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Objection by DAC
Chapter 1 : Objection
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A/N: Hello! Thanks ahead of time for taking the time to click. I'm new here to the FanFiction world. Although I have been reading anonymously for about 2 years. Since this is my first time any feedback I recieve will be taken to heart and I will appreciate every single word.

This has to be one of my favorite scenes in Half blood Prince and when I discovered my Shakira CD under my bed the other day, this fic has been living in my head ever since.

And, Frankly, I wanted it out.

So once again, Feedback=Good. Thanks =)

Disclaimer: J.K Owns all, with the exception of the song... That'd be Shakira's.

Itís not her fault that sheís so irresistible...

I can not remember being this horrified in my entire life.

Of course I cannot remember many things right now.

Ronald Weasley has driven all logical thought from my head, the second he grabbed that cow and pressed his lips, His glorious, full lips, to hers. Her skanky, unworthy ones.

But all the damage she's caused isn't fixable...

I feel the tears well up. No! I will NOT cry over this. Over HIM. NO! Iím better then this.

But even as these thoughts are being screamed inside my head, I notice that my body refuses to obey. I just continue to stand there, in front of the portrait hole, blocking my peerís entrance. I canít peel my eyes off them. They have now fused in to one entity in of the squishy armchairs by the fire. Didnít Ron and I sit there just last night?

Thatís when I decide to run. Running away, in my muddled brain seems to make plenty of sense. Run away. Get away from him. From them, and maybe, just maybe it wonít be true.
In my haste I fail to register Harry noticed my exit.

Objection I don't wanna be exception
To get a bit of your attention...

This was not the way it was supposed to happen. I was supposed to walk up to him, ALONE, in the common room and congratulate him on a game well played. Then maybe weíd share a butterbeer, and have a laugh.

I love you for free and I'm not your mother
But you don't even bother...

What is it about her? Sheís not incredibly good looking. Okay, so she is fairly well-endowed, but so what? And so what if her hair is incredibly shiny, and always looks perfect? I ask myself as my bushy mane finds itís way to my eyes. Damn it!

Objection! I'm tired of this triangle
Got dizzy dancing tango...

I need a distraction. I ran away so I wouldnít have to see her with Ron. My Ron. And now all Iím doing is thinking about them. I snap my head up. On the black board, of the empty transfiguration classroom I seem to have taken sanctuary in, is the incantation for conjuring canaries.

I can see the board. I guess the tears have stopped.

I'm falling apart in your hands again
No way I've got to get away...

I easily conjure a few birdies to circle my head. Seems fitting. If my thoughts could take corporeal form Iím assuming birds would be it.

Hey! I bet Lavender couldnít do that!

Score one for team Hermione.

Next to her cheap silicone I look minimal
That's why in front of your eyes I'm invisible
But you gotta know small things also count...

Congratulations you are a complete know-it-all. That's a sure fire way to make him come running. Itís at times like this I canít stop the negative thoughts from consuming my mind. I know somewhere deep down that itís completely untrue. And that 15 Lavender Brownís could never match me. But that part of my confidence is buried under the layers of rejection I feel.

You better put your feet on the ground
And see what it's about...

And then it happens. I no longer feel all that bad for myself. Now all I want to do I run back to the common room, rip Lavenderís skinny body off of Ronís and then give him a long tongue lashing. And not the good kind either.

So objection! I don't want to be exception
to get a bit of your attention
I love you for free and I'm not your mother
But you don't even bother...

Who does he think he is?! Does he think im just going to sit around and wait for him to realize that I love him? In ways that bimbo never could? I donít think so! Hermione Granger waits for NO ONE! Especially not stupid, red haired, gangly, freckle faced, incredibly cute, tall, muscular boys named ...

Who am I kidding?

I sit back down at the desk. During my internal rant I had even gotten so far as standing up. With half a mind to run back and tell him exactly how I felt.

That will never happen Hermione. You love him, and you will always wait for him.

I'm falling apart in your hands again
No way, no no no no.

I sit there for a few more moments, my gaze directed to the twittering birdies. God, I just want to wallow in misery alone for a little while.

ďHermione?Ē I hear Harry tentatively call out.

Bugger! Canít a girl wallow in peace? Sometimes Harry I wish you didnít care so much. He and I begin to carry on a conversation. Of course it is about Ronald. Oh Ronald. You are the only one who can make my voice sound all squeaky, like the way it does right now.

Iím supposed to be strong, Iím not supposed to fall apart because of him. And with Harry talking to me I feel the pain begin to lessen a little. It would be good to let it out. Maybe running away was not the brightest idea Iíve ever had. Iím about to indulge my secret to my best friend when suddenly, it happens

I wish there was a chance for you and me
I wish you could find a place to be
Away from here......

Why? Why god? What did I do to you? Was a bad person in my past life? I mustíve been. I would rather see Draco Malfoy dance around in the nude then see what I just did.

Ronald, love of my life and breaker of my heart, dragging that girl (that girl that should have been me) in to an empty classroom, intent on taking their public snog session to more private quarters.

This is pathetic and sardonic
It's sadistic and psychotic
Tango is not for three
Was never meant to be
But you can try it
Rehearse it and pretend that youíre hoarse
But don't you count on me
Oh don't you count on me boy

ďWhoopsĒ she says and giggles brainlessly before stepping outside. Thatís right run away! This is between him and me!
Is anyone fooled by any of this?

The three of us stare wordlessly at each other for a few moments. We all know something has changed and the trio will never be the same.

I donít know where I got the strength to be so civil towards him. I know I said something about Ďleaving Lavender waitingí, probably with scathing sarcasm as well. Good I hope it hurts Ron Weasley! Now you know how it feels.

Objection I don't want to be exception
To get a bit of your attention...

I feel my legs move towards the door. And then I turn. NO! He really must feel how badly it hurts.

I scream the incantation with more passion than I have ever felt. He yelps in pain and I a get a small slice of carnal satisfaction.

I'm falling apart in your hands again
No way I've got to get away.

And then I fall apart again. Tears blurring my eyes, as I run past Lavender in the hallway. She is smirking. She knows she has won.

I'm falling apart in your hands again.
Get away...... Get away

And at that moment I couldnít care less. I canít love someone who makes me hurt this much. Go ahead Lavender! Have him, he was never mine to begin with. Iím done.

At least for today. Because tomorrow he will smirk at me, or run his hand through his ginger hair and Iíll just be right back where I started from.

Oh Im falling apart in your hands again.
Get away hey hey hey.

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Objection: Objection


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