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Chapter 1 The Hunted by MockingRaven
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 The Hunted
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The Hunted

By MockingRaven

*Its my first fanfic. Sue me if you don't like it! I did my best. i am not sure if it should be in romance though. Anyways REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! I need constructive critisium. I need it :p If i spelt things wrong. Tell me please! So i can change it. ENJOY!!!

The Hunted. It is based on the time of “Order of the Phoenix” Harry is being tracked by a trio of Death Eaters called Ravens (Voldemort special assassins) Though Harry seems to fall in love with one and Ron, Hermione and all of his other friends must stop him from falling for death. Oh ya just to let ya know Harry is in fifth year.

Misty slowly was creeping over the glistening grounds of Hogwarts. It had been rainy the past days. The sky seemed to show mercy to giving a little sunlight. Harry rose from his bed early. He put on his robes and set off for the common room. His other fellow Gryffindors seemed to be sleeping soundly. As Harry reached the common room he glanced at the clock. It was a quarter to seven. Harry decided to take a walk to start his bright Saturday morning off. He went out the portrait hole and into the empty hallway.

He walked down the empty corridor gazing at the grounds each time he passed a window. He rounded a corner when he collided with Cho Chang. Harry face raged scarlet as he looked at his feet.

“Hey Cho,” he said trying not to look at her eyes.

“Hi Harry. What are you doing out early?” she tilted her head.

“Oh…Er…I was going to the library,” Cho frowned.

“What were you doing? Harry countered.

“Er…Ravenclaw common room,” she blushed slightly.

“I will see you around Harry,” She walked past him her hand brushing his. Harry jumped slightly blushing. He continued to walk down the empty corridor. He reached the Library. Not to his surprise he saw Hermione piled behind several books. Harry strolled over to her.

“What are you studding now?” Harry asked pulled up a chair next to her.

“I have a sudden interest to read about You-Know-Who and his followers. Might help us, you never know,” she said continuing to take notes from the book. Harry pulled up one of the books. It was made of what looked like dragon skin. It read on the front. Evil Curses for the Evil Mind. Harry put the book down frowning slightly. Hermione kept to the books.
“Seems your doing extensive work on it. It’s Saturday Hermione. You’re going to Sirius’s House for Christmas right. Didn’t you ask your parents?” Harry adjusted his glasses.

“I did. I am coming. Don’t you worry now? Lupin wanted me to look up a few things. I will met you and Ron later,” Harry nodded and left the Library. He continued to stroll down the corridor. It seemed a bit livelier that students were wandering around on the rainy Saturday. The sky seemed to have given up on sunlight as Harry stood by the window looking across the grounds. As he was caught in the moment a black raven swooped down on him. He backed away slowly startled by this new comer. His hand fell on his wand. A sharp prickle of pain shot through his scar. It became colder in the lonely corridor. Harry turns around to see were all the commotion was coming from. His eyes met a young girl standing in the middle of the corridor. She had a soft face and piercing green eyes like Harry’s. She had a long blond hair tied in a neat ponytail with a ribbon as tall as her in a light shade of violet. Her hair reached below her waist. Harry’s scar began to burn softly. She gazed at him. Harry found her extremely beautiful for her age. She looked around fifteen. Harry pulled out his wand slowly still watching her.

“Hello Harry Potter,” Her voice made his legs wobble. The wind from the window closest to her made her hair blow slightly to the right. She smiled slyly at him. The raven next to him was still eyeing him. Her image wavered and flashed. Harry felt a velvet touch on his cheek. Her eyes met with his. Harry jumped slightly. She ran her hand across his cheek.

“You always what I imagined you to be Harry Potter,” whispering in his ear. Her soft hand floated over his scar. The burning sensation went away with her cold touch. She eyed him for a few seconds then stepped away. Harry’s face was flushed. She again smiled that smile that made Harry cringed. Why do I fell like I need to feel her warmth on my skin he thought to him self. Could this be love or lust he continued to think. He looked into her deep eyes. I don’t even know her! He thought to him self. Harry raised his wand. It all happened so fast. She twirled her wand around. Harry froze on the spot. His insides seemed to burn.

