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The Next Attack by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 4 : Surprise attack
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Chapter 4
Surprise Attack

It was the day after Sirius Memorial Service and Ginny was in her room, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill and Fleur had gone out to lunch, Ron and Hermione were at Grimmauld Place, and the twins were coming over to help Charlie write his best man's speech for the wedding. She was alone, as she had been so many times before that summer, and right now, alone was how she liked to be. She was writing in her Diary, in the small neat handwriting that filled almost every page, the ones it didn't fill were the ones that were blank or drawn on. There was a soft knock on the door and Ginny looked up

"Can I come in?" asked Charlie, "Or are you naked?" Ginny went slightly pink but laughed

"No Charlie I'm not."

"Good," he said as he came in and shut the door behind him. "I wanted to talk to you."

"but you are." she added dryly

"This is serious Gin'," he said "You've been acting really... well weird, since you got back. I was wondering if anything was wrong."

Ginny put down her quill and sighed "Well last term Harry and I were... well... you know, and after Dumbledoreís funeral we broke it off, well I say we. He said he thought Voldemort would use me to get to him, like he did four years ago. He and Remus have both tried to convince me that it was the right thing to do but, I don't know, I miss him Charlie."

"I can see why... but that doesn't mean that he doesn't love you Gin', he's trying to protect you because he loves you."

"I know but won't Voldemort try and use me anyway?"

"He might do but it's less likely, Harry didn't want to call it off Gin', he did it because it was the right thing to do."


"What the...?" asked Ginny

"Stay here; don't go anywhere till I come back!"


"Promise me Gin'"


"Take your wand out."

"But I'm..."

"Do as I say, they won't know that it's you doing the magic, their sensors arenít that efficient how the bloody hell do you think Gred and Forge got away with their experiments?!"

"Charlie I'm scared."

"You'll be fine Gin, do whatever you have to." With that Charlie disappeared out of the door and down the staircase, Ginny stood up slowly drawing her wand and held it at the ready, her body tensed waiting for the moment when she had to strike. CRASH! There was shouting, more crashes and loud bangs, CRACK! footsteps on the stairs, Ginny froze in fear CRACK! Ginny was pulled back into a muscular body as a strong arm encircled her body in a vice like grip and a wand tip jabbed at her throat.

"Drop it," said a cold voice next to her ear, that she thought she had heard somewhere before but couldn't quite place it "Drop the wand, NOW!" Ginny didn't move "Drop it SCUM!"

"Let me go."

"I said drop it!"

"Charlie!" she screamed "Charlie!"

"Scream all you want he can't hear you!" he whispered "Drop the wand!" Ginny dropped it, and it clattered to the floor and her hand flopped uselessly at her side.

"He can't but we can!" The door burst open and slammed against the wall, Fred and George stood framed in the doorway

"You'll hurt her if you try and hurt me!"

"Oh really?" said Fred


George Disappeared and reappeared behind the man


The man Disapparated, taking Ginny with him.


The strange oppressive feeling stopped and Ginny found herself in a small dark room, the man was still holding her, his wand still pointing at her throat.

"Well done, shame that someone showed up."

"I'm sorry my lord."

My Lord? Thought Ginny Oh My God, it's him!

"I'll deal with you later, now leave!" Ginny was pushed onto the floor and the man Disapparated, Ginny was left alone and unprotected. "Crucio!"

Ginny screamed, white hot daggers stabbing her sides, her stomach, her back, her legs, her arms, her chest. Her head pounding like it was going to be torn in two.

Voldemort lifted his wand, the pain faded but did not die.

"I wonder how much Potter will enjoy watching your pain."

"No," she whispered Harry ignore it, please don't come!


The pain engulfed her again and she screamed afresh.

A/N: Sorry but yet another short chappie, this is the exciting one, it's pretty exciting from here onwards, sorry if you found the wait excruciatinly long, but hey i've up dated alot today, so put up with it LOL please r/r and let me know what you think. Could you also suggest some prank ideas for my marauder fic, thanks, *~Elaine~*

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The Next Attack: Surprise attack


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