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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 6 : The Only Happy Weasley
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Chapter 6
The Only Happy Weasley

Once again, he woke up. He looked at the ceiling and saw a a white canopy over the bed. He got up and looked around.
"there is no way.. This is mine and Hermione's.." he said looking around at the light pink wallpaper.
"No way in hell..." He said to himself.
"No way in hell what?" Hermione asked rolling over. Ron jumped from a bed once again, it was something he wasn't keen too, since he was also keen on hard wood floors. He stared wide-eyed, clutching a blanket to his unclothed body. Hermione now had straight hair, which made Ron uneasy and a completely different disposition.
"Her- Hermione?" Ron asked.
"What?" she lay back down.
"Where are my clothes?" he asked. She pointed to the balled up clothes at the end of the bed. Ron looked at the pastel clothing with distate.
"Do I have anything else?" Ron asked.
"It's called a closet." she sat up and laughed. Ron wrapped the blanket even tighter around himself when she sat up. He got up and continued to the closet. It was all horrible looking robes, and more pastel clothes. He looked in the very back of the closet, where wizards usually held muggle clothes if needed. He found a plain suit and left out the jacket and tie. He changed in the closet, since he still wasn't used to waking up with a nude Hermione.
"uh.. I'm gonna go out for a bit.." Ron said seriously needing some air.
"Could you get the groceries, and check on Susie."
"Eh who now?" Ron asked. Hermione sat up.
".... Susie.." she said. Ron waited for the balloon in his brain too inform him of what was going on.
"Ok.. Where is she?"
"Remember? Harry's watching her. You should pick her up." Hermione said. Ron continued out, confused. He stepped through the small flat that was completely lavish and serene. Something he wasn't used too. He walked out the front door. And across from him was a second door. Over the room number "Potter" was emblazoned. He neared the door when he heard the whine of an infant. When he heard the whine it set off that little balloon. Only this time the balloon was heavier, and harder. He saw the blood form his nose drip to the concrete when suddnely things became clear. After the 4th year he and Hermione remained the "hot" couple at Hogwarts for a while. This caused several things, he and Hermione changed greatly, and there constant shagging resulted in a baby named Susie. Harry's door, which Ron had fallen against a while ago. Harry pulled it open. Ron could hear his voice behind the ceaseless tone.
"Ron!Ron!Fuck! Ron!!" He heard him yell as he dragged him into his flat.

When he came too he was back in his bed. With Hermione leaning over him.
".. It's about time you woke up.." she said. Ron looked around.
"How long was I out?" he asked.
"About a week." she said.
"And you kept me here?!" he yelled.
"Ron, don't yell at me..." she said getting up and primping her hair in a mirror.
"What happened to Ronald?" Ron muttered. She frowned at him.
"what?" he asked.
"Nothing.. Well shouldn't you be going to work?" she asked.
"... Yeah sure.." he said getting up, wanting to leave. He headed for the door, in his horrid pastel clothes. He was stopped by Hermione with her hand. No, not across his chest.... Yes, there.
"... Let go of my-"
"Oh come on." she said looking up at him.
"When have you passed something like this up before work." she said.
"Well there's a first time for everything." he said shoving her off onto the bed. He was in desperate need of information, not a torrid sexually endeavor.
"Really?" she asked unbuttoning her shirt. Ron was out the door before he could see anything. Before completely leaving he stopped at a small, BRIGHT pink room. He dropped in and saw... His daughter looking up at him.
"Look at you..." he said.
"We're not even married and still..."
"I could tell you anything...... I don't like this reality too much... I don't know you, but I like you.." he smiled. She looked back up at him. He then left her too sleep. He left the flat and continued on to the front where there was a pool surrounded by other flats. He met up with Harry, who for some reason, was outside smoking.
"Hey.. " Ron engaged in conversation.
"Look who it is.." Harry said.
".. So what are you doing today?"
"Nothing, you know that. Not like I have a job.." he said. Ron looked at him curious.
"How's Ginny?" Ron asked.
"The hell would I know, mate? She is your sister.." Harry said.
"But aren't you..." He looked back up at the flat and saw Cho come out and get some mail left on their front step. Another balloon inflated telling Ron that Harry had ended up with Cho, not his sister. This led for his sister too have a quite shitty life.
"Aren't I what?" Harry asked blowing out some smoke in Ron's direction.
"well... Nothing.. I need to get to work among other places." He said leaving for the ministry.