“No, no. Harry. You naughty boy,” She seemed to glide over to him. She slowly kissed him on the cheek. Harry felt a surge of electricity flow through him. She glided away. Her image flash as Harry was left alone.

“Who the hell was that,” he said to himself. He looked around once more and shook his head. “It had to be a day dream,” He looked towards the raven. It stared at him for a second then took flight. Harry mind raced. Raven he thought. I think I need to talk to Sirius about this he thought to him self as he ran to the common room. He brought out a parchment and a quill. His hand began to flow over the parchment.

Dear Sirius,

This morning I was walking in the corridor and I met this extremely beautiful girl. My scar began to hurt. Like anyone cares, anyways. Before I saw her raven had flown down. I thought it had to do with something of the sort. I was confused due to that the girl moved like Dementor. She glided along and was fast. She then kissed me. A surge of something shot through me it was like heaven. Anyways. I will wait for your letter.


(A/N The letters are not being watched or tracked. Just wanted to let ya know! J)

Harry gave Hedwig his letter as she flew off for Sirius. Harry sighed and looked at the smoldering fire burning. It seemed it was eight in the morning. He sat there for a while gazing into the fire.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ron’s voice came through the portrait hole. “I just got done having a row with Hermione,” Harry rolled his eyes. “Something bothering you mate?” Ron asked sitting in the velvet chair across from him.

“How did you get in a fight with Hermione?” Harry asked tilting his head.

“Oh something about she is doing work and has no time for nonsense. Like I was doing anything that would fall under ‘nonsense’,” Harry frowned at this fact. Which happened to be true.

“Well Lupin asked her to look up things, and you damn well know how fussy she gets when she is studying,” Harry grinned slightly. Ron decided to challenge Harry to a chess game. In the middle of the game Hedwig came flying through the window.

“You’ve been expecting something?” Ron asked as his queen kicked a pawn off the board.

“In a sense yes,” Harry opened the parchment. Harry began to read in his head.


I think I might know who your mystery girl is. Have Hermione look up the group called the “Ravens” That might help. Don’t worry. I want you to send me a letter when you figured out what the “Ravens” are and the girl. I will tell you more. If it happens again. Don’t try anything drastic. I will wait to hear from you.


Harry’s eyes read over the letter again. He glanced at Ron who was contemplating his move on the chessboard.

“Ron I am going to ask Hermione something. I will be back,” Ron waved him off still looking at the board. Harry ran down the corridor towards the library. He rounded a corner. He collided with a tall-cloaked figure. Professor Snape stood in his way.

“Watch were your going boy!” he hissed.

“S-Sorry Professor,” Harry stammered shoving the letter into his pocket.

“Why are you such a hurry on a Saturday?” he said.

“Going to the Library,” Harry looked past Snape.

“Fine then. Be off with you,” Snape said striding past him.

Harry finally reached the Library after a fight with Peeves. Hermione looked up from her work.

“You’re here again. What can I do for you?” Harry threw the letter down in front of her. Her hazel eyes scanned the paper. Harry seemed to fall trance to her. He never thought how beautiful Hermione was.

“So, er…let me find something,” Harry shook his head and nodded. Hermione disappeared into the shelves. Harry stood silent rocking back and forth. Why did that girl kiss me? She seemed so interested in me he thought to himself. Harry was drawn out of thought as Hermione slammed a book down. Harry sat down across from her. Wizards and Witches of the Dark Arts The title read. Hermione opened it and began to read the Glossary and texts.

“Here we go. It says,”

“The Ravens were a small group of wizards and witches that fell to the Dark Lord and became his faithful servants. They are his private assassins. They are above the infamous Death-Eaters. Voldemort only has three Ravens that are known. No one has ever lived to see one. But a fellow publisher got pictures of them before he died.

A picture of the Raven was there and a profile.

