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Stay Forever by slytheringinny
Chapter 1 : Stay Forever
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That morning, horrible. That afternoon, worse. That evening, everything turned around. But for the best or worse I'm not positive about. Let me start at the beginning of that fateful, horrible day, must I recall it...November 22, 1977, seventh year...I was sitting at breakfast, alone as per usual, reading the book I had dug out from my bag. Down the table at the far end were the group of friends as they dubbed themselves 'Marauders' or something along those lines, were flinging bits of cereal at second years. I ignored them, as usual.

The morning was perfectly normal until the owls flew in for daily mail. I as always got my edition of the Daily Prophet and the Muggle Newspaper from home that my parents sent me...only this time as I picked up 'Oxford Times' a note scribbled hastily was attachted to it. I picked it up.

Lily Dear,
I don't know if your type get this news in your newspaper that you once brought home, but darling...Lily....Uncle Richard and I went to go check on your mother and was the scariest thing, Lily! Petunia wasn't home from school yet, and your father had a broken ankle from tripping over a cat and so your mother stayed home to help him get a doctors appointment. Uncle Richard was driving to your home and well...Lily dear...there was this THING over your house...a bright green skull like thing hanging in the sky. Richard and I panicked and went in to check and your father was lying ont he floor, unconscious...we're so sorry Lily. Your mother had done what you had told her that incase something happened. She what was it 'flyed?' no 'Flooed' to a hospital and your mother's there for shock and your father's there for at least...who knows. We're sorry Lily. Petunia's staying at Vernon's and well...Let Uncle Richard and I say that we hope your father's alright. We only have the green face thinger and a white mask that was on your floor for clues of his attacker.
We're sorry, Lily dear...everything will be alright...
Love you the most,
Aunt Vicky and Uncle Richard

I slammed the letter down. 'No...' I muttered in fear. Muggle have to be kidding...why?!

'Evans? Evans???' a voice whispered to me and shook my shoulder gently. I looked up to find that a pair of hazel eyes behind spectacles were looking at me in utmost concern.

'Potter...' I sniffed, trying to hold myself in. That and my pride. 'W-What do you want?'

James Potter frowned. 'Breakfast ended five minutes were just staring at this piece of alright?' he asked in a tone of voice that I had never heard him say.

'I'm fine, Potter. I'm going to the Heads Common Room,' I stated firmly, holding the letter in my scrunched fist. Picking up my bag I angrily pushed past him leaving Potter quite confused and as I made my way out of the hall and up the stairs, the Marauders Peter, Remus and Sirius were looking at me in awe.

I was alone in the Heads Common Room for quite sometime because I'm pretty sure I missed lunch and dinner, and I was crying when worst turned for the better. I was sitting on the couch, staring into the fire with my crumpled letter in my scrunched fist, my knees hugged close to me, tears slowly winding their way down my freckley cheeks.

The Portrait Hole opened and Potter stepped cautiously in, and for once, alone. 'Evans?' he asked quietly, though I didn't look up I could tell he had a very concerned look on his face. I didn't answer him so he tried again. 'Lily...?' he said, using my first name for the first non-offensive way ever.

I looked up at the sound of James Potter saying my name in a caring loving tone. 'What?' I replied, rather rudely. I was angry and upset, you can't blame me.

Potter looked at me and took a step closer to me, waiting to see if I would snarl at his attempt to approach. Seeing no snarl or disagreement, he stepped closer and closer until he was next to me, standing. 'Lily...I know something's wrong...what is it?'

'Nothing. It's nothing,' I replied, quite uncharacteristically. The letter which was now crumpled in my anger, fell from my hands as I put them to my face, covering my tears. James picked it up. Reading it, he gasped and did the most unconditional, uncharacteristic thing that James Potter could do. He grabbed my wrists, pulled them away from my face, looked into my emerald green eyes, and after staring into them for a few long moments, he wrapped me in a hug, a tight loving hug.

I wasn't in the mood to recieve hugs from James Godric Potter, whom I hated at the moment with a passion. I pushed him away, wrenching my wrists from out of his strong Quidditch worthy grasp. 'Lily!' he gasped.

'Leave me be, Potter,' I declared firmly around the tears in my throat.

'Lily,' he stated. I turned away. 'EVANS!' he tried. I turned around fury on my face. Emerald eyes glinting as bright as a newly drawn sword. I swear the look on Potter's face was fear. Of me.

'WHAT!?' I replied equally as mad and angry as he would be. Tears were flowing freely now and I couldn't hold things in. I slid down, losing my grasp on holding myself and pride in and fell back on the couch, weeping.

'Lily...' he crooned, and this time, I didn't care when he cuddled me in his strong gentle arms. 'Lily it's alright...I know exactly what your feeling...I went through this'll be okay...' he whispered softly, running his hands through my flaming locks. And this time, I didn't care.

'Go away...' I muttered weakly through tears. But he held strong and as night fell I was still in his arms.

The clock chimed two in the morning and oh shit, I had classes and a Prefect meeting today! No sleep at all! But I was too weak and careless to go to my room. James held me tight, sighing down at me with a soft smile, his hazel eyes flickering as the fire did as well. He could probably see that my eyes were starting to close and he started to get up, thinking I wouldn't notice.

But I did.

'James.' I said quickly, but in a quite voice. This startled him. Never had Lily Rose Evans called James Potter by his first name.

'Yeah Lils?' he replied with a quick smile, a concerned one. Lils, I had thought dreamily, I like that...

'Don't go..stay-'

He cut me off. 'Stay forever?' I nodded. He smiled. 'Of course, as long as you want me too, Lils...' he said, sitting back down and holding me close...

Stay Forever...

So, how did you like it? It was a sweet little one shot that occured to me in a Algebra. Haha. Please R&R and tell me how you like it!~slytheringinny

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