his eyes. He glanced across to his sister, who was meekly eating her half finished lunch. Feeling his temper boil up inside him he stood up, abruptly shoving the plate in front of Harry. “Here, you can have it. I’m leaving.” He stormed off, leaving Hermione, Harry and Ginny staring at him in utter amazement.

“What was that all about?” Hermione asked, looking at the others in bewilderment. They both shrugged, and Hermione’s eyes followed Ron as he left the great hall. “Hmmph, sometimes he acts so strange..” she commented, and took a sip of her drink.

“Do you finish what you started this lunchtime?”

Ginny froze, and Harry’s head spun around to answer his woman. “AAH- no, I-I mean y-yes.” He stammered. Damn, that sounded So guilty it wan’t funny.

“Took your time doing it huh? I was waiting for you to finish so you would at least have some time for me,” she said. Ginny choked on her drink, and a fellow Gryffindor asked her if she was okay.

“Uh- yeah, It was a homework question for potions- it took, took longer than I expected.” He lied unconvincingly.

“Why, was it very hard?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Harry was beginning to sweat now.

“Strange, most of the time you’re better at it when it’s harder than usual,” she added.

“ummm-“ he said, now feeling very uncomfortable.

“Maybe next time I could help you, we would be able to do it very fast, y’know, two of us at the same time…” she trailed off , swallowing her food.

Was she for real? Taking his mind out the gutter, he searched for a response. “That sounds like a plan,” he agreed, taking a nervous sip of his drink.

As he began to eat his food, the bell rang, and his stomach was still growling. Damn. He got up and followed the throng of people down the halls, only to forget that he left his book with the Marauders’ map on the dining table. “I forgot something, be right back,” he told Hermione.

“Hurry up or you’ll be late for class.!” She warned him, and walked along with the crowd. He raised his hand as he ran off, indicating that he heard her, and sprinted into the main hall. Picking up his book, he stuffed it into his bag. For now , he was safe. Ginny won’t sell him out. It’s just Kenna he had to worry about now.


“Cho, hear this crazy situation: Tell me what would you do if you found out that someone you knew , was cheating on a good friend of yours,” Ron asked her as they walked to Care for Dangerous Magical Creatures.

On the contrary, this situation was not as 'crazy' as Ron made it out to be, but Cho picked up instantly where he was going with this. It had something to do with that new Malfoy girl. She quickly tried to analyze Ron’s comments and his demeanor, and instantly she knew that he was talking about Harry and Hermione, and Kenna was the outside woman. But unlike Ron, she realized that Kenna was no ordinary girl, and she had some strange effect on boys. Using some quick reverse psychology , she answered wisely:

“I won’t do anything rash. I would try to figure out what was going on before I opened my mouth and said anything stupid.”

Ron nodded, that was some good advice. But in the corner of his mind he just couldn’t just brush aside that he caught them red-handed, and Harry had the gall to act so cool when he was nothing but a wretched sneak.

“You’re right. I should get to the bottom of this before I do anything.” He looked at her as if he just made a great discovery. ”Where were you all this time? You give some good advice instead of criticism like some other girls I know.”.

Cho smiled softly, usually boys liked her for her looks, Ron liked her because she was smart and they made a good pair. Or at least I hope he thinks we make a good pair. He was refreshing and witty, and just cool to hang around with.

“Thanks,” she said, and meant it. Ron put his arm around her shoulders in a friendly way and she found it great to be with him, without all the focus on them being a couple.

“Yeah, well that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you in quidditch, with Fred and George and Har-“ he broke off, his face darkening. “with Fred and George back, Gryffindor is back in business.”


Later that evening, Draco Malfoy was sitting outside in the garden. He hated this place, with all the flowers and perfumed scents, but he knew that Kenna told him she liked flowers, and at her farm she had her own private flower garden. He had some of his family photos with him, wrapped up in Sirius’ cloak. He told her to meet him here, he had something very important to tell her. There was a reason why he did not answer her directly when she questioned him about the fight with Harry, and there was a reason why Draco himself chose not to take revenge. Well one was that he knew Harry could take him and all of the Slytherins combined if he wanted, but mainly because of what he did for him and their parents.

She came searching him out, calling his name softly. “Draco?”

“In here.”

She sat down next to him, and Draco took out the photos. He began, pointing out his great-great grandfather first. “This is Nikolai Draco Frederic Malfoy.” She peered down at the moving picture, and asked.

“You’re named after him?” she asked, and Draco nodded. He went into depth about their family history, and what had happened from since way back. He held her rapt attention, and that night she learnt of things, things that made her ears burn, and things that made her heart swell with sorrow.

At the end of the long talk, it was nearing close to midnight, and Draco got up and escorted her back inside. At the entryway to the Ravenclaw den he noticed something in the brighter light that he did not notice before. He moved aside her long blonde hair and peered down her blouse.

“What are you doing?” she asked, shocked he would do something like that. Draco’s face hardened, and his eeys glowed red. He said in a harsh low voice,

Who did this ?”

She remained quiet, her face defiant. Draco looked her in the face, and knew it could be only one person who this girl could have known long enough to really allow to do this to her, after all, he did bring her back to England.

Ah, Potter, you’ve dug yourself a good one this time, and I had nothing to do with it! He smiled, this was going to be classic. The mudblood will absolutely kill him!

“Ha ha,” he chuckled softly. Kenna could handle herself. This was going to be very interesting.


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