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The Baby's Coming! by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 4 : More Uniqueness: Courtesy of the Forgetful
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Disclaimer: I own only Jasmine.

Luckily for everyone, the St. Mungo’s Healers were just arriving in a somewhat muggle fashion. The van they were using as an ambulance jumped over the muggle’s crashed can and landed just behind the Potters’. About six Healers came out of the back and five went over to Lily and her car. They collected Lily, James, Jasmine, Sirius and Remus without much trouble as one Healer was to stay behind to wait for help in sorting out the newly found accident and the muggle was too baffled to speak.

The five were in the van that had just jumped the crashes for a second time when…”Obliviate!” The muggle’s eyes went crossed for a second, and then he looked up.

“What the…? MY CAR!”

“Oh dear,” the Healer replied in a lazy voice more to himself than the muggle. “Obliviate. I do hope the effects aren’t permanent on all memory loss, I could get charged with harassment. Obliviate.” as the muggle rediscovered the state of his car again.


At the hospital, Lily was in a delivery room with everyone else because she had wanted those she cared most about – James, Jasmine, Remus, Sirius – with her and had started crying when a Healer told her “no” to everyone but James, so they gave in not wanting to upset her further.

Remus, Sirius, and Jasmine were standing by the wall next to the bed Lily was in while James was sitting and holding her hand.

Whether Lily was gripping his hand too tightly or the excitement was overwhelming, no one knew, but something proved too much for James as he passed out for a second time that day.

Unfortunately for James, in a hospital though he may be, there was a sudden shortage of Healers because of an emergency incident involving a muggle who could remember nothing past his ABC’s. The one Healer in the room knew she had to wait for Lily to give birth before she could tend to James.

Not best friends for nothing though, Sirius decided it would be his place to take over for James while Remus tried to wake him and Jasmine stood next to Lily doing her best to comfort her.

But whatever proved too much for James proved too much for Sirius as well as he cried out, “Sweet mother of pearl!” and landed next to James with a ‘thud’.

Jasmine would have slapped her forehead in frustration but decided it would be better to not allow Lily to see her frustration, or the Healer, who was looking more peeved by the second at the idiotic Marauders.

So she walked around to Remus, bent down, and whispered, “Keep trying, this is obviously a job for a woman,” in his ear. “Well, sort of,” as she surveyed the two she was talking about. She went over to Lily and held her hand while assuring her everyone would be alright, including little Harry or Daffodil.

A couple minutes later, the baby was born. “It’s a boy!” exclaimed the Healer who was happy this birth was finally moving along, and she placed him in Lily’s arms. Lily was smiling like no one had ever seen her smile before.

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