When he stepped off of the lift to his floor, he began the walk to his office. People greeted him with more fear than they had in the past reality. Outside of his office was a young, blonde, woman outside his office behind a desk.
"Good morning Mr.Weasley." she said.
"uh good morning.." He looked at her name-plate.
"Lavender?" He said looking at her closer.
"Yes Mr.Weasley?" she asked. She was his secretary.
"Er nothing, lav-la- Lavender." He said going into his office. He sat down at his desk and saw many different pictures, some he had flip over since they would be too "risque" for the workplace. He pulled out his address book from where he would always keep it. He flipped through the pages and soon found Ginny's address. He immediately took himself there.

He arrived outside of a shabby apartment building. He remembered that she was in room 6. He walked up the stairs and found her door. He knocked on it and out came, a much more frazzled looking Ginny.
"Shit off." she slammed the door in his face.
"Wait! Ginny!" He banged on the door.
"What do you want?" she asked opening the door.
"....Let me come in and explain exactly what's going on." he said.
"..... I'll give you ten minutes." she said opening the door. Ron came in and saw the mess she lived in.
"So what do you want?" she asked, also beginning to smoked.
".... How have been?" he asked.
"Like shit... What else?" she asked.
"..Well I might be able to help."
"How?" she asked laughing.
"Well I don't think you would believe me."
"Coming from the boy who flies on a broom."
"Right then.." He said sitting down. Half an hour later he was finished with his little story.
"Well isn't that something?" she said. Ron simply looked at her depression.
"..... That's the last time I tell someone."
"You know, Ron, there's only one little hole in your story.... Why didn't you just go back to when you met Hermione before she left and stopped her?"
"I can't.. I can't get the memory out."
"Have you tried?" she asked.
"I don't want to take that risk."
"Oh yeah! Since you have it sooo good. I'm surprised... I thought you would always be attracted to air-headed girls like Hermione, not bookworms that you claim you love." Ginny said.
"Air-headed? She IS a bookworm!"
"since when?"
"Um I'm afraid not..." she said laughing. Ron thought something over.
"Well I ought to go.." he said.
"Off to toy with everyone's life again?"
"When you went back, you only seemed to care about one thing... Hermione." Ginny said.
"... Ginny."
"Why don't you help someone like Malfoy? Someone with no damn legs!" she yelled. She seemed insulted, and thought Ron had been lying too her.
".. .gInny."
"get the hell out!" she shoved him out of the door. Ron left, defeated.

