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The Weapon by Bellamybabe
Chapter 7 : Visitors
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The Weasley’s were gathered within the sitting room and were laughing and chatting happily. Albus was sitting holding an open book upon his lap but his eyes were twinkling as he watched Harry laugh at some things that Ron was saying. Fred and George were supplying their usual amount of laughter and jokes. Life was cool and calm.

Sirius and Remus were seated beside Harry. Sirius had his arm on the behind Harry, occasionally gripping his shoulder in warmth affection and asking him questions. He and Remus were supplying much laughter themselves as they talked off their ‘fun’ at Hogwarts. Albus smiled at all the times they ‘slipped’ by him.

“So, Harry, are you excited at staying at our house?” Remus asked, waving a hand between himself and Sirius who smiled and nodded excitedly.

“I guess…” Harry said shrugging. He leaned back against the couch and drew his legs up and wrapped his arms around his knees. He had fallen silent; he had those moments where in the middle of a conversation that he would just disappear into his own thoughts. It was frightening at some moments. It made Dumbledore fear that Gregory could still control Harry even from a great distance.

Harry had developed well over the last few weeks. From explosive and dangerous to the occasional fall backs where he would ask where Gregory was. As Albus thought more on that idea, he realised that these days it was whenever they were asking him about important information. ‘Maybe Gregory placed a block upon Harry, to prevent him spilling information if he ever got captured, it sure makes sense’ Albus thought.

“Here we are sandwiches. Come on Harry, I am sure you are peckish!” Molly said warmly, patting his knee to garner his attention. He looked up at her curiously, doubtfully and with a hint of insecurity, but it changed after a few seconds. He blinked before thanking her and picking up a tuna and cucumber sandwich and munching on it slowly before taking another.

Molly was preparing dinner when the action began. She turned at the up cry in the sitting room. She entered to find Sirius and Remus holding Harry down, trying to calm him. He was crying out and trying to get up. Arthur had the children in the hallway, blocking the doorway, while grasping his wand. Bill and Charlie were standing watching curiously. Albus looked calculating, watching.

Without warning Sirius and Remus flew into the nearest wall and slid down the wall. They shook their heads and looked at Harry. He was sitting up and running a hand through his hair and was looking around wildly, muttering incoherently. Everyone was gripping their wands, watching every movement Harry made.

“…Impossible… nothings impossible…. Probable… calculating fools…. No idea the trouble…” He was muttering to himself rocking back and forth. He looked at Albus. “They are here, they have found us… do you wish me to defend?” Harry asked, his emerald eyes sparkling with energy, both physical and magical.

“Who is here Harry?” Albus asked.

“Time waster… you are wasting time Albus. Do you, or do you not want me to defend? I can make the choice myself…”

“Answer my question….” Albus begun but the wards of the Burrow suddenly went off. He looked towards Harry and found him exiting out the back doors. He and those with the order proceeded to follow; he gripped the door knob, it wouldn’t budge. He wiggled it before casting several unlocking charms, none worked. Everyone stood, hopeless as Harry walked towards the Death Eaters that was advancing upon the house.

Albus turned around saw several more advancing from the other side. He blinked when a golden net flickered around the house, glowing brightly and strongly. He turned around to see Harry holding a hand out towards the house. He was in deep concentration.

They saw his hand clench and turned in time to see the death eaters fly up from view. They looked back at Harry and saw them land with a heavy thud next to the others. “There, we are all together… no cheating!” Harry muttered.

“Expelliarmus!” A death eater yelled. Harry allowed the curse to hit. He stood still as the light engulfed him, but no wand was pulled from his pockets. “He is defenceless.”

“After what I just did, you are saying that… I knew you were thick, but that thick? Honestly, you should be labelled… morons like you shouldn’t breed!” Harry said with a smirk. Sirius and Lupin snorted in humour.

“He is going to get hurt!” Arthur said fretfully.

“He has locked all windows and doors… how does he do that without a wand?” Bill said entering the room holding Harry’s wand.

“Firstly, that isn’t even his wand. It is a spare from the Ministry.” Albus said softly remembering the notes. “And secondly, commit to memory, he is a powerful wandless wizard.”

