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James Potter by btmn
Chapter 1 : James Potter
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Sirius Black was strolling through the corridors of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had a grin on his face, so smug, that anyone would know that he had just done something exciting, or, in a teachers point of view, something that involved school rules. Breaking school rules.

"Hold it right there Mr.Black!" yelled Professor McGonagall, in a bored voice. She was used to yelling at students. "Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Um.....well, ya see, we were doing spells in charms, and i got hit with one and, um........Flitwick said to go and walk around aimlessly because ---"said Sirius

"That's enough, come with me." McGonagall led him to charms, and issued him a detention with her in front of the class.

* * *

James lounged in the common room, pretending to do his homework, but really eavesdropping on Lily Evans.

"James, James you stupid nitwit...I know you can hear me!" said a voice angrily from his pocket.

"Wha....oh" muttered James as he dug the mirror out of his pocket that Sirius always used to communicate with him.

"Yeah?" asked James sleepily.

"McGonagall's left and she actually thought I'd stay here and write lines, pfft" said Sirius comically, adding a sound effect.

"And you needed to tell me that, why?" asked James, annoyed.

"Well, I kinda took our map, and guess what? A whole pack of aurors and Ministry officials just came in." said Sirius, eagerly

"Why would they be here?" asked James, sounding very much like he was going to go find out right now.

"I dunno, James, but I think we should go check it out" said Sirius, not surprising James at all, both of them knew beforehand that they were going to go and get involved, somehow.

* * *

Remus Lupin was performing his ordinary prefect duties, like he did every night, when he heard the door to the entrance hall open and the noise of a great hustle and bustle, heading towards the great hall. Lupin peered into the great hall to see many famous aurors and the minister of magic himself, taking seats at what looked like a meeting table, set up in the great hall. After them, came the unspeakables, the workersw ho worked in the department of mysteries in the Ministry of Magic. They were there for some reason, but Lupin couldn't think of any reason why they would be here. A second later, Wormtail caught up with him.

"Hey wormtail, check this out!" Wormtail looked through the door and saw the meeting about to take progress.

"Woah!" he said, sounding dumbfounded.

Wormtail had changed a lot in his 6th year at Hogwarts, in the fifth year, he was excited and impressed when James would play around with the Snitch, this year, he would pretend to care, or not even bother. Yet, James still played around with a Snitch, anyway.

He was never actually trying to impress wormtail, but just anyone who happened to notice. Lupin stayed on prefect duty, and Wormtail trudged back up to the common room, mumbled the password "fizzing apple sauce" and crawled in through the portrait hole. He was going to head up to his dormitory and go to sleep, when James caught his attention.

"Hey" James said enthusiastically.Trying to be heard by Wormtail, but by noone else.

"Yeah, me and Lupin know" Wormtail blurted out before James could tell him about the meeting.

"Oh, okay, me an' Sirius are gonna go an' check it out,wanna come?" asked James, while messing up his hair purposely.

"Sure" said Wormtail as he climbed the stairs to his dormitory.

* * *

Soon enough, James, Sirius, Lupin and Wormtail were all fast asleep in their dormitory. The meeting was over and everyone was rid of their troubles. Or not. Late that night, the aurors trekked into the forbidden forest. James tossed and turned in his bed, then, they all appeared over him, aiming their wands at him, various unforgivable curses were muttered and they all now appeared to be Death Eaters.

"Gaaah!" Screamed James as he woke up and fell out of bed.

"What the heck?" said Sirius, confused.

"I had a weird dream..." said James sheepishly.

"That all?"

"Yeah" and James went back to sleep.

To Be Concluded.......

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James Potter: James Potter


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