Lena Kartov. The only witch in the Raven’s. She is said that when she was only thirteen she disappeared from Hogwarts: School of Witch craft And Wizardry. Some people say that she went straight to the Dark Lord. The rumor has it that she is the daughter of Voldemort.

“That’s the girl I saw,” Harry said pointing. Hermione raised and eyebrow.

“You saw her,” Hermione glared at him. “Simply impossible!”

“She kissed me” Whispered Harry. Hermione leaned back.

“She what you?” Hermione jaw dropped.

“Oh read on wont you,” Harry motioned for her to do so.

“Fine, fine,” she continues to read. “The next one is,”

Dretah Tifon. He is a French wizard. He was taught the dark art of necromancy. No one knows of how he fell into the Dark Lords hands. He has been through many raids. He also was apart of the great disaster in Wimbledon.

(A/N if you spell Dertah backwards its “Hatred,” Aren’t I clever)

“The last one is,” Hermione continued.

Fiore Castillo. He was the last of the Ravens. He is still young and still learning the Dark Arts. But Aurors that have survived attacks from the Ravens say he tortured most of their fellow fighters to insanity and finally death. He specializes in the Cruciatus Curse.

The Ravens as we have said specialize in assassininating others. They are very silent and deadly. On once account a person said that when confronting Ravens you tend to freeze up and can’t move.

“Its just stops. So tell me Harry. Did you happen to see one of these so called Ravens,” Harry nodded.

“I see. Shouldn’t we talk to Dumbledore?” Harry shook his head.

“He has enough on his mind,” Hermione nodded in agreement.

“Your right. We will tell Ron after dinner,”

The day was normal. The trio walked along the Lake and talked. It was quiet boring to Harry. He had been thinking about the Lena girl he saw. Her grace and beauty. But could such a goddess be apart of Voldemorts followers? He thought to himself as he walked with Hermione by the Lake. Harry noticed that she was gazing at him. The sun was beginning to set. Harry glanced at her. She looked away. Her beautiful features glowed in the setting sun. Harry felt something slip under his arm. Her arm was around his. He jumped slightly. Was she coming on to me? He thought.

“It cold out here,” She said leaning her head on his arm. They sat on a large rock that was shaded by an oak. Hermione closed her eyes. Harry ran his hand through her hair. What am I doing! We are friends. But she is so beautiful. He gazed out upon the Lake. His mind racing between the two girls.

“Have I ever mentioned how beautiful you are,” Harry said. His eye widened. I didn’t say that! He felt Hermione lean upwards. He began to blush. He turned his head slowly to Hermione hazel eyes.

“No you never have,” she gazed at him. Her face was a nice shade of scarlet.

“I thought so,” Was all Harry could muster. Hermione moved closer to him.

“Have I ever mentioned,” She put her hand on his face. The soft silky hand. “How handsome you are,”

“I don’t recall anything,” Harry said. A hint of flirting in his voice. She smiled at him. It happened so fast. She kissed him. A deep, loving kiss. It lasted an eternity to Harry. But only about a minuet in reality. She smiled turning her head away from him. Her face was blushing furiously.

Harry stared at her. When has she ever shown affection to me? Never has this every happened. Until now. He thought to himself. Harry returned his gaze to the Lake. What he saw made his heart drop. The girl he met in the corridor was floating over the Lake. Her cloak blowing in the wind as was her hair. Harry’s head flashed as he was floating above the Lake with her.

“We will come for you Harry,” she smiled. Harry’s head again flashed. He was laying on the rock. Hermione lying below him with a book. He shook his head.

“Hermione. This might sound crazy. But did we just kiss,” Hermione looked up at him.

“What gave you that idea?” She said glaring at him.

“How long have we been here?”

“Oh an hour. You came out with me. Then you fell asleep. So I decided to get a book from the school and read,” She returned to her book.

Was that and Illusion? He thought to himself as the sun slowly set behind the Forbidden Forest.

(A/N SUCH A CLIFFER. I guess. I will up load another in a few weeks. Hehe. Review REVIEW!!)

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