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The Baby's Coming! by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 6 : Homecoming
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A/N: This is a really weird twist to the story, but one I've thought about since I started writing it, and mostly all fluff.
Disclaimer: I own no one but Jasmine.

Exactly sixteen years later, three people came out of a pensieve that was set up in an empty bedroom.

Harry Potter looked up at Remus Lupin and Jasmine Black thinking about what he had just seen. They – Jas and Remus – had taken him aside earlier that day and asked if he wanted anything ‘different’ for his sixteenth birthday. Harry knew Jasmine well enough to know what she was getting at. So he asked to see the memory of the happiest day of his parents’ lives. He didn’t know exactly what he was expecting, but it sure wasn’t that.

Jasmine and Remus were looking as Harry, thinking of how much he had grown and how he was such a perfect blend of his parents. They knew Lily and James would be very proud of him. Even though Jasmine loved Harry as a mother and Remus and Sirius, when he had been alive, loved him as fathers, they had never wanted to take the place of Lily and James.

Harry looked at his godmother and godfather – which was what he considered Lupin even before Sirius’s death – and found that he couldn’t express his thanks or what the memory had meant to him in mere words when he realized he had started to cry. He began to raise a hand to wipe his face dry when he noticed that Remus and Jasmine also had tears forming in their eyes.

Instead, Harry went first to Jasmine and hugged her like he never had before. She returned the embrace like many times before – as if she were his real mother – only it had new meaning as well as old.

When they broke apart, Harry went to Remus and hugged him with all the friendship and love they should have shared throughout the many lost years. Remus readily returned it.

After letting go, Harry, for the first time, realized what it had meant for them to be alone and lost without each other for so many years and what it had meant for them to find their old friendships with each other and Sirius almost three years ago. He realized what he meant to them, and what they meant to him, even though he thought he knew.

From the kitchen downstairs, they heard a call directed to them.

“Harry? Harry, are you upstairs? People are starting to arrive. You have to get down here. Jasmine? Remus? You two need to help set up. I told you I needed this done before guests arrived.”

“So, do you think we should go down?” Jasmine asked, a slight smile playing at her lips as she sat on the floor. Harry and Remus joined her. They both knew that smirk. It was what she wore every time she was saying ‘Like I’m really going to listen. You had better not either.’

They sat for a few minutes enjoying the silence and each other’s presence. Then they heard a very angry voice start off. “JASMINE! I KNOW YOU ARE THE REASON EVERYONE IS STILL UPSTAIRS! YOU HAD BETTER GET DOWN HERE NOW!”

Jasmine chuckled and stood up. The boys followed suit. “Well, what do you say?” she asked them. “Let’s go have a party.” She, Remus, and Harry left the room and, following Molly’s orders, came downstairs to celebrate Harry’s sixteenth birthday.

A/N: The End of The Baby's Coming!, the beginning of the Baby Harry collection.

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