“I… er …. Forgot!” Bill said. “I am so use to using a wand…” he muttered.

Harry smiled as the first spells were sent his way. He dodged them athletically and holding his hand out. They watched as a spell sped forwards before slowed and turned and shot powerfully back at the conjurer. He picked up a couple of twigs and held them out from his sides, as if wielding weapons. The watchers were baffled, thinking that Harry was maybe, no altogether.

He smiled as the Death Eaters sniggered. ‘Got ya!’ He thought as a death eater charged forward wielding a ten inch blade. He spun to dodge the knife and brought the twig down. It flickered in the sunlight before slicing the attackers arm. He yelped and fell to his knees. “No everything is what it seems!” Harry smirked before the twigs fully turned into twelve inch blades with leaf patterns running along the blade and melting into the hilt.

Slowly everyone watched as Harry took down the twenty death eaters with a mixture of weapon wielding muggle fight technique and wandless magic. Soon he was standing on his own in a middle of a circle of injured attackers. It was almost graceful how he moved. He was as if he didn’t use much effort. He was breathing heavily and his forehead had a small cluster of sweat beads. It was as graceful as his movement previously that he fell to the floor.

“Merlin!” Sirius cried before grasping the door way and finding it unlocked. He ran out with everyone else close behind him. He leap over bodies, but mostly just stepped on them and kicking them occasionally. He dropped to his knees and gathered Harry into his arms. “Harry?” He whispered, feeling his forehead, he was covered in cold sweat. Up close, he had a few cuts and bruises.

“Is he…?” Hermione asked coming close. Sirius smiled as he felt the a light breath on his neck as he pulled Harry even closer and allowed his head to rest on his shoulder.

“I think it is best if you came to our place for a while, just until everything is sorted.” Remus said as they bound and gagged the death eaters and clasped their hands with charmed rope that prevented disapparation.

“I appreciate that Remus” Molly said patting his arm.

“I’ll take these to the Ministry.” Arthur said. Albus supplied his help along with Bill and Charlie. They were still amazed by what they had found out.

They appeared in Sirius home. The address was actually 12 Grimmauld Place and was the Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. But was greatly different to Sirius’ childhood. As the sole intermediate heir to the estate, he could change the entire insides.

It was brighter and more colourful. He got rid of the house-elf Kreacher, safely knowing that no information was within his head. Remus moved in with him before they lost James and Lily. It took years but being the Marauders, or the last two remaining of the original group, they eventually found a way to remove the horrible picture of Sirius’ mother. They burned her happily in a bomb fire in the back garden.

Sirius just ignored everything when he appeared in the front hall and carried Harry upstairs into a room that was adjacent to his and Remus’. He placed him on the bed and covered him with blankets and smiled softly when he turned onto his side, facing Sirius, and curled up and tucked his arm beneath the pillow. He appeared to be sleeping soundly; James shinning through in some breathy snores.

Dinner was a quiet affair, until…

“Can someone please tell me what the hell happened this afternoon?” Ron said allowed after swallowing his fifth helping of dinner.

“Well, Harry defended us….” Remus begun, Sirius just smiled at his light tone.

“I know that part!” Ron retorted. “I meant, why he collapsed. He wasn’t that injured. I mean he floated those guys… “

“Maybe that is the first time he has ever done that. Maybe before it was just him and Gregory. He has to learn to exert his powers at certain levels, why do you think that there are easier classes in first year then in seventh year. You are gradually building your powers and your control over them. Harry appears to have most of that covered but when in battle, he is probably inexperienced.”

“Oh!” Ron said.

Upstairs, Harry slowly woke up. He blinked and looked around, feeling dazed and disassociated with himself. He heard whispers in the back of his mind. Pictures flickered before his eyes almost blinding him. He groaned and fell back as his scar throbbed.

“Evil… near by…“ a familiar voice whispered as clear as if the person was just beside him, leaning towards his ear. “Destroy them, my warrior.”


Authors Note: Hey there! New chapter! Please Review. Constructive Critisicism is wanted in great supply! Thanks for reading.... Bellamybabe :P

I just want to say, if anyone is willing to make a banner for me, please do so... i am in great need of one! Love Ya! Bb

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The Weapon: Visitors


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