He went back to the ministry, too right what was so wrong. Thankfully it was lunch and he soon found himself in the Time Room. Shockley had always left the cabinet open. Ron swung the door open and took out his wand. He looked over the bottle again and saw those same words on the bottom. "Treborn". Ron decided not to leave yet. Instead he looked through the stack of papers next of the Tractus. He flipped through many pages of alleged encounters that were all pleaded by people in the ministry's insane asylum. Ron looked over the cases.... they looked a lot like what Ron was going through. He then found a sheet with information on one "Edward Treborn". He was also in the asylum and says that he created it. It says that they believe he made the Bottle with the intent of time travel, but it only caused insanity. Apparently nobody had been brave enough to try it. Treborn pleaded that even touching the bottle could cause odd things relating to Time Travel. Such symptoms included Blackouts, Hemorrhaging, and that if anyone DID touch it, then chances are they would be sucked into it's unnatural power and possibly the ability to just use it. It says that anyone formerly researching it has ended up missing, or in the asylum. Now Ron knew why Shockley didn't grab it and put it down himself in their first encounter. This led Ron to become curious. He looked over more of Edward's files and saw that he was still alive.
Ron left the time room and went to the Asylum. He had only been there once though. He found the place where he could speak to Mr.Treborn. It was much like in Azkaban, where the two people were across from each other. Only there was no glass or seperate rooms. Instead they brought Ron into his room. Mr.Treborn sat in a large armchair. He looked very frail and old. He had a short little beard and shoulder lengtth silver hair.
"Mr.Treborn... Someone to see you." the person said as they brought Ron into the room. Ron looked around. It was like ha had his won office, without a door to the outside world. Ron sat in the little chair in front of his desk.
"Hello, young man." He said smiling.
".. Hi.."
"What do you need?" He asked lacing his fingers.
"..I have question about... umm"
"The tractus?" Treborn said looking scared.
".. Have you used it?" He asked now leaning over the desk.
".... Oh my god..." He said rubbing his face.
"what's wrong?" Ron asked.
"well first.... I need to explain something to you... 40 years ago, I invented the Tractus. There were no flaws, only that people like us so eager to change things to better our lives often muck everything up.... Now what is your current situation, and I'll give you some advice..."
"Well.. The girl I love has done a complete change in personality, my best friend is obviously depressed, and my little sister's life is miserable."
" My advice to you... Is too quit while you're ahead."
"Yes. That's what I've done. Let me explain my reality... Currently my muggle son, Jason, is in America in another Asylum for muggles. The reason, I am told, is because he suffers from a curse left by the Tractus."
"I don't understand."
"When I used the Tractus, I cursed my son's sons to a curse with the ability to go back in time."
"Like how?"
"Well, of course they cant use the Tractus since they're muggles. And apparently, when the Tractus effects muggles the blackouts occur much more often. The blackouts serve as an opening to travel back at a later date.... I hear my son used photographs. Other men who have muggle relatives effected by the Tractus allegedly use journals, films, records, portraits, and anything else that could jog their memory and take them back."
"You've really done something big here..." Ron said.
"that's why I want you to destroy it.."
"Mr.Treborn... You don't know my name."
"Just call me Edward." he said leaning forward.
"Ron Weasley.."
"Well Ron Weasley.. Quit while you're ahead and destroy it. When you do it, I'm sure my bloodline, as well as many others, won't carry this curse any more."
".... What if I give it time. what if I try to fix things before I do?"
"It will only get worse... Trust me."
"But I know there are ways I could change my girlfriend, my sister, my best-"
"Just stop it! It must end with me and the other poor souls in this asylum! Besides, you can't change who people who are without destroying who they were, Mr.Weasley. I'm sure you know this." Edward told Ron forcefully.
"What does it matter, old man? If I go through with what I want, you'll have never met me!" Ron yelled back.
"My family! You could end it all, but you're too selfish!" Edward yelled.
".... What if I told you that I will get rid of it... But after I change a few things?" Ron said getting up. He left leaving Mr.Treborn completely livid.

He showed back up at home, too tired and mentally exhausted to continue. He found himself a bit relieved that Hermione wasn't there. He spent the rest of his time with Susanne. Looking down at her, he thought about what Edward said. Should he just stop now, for Susie's sake? He barely knew the little girl, yet he was willing to let his life be pretty miserable for her to lead a happy one. He then heard the door open. Little miss get-it-on was back.
"Ron?" she heard her call his shorter name. He came out and saw she was back with groceries.
"back from work?" He asked.
"... Did I get a job and not remember it?" she asked sarcastically.
"Aren't you working at St.Mungo's?" Ron asked.
"... Um, no. Why would I work there?" she asked walking over to him.
"Your OWLs?"
"My OWL's were horrible, you remember."
"What?!" He asked.
"Sshhhh.." she said looking over at Susie's door.
"You studied..." Ron said. Hermione pushed him onto their couch.
"When we weren't screwing." she said.
"sshhhhh" Ron said this time. Hermione now sat on top of Ron, facing him. Ron was either too tired to fight her off or....
"You changed a lot..." Ron said.
"How?" she asked.
"Your studying.. Your attitude... Your hair." he said.
"Hold on.. Who are you too complain about my hair?"
"When I straightened it, you wanted me to keep it that way remember?"
".... Why?" he said timidly. She rolled her eyes.
"Because you said it felt good over your legs...."
"...... WOH! Don't get that deep!!" He yelled.
"Ssshhhh.... Besides, you're the one who said it." she said looking back over at Susie's room.
"Why would I say something like that?"
"Exhausted from the -"
"It's ok I've said something similar... Remember when I told you're goatee was scratchy."
".. What?!" Ron yelled at this lewd image in his head and the fact that he was unaware of his goatee that he would shave off immediately.
"Stop yelling. It was a joke... Even if I did say it." she smiled.
"Well after all this deviant talk think I need to go to bed." He said pushing her off next to him on the couch.
"I'll meet you in the bed." she said getting back to the groceries. Ron made one more stop in Susie's Room before heading too his. he was sure to put on some pajamas before he went too bed this time. thankfully, he didn't have work tomorrow, but he would still show up.

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