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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 5 : God, It's Good to be Back
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Chapter 5
God, it's Good to be Back

It's always good to know exactly what's going to happen before hand. This would be the case for the next few days. Today he would get his dumb-ass dress robes. When he came into the great hall it seemed a lot larger than it did since the last time he saw it. He sat down next to Hermione that day. He couldn't help but wonder what he would say and do. Ron simply stared at Hermione the rest of the day, admiring her. She always avoided eye contact. Soon it was time for his mother's robes to make an appearance. And they did. They dropped down to the table. He could sense those horrible robes, in that horrible box. He didn't open it he just took it and got up.
"Ron what are you doing?" Hermione asked.
"Just going too look at the robes." He said. he continued on, up to the dormitory. He kicked open Neville's trunk. He remembered that a few months before this he was talking Ron's ear off about some robes his grandma sent him. He switched out the dress robes and never thought about it again. It wasn't like anyone would get onto him. He then walked back down to the great hall where everyone seemed to be eyeing him. Ron figured this was the absolute best time he had ever had at Hogwarts. His favorite moment was definitely the day before the big Yule Ball ((I hate doing ANs in the middle of a story but I hate typing such cheese as Yule Ball more...)) in the morning. He woke up, much more confident seeing as he had the knowledge of the following 7 years. He saw her looking over the bulletin board, chewing on the end of her Quill. Ron will never admit it but he fought not to be aroused when she did it...... Yes, Ron is a sick individual. He walked up next too her. She only gave him a little glance.
"So where are you going?" he asked.
"... Muggle studies." she said.
"Lucky.." He said sarcastically as he left with a peck on the cheek. He laughed his ass off as he left the room leaving Hermione in awe.

"Ron, you've seemed different all of a sudden." Ginny said at breakfast the next morning.
"I feel different, little sister." He said.
"Things have been good for once" Ron said. He got up to the restroom when he was stopped by someone.
"Say Weasley, can't wait too see your robes. What did you go with? Brown or gray potato sacks?" Malfoy laughed. Ron stopped and looked over at Malfoy.. Then down at his legs. He went up too Malfoy and patted him on the shoulder. He then left without another word, leaving two people in awe in the same day. Ron thought he was the king. He knew he had everything under control... That was until after breakfast when had too study with everyone... Prep I believe it's called.... But still, this time he sat opposite Hermione. It was o his misfortune that he also sat between Ginny and one of her girlfriends. This time Harry sat down next to Hermione. It was all normal... Ron kept watching Hermione instead of studying for a test he knew wouldn't matter. She glanced at him once and caught onto that he was watching her. Ron didn't fear she would do anything about. But, she did catch onto the way Ron has been acting odd and flirty with Hermione. She decided to have some fun and toy with him instead of studying for a bit. He watched her take out a quill...... "No.. Oh no, no.. No.No.No...." Ron thought to himself as she began biting on the end of it. He shifted in his seat. The table was too low for him to cross his legs... He was out of luck.... Soon his luck was entirely out. To Ron's dread she began playing with her hair as well. "For shit's sake!! STOP IT!" he thought. She saw him shifting and adjusting. She was loving every minute of it. She soon decided to put him out of his misery, but do it the most fun way possible. She yawned and arched her back which caused Ron to give up and practically leap from the table all the way to the end of the great hall where he proceeded to run too the bathroom. He stood over the toiled rotating his head trying to get the "bad thoughts" out. The little angel on his shoulder told him to proceed drowning them out the slow way, when the devil told him to get them out the quicker way.... Ron thought it over.... He decided that tonight coming to the ball with Hermione would be a lot of stress so he decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and relieve himself of the stress while quickly flushing out the "bad thoughts".

"Say Ron.. Aren't those my dress robes?" Neville asked.
"... What? Why would these be yours?"
"Well when I looked at them the first time they looked like yours.. And now they look like this." Neville held up the God awful robes.
"I don't remember you ever looking at them.." Ron said.
"... Well I guess you're right. It's not like I could remember anyway." He said. Ron was relieved to have avoided this confrontation and got some kick-ass robes, opposite his old Dumb-ass ones. He fixed up the robes and finally headed downstairs. He had to act surprised whenever Hermione showed up in her dress. When she did, she looked even more different than she had before. The only thing Ron really noticed was that her hair was now down. Ron cooed at the power of being able to fix these little details.

He soon met up with Harry who had just found out about dancing and such. One large difference was that when Ron worked up the courage to ask Hermione, that jump started Harry to ask out Cho... So yes he showed up with her. They continued inside where Hermione at first went off too see Ginny. This caused for Ron to stumble into a frazzled, underdressed, young man.
"Where are you going?" Ron asked.
"... I just spiked the punch, I'm getting out of here." He said continuing past Ron.... Ron had never gotten drunk before.

It was his first night drunk and the music was a lot louder than it was the last time. Maybe that's because he was inches from the "magical" speakers. His head bounced a bit at every hit of the woofer. Before he knew it, he and Hermione were rushing back to the dormitory before everyone else. It was a much happier night. No crying, arguing or screaming. Just the two walking up to the boy's dormitory. Ron lay on his.. Harry's bed, actually. He was so happy about what he was about to experience.... But he couldn't stop the spinning that was currently going on. Things flashed out of sight, the second before Hermione's dress dropped too the floor.

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