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Trilogy of Errors Part 2: Lies, Fabrication, and Defenistration by CrabPerson
Chapter 2 : Beware Molten Rage
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Chapter 2
Beware Molten Rage

After spending time in the fluorescent hell-hole that is a muggle mall (in reality malls seem to be naturally lit by large windows. But at night I'm sure there are definitely fluorescent lights everywhere.) Luckily, it was sunny out which made for a beautiful day. I would be lying to you if I said the entire story revolves around just this day like many other poorly written stories.................... It isn't............ Anyways, back to the all-important point. Nothing had changed in Diagon alley, only now it was more nostalgic. It was because Harry hadn't actually been there in at least two years. He and Hermione(who HAD been there recently) were now standing outside The Leaky Cauldron.
"Maybe you should find a room in the Leaky Cauldron." Harry suggested.
"Umm yeah... I'll check before we leave." She said as they began walking down the street of shops.
"Well where do you want to go?" Harry asked.
"I didn't realize we were on a date..." She said.
"Harry and Hermione on a date?" A wide-eyed annoying young man popped up.
"Hey Collin..." Harry sighed.
"How have you guys been doing?" He asked.
"Not so good." Harry said looking around for anything to take him away from this conversation.
"Aww what been going on?" He asked. Harry looked down too see if Hermione could save him.
"where did she go?!" Harry almost yelled.
"Oh she left a while ago... So what happened." he asked. Harry took off his glasses and rubbed the nose of his bridge as he explained the previous, poorly-written story.
"Aw that sucks a big huge dick...." He said. Harry stared at him.
"So now you two are dating?"
"No..." Harry said coldly still annoyed.
"Then why did you sex her?"
"What?!!" This time Harry did yell.
"In the elevator."
"No, I didn't know it was her."
"Oh, how was it?"
"....... Get the fuck out of my face..."
"Hey! You said the F word!"
"DAMMIT GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!" Harry yelled. Everyone stopped and stared.
"Ok...." Collin moved. Harry edged along the streets. For a few minutes people stared, but luckily they stopped. Harry could hear their muttering.
"That Harry Potter's gone crazy. I hear he stole the girlfriend from his best friend in a power craze."
"I heard Harry Potter shagged his best friend's sister and girlfriend!" Some rumors are very true. Harry could only think of one place to go. He felt like seeing Fred and George. Today, it seemed they had a smaller than usual crowd of customers. It was still a crowd though. He made his way in and saw one of the twins talking to young boy customer.
"I would say light the rug on fire.... Hey, Harry." he said seeing Harry come towards him. Everyone who knew the twins experienced this dilemma at least once. You were speaking to one of the twins and you don't know which one it is, so you have to somehow mention his or the other's name.
"Hey, umm...." Harry paused, defeated. Fred and George were used to this so they often stopped the entire thing early on.
"thank you... Anyway, how have you been?"
"Well if you're talking abut since yesterday, I'm doing fine."
"So I'm guessing your entire family hate me."
"No, only the two youngest." George explained. Harry was surprised and relieved to find out.
"So have you seen Potzer?"
"No, I think he would have come with you. He is living with you, now."
"Oh yeah..... Well I guess I'll go find Fred."
"I am Fred..."
"...... You enjoy doing that don't you?"
"Maybe somebody tells lies about me behind my back..."
"So you're Fred?"
"heheheh..... I don't know....."
"seriously... I don't know anymore...." Whoever it was grew a very serious look on his face.
"I'll go find the other then..." Harry said leaving.
"Uhh yeah... You do that." He said rubbing his head. Harry wasn't sure what just happened. Eventually he saw the other twin talking to Hermione across another room. He began walking when he saw someone that he didn't want to run into coming his way. Ron didn't seem to notice Harry that much as he walked toward him. Harry thoughts raced "Be calm..." Ron came closer. "Stand your ground...." Closer. "God, I hope he doesn't hit me."
"What's up?" Ron asked as he passed Harry.
"..... what the hell?" Harry muttered to himself. Still, he continued to Hermione and the other twin.
"Oh, Harry... Sorry I left you with Collin."
"I'll never forgive you.... But, I just ran into Ron."
"Oh no.... was he angry?" she asked.
"Surprisingly no....... He was actually kind of cheerful."
"Oh no..." said the twin.
"What?" Harry asked.
"Well, now he's really upset.... I've only seen him like this a few times."
"How upset?" Hermione asked.
"If you aren't careful he's going to explode like a scarlet-eared Volcano and spew molten rage and you're going to die trying to guard yourself form the debris."
"............... Fantastic." Harry sighed.
"Well let's not think about that.... Hey, I'm on break in a few minutes. How about me, you and Hermione, and George go out and do something."
"Sounds great." said Hermione who was still looking at Harry worried about the volcano that was Ron.

"All right, where should we go first?" asked ambiguous Fred.
"How about ice cream?" the ambiguous George suggested.
"Ice cream.... Fine." Harry sighed, also worried about the human volcano. But, Harry didn't need to do much thinking considering he was sitting at a table three feet from Harry.
"see, he looks fine." He whispered down to Hermione who once again disappeared. Ron seemed to be ignoring Harry. Harry decided to go ahead and plead his case like a man.
"Uhh.. Hi..." He said.
"Yeah, hi... What do you wa-"
"Ok, I'm sorry I slept with her!!" He yelled.
"................ You should be smart enough to know that I don't want to talk about it." Ron got up.
"She already explained everything to me and I thought it over...... I guess I forgive you, you are forgiven." Ron said calmly. Harry stared at him wide-eyed.
"....... Are you dying?" Harry asked.
"No...... I just didn't feel like NOT having a best mate." He said. Harry's gape tanks still weren't full so luckily he didn't gape. Ron then put out his hand, in somewhat of a truce. Harry mind ran a second race: "Is it a trick? Is he going to kill me? Oh god I hope he doesn't hit me..." Harry took his hand and they shook to their friendship.

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Trilogy of Errors Part 2: Lies, Fabrication, and Defenistration: Beware Molten Rage


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