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Lure of the Dark Side by Hermione_88
Chapter 25 : The Incurable Incurromens Accident
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Lure of the Dark Side

The Incurable Incurromens Accident

Draco watched from his desk over the next two weeks as Hermione made her way around his study sorting through all his books. He hadn’t been alone in his office for two weeks because she was always there reading his books. She was already halfway through his library as she had just reached the M’s where he knew she would find some interesting books concerning his family. She settled herself into the sofa with the book titled ‘Malfoy Ancestry: A Guide to The Greatest Line in Wizarding History’ with her hair tucked behind her ears. He liked watching her. Ever since he had found out about the pregnancy and vowed to help her, he had begun to notice small things about her. She hated her hair in her face except when she slept, when it usually covered all her face. She liked to tuck herself into a small ball when snuggling into the couch. She crinkled her nose in concentration when she came across a particularly hard bit of writing.

Hermione on the other hand knew he was constantly watching her, but she didn’t mind too much. In fact, she quite liked it. It made her feel . . . important. Like someone cared what she did. She was going over a chapter on choosing names for Malfoy’s when she thought of something very important.



“Have you thought of any names for the baby?” Draco was quite shocked about this. He had only found out two weeks ago that he was going to be a father, he really hadn’t had the time to think of names.

“Uh, no. Why do you ask?” Hermione just shrugged. “Oh come on, you don’t ask stupid-nothing questions. What did you read?” he asked gesturing to the book. He knew her well enough to know that something had triggered that thought.

“Well, its just that it says here that ‘Malfoy children have been given names that uphold a proud and strong meaning that will do well by the Malfoy name’” she paused with a strange expression on her face, “What on earth does that mean?” Draco smiled. It was quite fine that she didn’t understand.

“Basically, it just means that all of us Malfoys are given a name that represents strength, pride and respect. For example, take Draco – it means ‘dragon’ in Latin, and most people would also perceive the dragon to be strong. It also means ‘serpent’ which links with our Slytherin past.”

“Oh, I get it. So basically – strong names that sound good when finished off with ‘Malfoy’!” she smiled and returned to her book, but Draco wasn’t finished yet. She had made him curious. He got up from his desk and wandered over towards her sofa, but still she ignored him. He planted himself on the sofa and began reading over her shoulder which he knew would annoy her. When she continued to ignore him he finally caved in.

“Ha-have you thought of any names?” he asked casually, but his nerves failed him slightly with a stutter.

“Not really . . . but . . .”


“Well . . . I’ve always liked Kieran. I just love the way it sounds!” she gave up. Draco smiled and guessed that it was his turn to spill.

“I like Atticus and Damien – for a boy, that is! They were the names of my Grandfathers.”

“Oh? I like Atticus – its sweet sounding . . . yet strong and demanding. Something a mother could be proud of . . .” Draco smiled broadly, something she rarely saw him do. She couldn’t help herself but to smile as well.

“Have you thought of any girls names?”

“No, not really” she admitted. “I’ve always just assumed it would probably be a boy. I don’t know why – but I just assume it is.”

“Yeah, me too – oh! What about Braedon?”

“Oh nice! I like that! Alexander?”

“Nah – too popular . . . Marcus?”

“No – reminds me of Flint. I couldn’t stand him!”

“He wasn’t too bad!”

“You’re only saying that because he was your captain. He used to make terrible fun of me!”

“Well so did I!”

“Yes, well, I didn’t have to marry him!” Draco laughed heartily at this comment. She had a point there.

“Julian?” he asked.

“Hmm . . . it’s okay – but I’m not too sure . . .” she began flicking through the book enthusiastically. “What about . . . Matthias?”

“Matthias? Where’d you get that one from?” She pointed out the name on the Malfoy family tree which was illustrated in the book.

“Your great-great-great grandfather. Matthias Waltrus Earon Malfoy. I don’t like the rest of his name much, but I quite like his first name . . .” Draco was truly intrigued now by hearing that it was from one of his older relatives.

“Yeah, it’s pretty good . . . Matthias Malfoy? Hmm . . . I don’t know . . . it needs something else . . .”

“Well we don’t have to decide now . . . no doubt your mother will have something to say on the matter!” Draco chuckled once again and stroked her hair gently. She smiled at him before planting a tender kiss on his lips. Draco didn’t hesitate once permission was given by crawling on top of her, pinning her down to the chair and dominating the kiss. Hermione didn’t mind one bit though, she enjoyed the feeling just as much as he did. She ran her hands down his back, untucked his shirt and found his bare skin. She ran her fingers across it gently, digging in her nails every now and again. He growled deep as his hands ran down her body.

