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Chapter 1 : An Interesting Year
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter Or any of the Characters that are involved in Jk Rowling's books at all. Those were the Ingenious idea's that she created. Unfortunatly Draco Malfoy belongs to her also. =( The plot and anything else i decied to make up are mine.

That's it. Who does he think he is?! He will not talk to me like that!!
I worked damn hard for 6 years of my life and it was no fucking walk in the park. I deserve this position and I’m bloody tired of the bugger taking his shit out on me.
How was it my fault that Draco Malfoy got higher grades then he did?
I mean if it weren’t for me he probably wouldn’t even have the grades that he does now.
What the hell was he doing lately?! Messing around with a million girls!!
I’m sure you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it but ever since Harry died Ronald Weasley had taken his depression out by shagging girls.
I think he’s pretty close to showing Malfoy up, But of course that’s what it was all about lately – Malfoy, Malfoy, Malfoy – Malfoy this Malfoy that.
So you can only imagine how Ron reacted when I received the letter telling me that I had achieved the position of head girl and would be sharing a dormitory with the head boy – none other then the dreadful ferret.
Nope. Just him ranting on about some shit I don’t care enough about to listen to.

I had spent a lot of time with the Weasleys this past summer.
After Harry, Mr. Weasley, and Bill died in the war, that family needed as much love and comfort as they could get.
Sure, I missed harry, and sure I shed my share of tears for him.
But why? What did he do to deserve it? Why was he worth my tears?
Your probably confused, let me explain; after Dumbledore died Harry shut him self-inside.
I wanted nothing more then to comfort him, but nooo – he was rude and cruel towards me; calling me names, insulting me in any way possible, ignoring anything I would say to him.
If I said anything to him about having a problem with it, I was being over dramatic.
Then there was Ron; he blamed it all on Malfoy after the Ministry found him innocent. All he wanted to do after that was show him up. I think it became quite an obsession for him.

Last year, not long after school got out the Order heard about an attack on a muggle city and had planned to intercept it.
It was a trap, AND of course, I expressed my opinion and tried to tell them but no, NO ONE LISTEN TO HERMIONE GRANGER!! ONLY THE “SMARTEST WITCH OF HER AGE!!
nope, lets just all go get our selves killed.
Well that’s exactly what happened; the Dark side won and Voldemort finally got revenge one the boy who lived.”
– Its been pretty quiet since that war and its starting so scare us all.
Schools starting soon and Voldemort is growing stronger every day, and what are we doing?
Were sitting here doing nothing waiting for our deaths because “Oh no!! what will we do now without the amazing Harry Potter to save us all
Well guess what? Not me.
I will do something. If the Order won’t listen to me, then I’ll find someone who will.
I will live this war out no matter what it takes.
Nothing will stand in my way and I promise you that. Even if it means I have to turn to Voldemort.The problem is, how? How will I get him to listen to me? In his eyes I’m nothing but a dirty mudblood.
But I won’t settle for that.
I want more, and who better to help me then Draco Malfoy – My new roommate. The devil himself, one of Voldemort’s most trusted – well from what I hear anyway.

Oh my god….

RONALD WEASLEY!! WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP?!I’m tired of you ranting and whining about the fucking ferret getting the damn heads boy badge.You want to hear the truth?!You were no competition okay?!Who the hell knew the ferret was smarter then the weasel?!"

And that was it.
I heard nothing more about Malfoy, or about anything for that matter, for the rest of the night.
The man I had once called my best friend, who I thought I had loved and could trust, was not the person sitting in front of me now, and would be never again.
I was practically alone in the world now and it scared me shitless.
There was always Ginny, and I knew no matter what she would always be there for me. It’s just hard to talk to her ever since Harry died.
Harry and Ginny were an ‘item’ if you want to call it that, and even though I love her, she’s just not the same.
When it comes down to it, I don’t think she’ll make it through.
But I will, and no one will hold me down, no matter what.

I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting year....


So Granger was head girl huh?
Ooohhhh!! BIG SURPRISE!! Bloody know it all!, but me?
I definitely didn’t understand.
Maybe there is someone out there crazier then the old bat himself.
Why in the world would McGonagall pick me for head boy?
Even after all the craziness with Dumbledore?
But hey – who’s complaining?! My own dormitory? My own room? The authority over everyone else? The power?
Okay, so they weren’t my own, I had to share with the damn mudblood, but so what?!
It’s still better then having to share with the rest of the 7th year boys in slytherin.

My father would be so proud, if he were still alive to know.
The Dark Lord, on the other hand is still alive to know.
After he defeated Potter he had immediately gotten a new goal, to take down Hogwarts, the rest of the order, and of course and any stupid muggle that got in the way.
Not to brag or anything but I’m pretty confident I’m one of his favorites, I am a Malfoy you know.
Once he hears about this I’ll finally be able to prove my self and take my rightful place next to him – where my father once stood.

See, I wasn’t involved in the war because after being pronounced 'innocent' with the murder of Dumbledore I couldn’t risk getting caught doing anything I shouldn’t, so I haven’t really had a chance to prove my self.
I’m not too disappointed though because from what I heard it, It was an easy win.
Once the Dark Lord hears they made me the head boy of the entire school he’ll be so happy he might give me the Dark Mark.
Yeah, or not. I don’t know why I keep telling my self that, he’s to worried I'll get caught or something.
But who would know?
Of course there’s always Granger, the damn goody two shoes.
I’d have to be careful, but I want it so bad and I’m willing to do anything for it.

Granger, jeez how am I supposed to go the whole school year working with her for everything, having to see her every night.
She’s such a stuck up Bitch sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to put up with her.
There is one good thing, she’s definitely grown up. Physically of course, not that I would ever be caught dead saying this but she got me off a few times on those lonely nightsif you know what i mean.
But hey! who knows I might even be able to have a little fun with my new roommate.
With the leader of their 'Golden Trio' dead who knows what shape she’ll be in.

I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting year….

Author's Note:

Okay so let me know.. honestly what do you think? This is my first fanfic and I want everyone and anyone's honest opinion. Critisizim is welcome and encouraged!!.. I also am looking for a banner if any one is good at that kind of stuff and would be kind enough to help me out!! & a BETA!! ahh.. im sure there were many mistakes in there and i apologize i just really wanted to get this up. let me know if you'd be willing =)

I'll update soon!! thanks for reading!! xD

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