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The Baby's Coming! by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 5 : Paperwork Problems
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Disclaimer: Jasmine is the only character I own.

Lily looked down at her son with such love and adoration only a mother that only a mother could know. Remus looked up from his revival attempts and he and Jasmine watched with huge smiles of love and happiness as some of Lily’s love began to flow out of her eyes.

“What’s his name?” the Healer asked, beginning on the paperwork of Harry’s birth.

“Harry…” Lily paused; she and James had never thought to discuss what their child’s middle name should be.

Just then, James started to wake up. Remus noticed this as well as noticing that Sirius must have been much more distressed than James as he hadn’t even moved. He scrunched down next to James, who was sitting up on the floor. “Hey, Prongs, are you feeling okay?”

“I guess so, why?” He seemed to have banged his head.

“Cause you just missed your son’s birth.”

“What? Oh * * * *!”

“James Potter!” Lily’s attitude turned from loving mother to scolding wife quicker than lightning could hit the ground. She did NOT want her son to remember his daddy as exclaiming a profanity first thing after his own birth!

James mentally slapped himself. He knew he was going to have to wait out one of Lily’s long lectures before getting to hold his son.

The Healer seemed to detect a long lecture coming on too, as she quickly said, “Harry James Potter, I like that name.”

Lily turned back to her son, her eyes filled with love once more. “So do I.”

“That means I can hold him!” James shot up and sat on the bed next to Lily, carefully taking his son from her, his eyes filled with glowing pride.

Back on the floor, Sirius had begun to stir. Only Jasmine noticed this, mostly because she could sense his every waking action because she had basically been his babysitter ever since they were seven.

“Hey, Pads,” she said while grinning over him. She extended her hand and Sirius took it as she helped him up.

The Healer had just gotten to the godparents on the paperwork. “Godmother?”

“Me, Jasmine Talonti Black.”

“Talonti?” Lily asked. The guys knew better than to ever try to mock her, only Lily could get away with it.

Jasmine just rolled her eyes. “If you think that was good, wait for Sirius to go,” she muttered under her breath.


Two “Me!”s sounded throughout the room. Remus and Sirius glared at each other. “Not him, ME!” they both said again.

“Uh, guys?” James looked very uncomfortable. “We decided…a few months ago…if the baby came early, it would be Sirius…and Remus if he was late.”

Remus looked very put out, but managed to shrug it off by saying, “As long as you have a few late ones in the future, more than early ones at least.” But he glared at Sirius as he heard a “Yes!” emitted from his mouth.

Sirius quickly recovered himself from Moony’s glare by saying, “It was all Lily’s...I…I mean… James’s…It was all James’s fault.” He faltered for a moment as Lily’s stare went from deadly to content in all of three seconds, to which Remus chuckled.

“Godfather?” The Healer was growing impatient.

“Sirius… …Black”

“What Black?” The Healer was just annoyed and angry now. Jasmine was snickering. Remus was wearing a grin that suggested he had a good idea at what was coming.

“Sirius…Mencalin…Black.” Sirius was bright red, his long hair shielding the greater part of his face as the room erupted with laughter. “C’mon. Shut it.”

Remus was wiping tears out of his eyes. “Men-calling? Why, Sirius, I never knew.”

“Shut it, Lupin.”

“Guys, hush!” Lily whispered harshly as baby Harry began to squirm with discomfort in his little ears. Lily took him back from James and managed to calm him with a soft hum as everyone quieted down.

“I’ll give you some time alone now.” The Healer, who was still recovering from hearing Sirius’s middle name as well as the annoyance of those in the room, excused herself to register the paperwork.

Remus, Jasmine, and Sirius stood next to each other at the foot of the bed.

“Ya know what, guys?” Jasmine asked as she put an arm over each of their shoulders – this being kind of awkward for her as they were each about a head taller than her.

“Hmm?” they said, each returning the gesture.

“I think we did a pretty good job.” Sirius and Remus smiled and nodded in agreement as they all watched the new family overflowing with happiness and love.

“Now all we have to do is get then home.” They looked at each other and chuckled, but quickly stopped and shuddered as each thought of the new problems sure to take hold.

A/N: Was that too much fluff? I thought it was a lot.

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