It didn’t matter so much that he didn’t love her – he still loved the way her body made him feel, and that was just as important.


Dumbledore was preparing himself when he heard an unsure knock at his door.

“Do come in Harry . . .” he said gaily. Harry entered followed by Ron; both were looking quite nervous and unsure of themselves. “Ah, what can I do for you today?” Harry looked at Ron and he just stared back at him. Deciding he was obviously the one who was meant to start, Harry finally spoke.

“Well, sir . . . we were just . . . just wondering . . . umm . . . have you checked on Hermione lately?” Dumbledore smiled at him.

“I was actually just going to check on her right now . . .” he smiled at the two men who shuffled nervously. “You’re welcome to stay if you like . . .” Both of them nodded enthusiastically and took their seats in front of his desk as he walked around and sat down calmly in his own chair. They were all eager for news on Hermione, so the two of them stayed quiet as Dumbledore began to calm and focus himself and pointed his wand at his temple. Harry and Ron watched on curiously and noticed that the very tip of Dumbledore’s wand began to glow faintly. He didn’t notice at all as he continued to focus on his own thought and the large red door that stood so magnificently in his mind.

All his concentration and power went into envisioning that door flying open, but like usual he felt the resistance on Hermione’s side as he tried so desperately to break into her mind. At first he felt the slight resistance to the obvious notion that something was wrong in her mind, but as he increased the attack on his side, she became more aware of the fight. He began hearing her words as she started pushing harder against his attack.

‘No . . . no . . . not again . . . I won’t let you in!’ she yelled at him. He was unsure if she spoke the words aloud or only in her mind, but he heard her loud and clear. He pictured the golden door handle clearly in his mind and tried to mentally open the door. ‘NO! I WONT LET YOU IN!’ she screamed at him. He felt the familiar tug in his chest that announced the time was right.

“Incurromens!” he cast and a blinding white light filled the room, both Harry and Ron covering their eyes. In a moment it was all over as Dumbledore steadied himself against his armrest. Both Harry and Ron rushed over to him, but as weakened as he looked – the obvious fear and pain etched into his face was much clearer.

“Professor . . . Dumbledore sir . . . what is it?” Harry asked demandingly. Dumbledore’s watery blue eyes focused on Harry as if he didn’t recognise him, but as realisation flushed over him, he spoke in a grave tone.

“Oh Harry, I fear I have done a most terrible thing . . .”


Draco snaked his hands down Hermione’s body as he enjoyed the feel of her skin against his. He was working his way down towards her skirt when something about her manner changed. She stopped kissing him and she rubbed her head lightly. He leaned back and watched her carefully.

“Mi, are you okay?” he asked concernedly. She shook her head and began to shake it side to side as if trying to dislodge water from her ears. He had seen her act in this manner before. Something was wrong, and if he guessed right (which he hoped he didn’t), it wasn’t good.

“Something’s not right . . .” she said quietly. Draco began to panic slightly. He wouldn’t run this time . . . but what else could he do?

“Hermione, I think we need to go see the Dark Lord. Right now.” She got up without question and just through the one motion, her expression changed as she realised what was happening.

“Oh no . . . no . . . Draco it’s happening again! Please don’t let it happen again!” she cried. He seized her by the wrist and began to drag her towards the door; his shirt missing and hers slightly displaced.

“Quick, we have to hurry-“ but as he was speaking she wrenched her wrist out of his grip and fell back towards the floor. The tingling in her mind had increased to a throbbing sensation and she was fully aware what was happening by now.

“No . . . no . . . not again . . . I won’t let you in!” she yelled to no one. Draco rushed towards her and tried to still her with his hands but she fought against him as if he were her oppressor. The pain escalated and she felt ready to scream as it split down from her mind and towards her abdomen. “NO! I WONT LET YOU IN” she screamed out as Draco tried to restrain her in vain. She let out a final heart wrenching scream and her eyes flashed open. Draco was shocked and frightened to see that her both her eyeballs were pure black. It was like she was possessed.

Normally, at this point, Hermione had passed out, but this time she stayed awake one moment longer. In that moment she felt the focus on her mind flit down towards her abdomen and fear strike in her heart. In that one moment, the power surged through her and she felt like she was electrified. It was like a string snapping in her belly. A small snap and she knew it was all over. She had lost the baby . . .


Author’s Note: Okay, I know it’s just a shortie but I wanted to go full-on dramatics - and truthfully I think I achieved that! I know it’s so sad. She lost the baby. Oh, did you notice some of the familiar names in there – those are mainly my favourites. Thankyou so much to everyone who helped with naming the child. I have actually chosen a name – but you wont see if for a while yet! Don’t forget to leave a review – I’ll update as soon as I can!


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