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Different worlds come together by Sunny_Hogwarts
Chapter 4 : Life like a story
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, yada yada yada, you know the drill by now.

A/N: How do you become a vegetarian when you love ham and pineapple pizza like I do? Trust me, I've tried. Heaps of times. Maybe I'll just imagine biting into a baby lamb or piggie.
Speaking of baby lambs and piggies, how can you eat Mcdonalds? Don't you all know that Maccas has the 10 Second Rule? If you don't know what the 10 Second Rule is, well I'll explain.The 10 Second Rule is when you drop food or something on the ground and before 10 seconds is up, you pick it up and keep using/eating it. How gross is that?
Okay, moving on... read this chapter my minion followers...

"So what were you doing with those two idiots?" Ruby persisted during dinner. I sighed, I was really getting sick of her. "Rubes, they're my friends and they're not idiots. They basically took care of me when I was kicked out by my cow of a mother," I explained in annoyance. Ruby just shrugged and kept eating.

Lily didn't say anything, she was arguing with James.

James: 'Did you miss me this summer Lily angel?'
Lily: 'Get lost James! Deflate that big head of yours why don't you?' ect.ect.ect.

Honestly, if they got together this is where the saying 'Opposite's attract' would go.

Sirius came over and plonked himself across from me and crossed his eyes. I stuck out my tounge, bearing my teeth. We always do this now. It seems like we've been friends forever.

Sirius smiled and I returned it, saying,"Where were you? You've missed half of dinner!" Sirius sighed and replied, "McGonagall wanted to speak to me about how I was going to behave this year. She'll talk to James too, I bet you." I understood. If I were McGonagall, I would've already gone crazy from all their mischief.

Ruby raised her eyebrows at me, but I didn't look at her.

Dumbledore clapped his hands, motioning for dessert and we all tucked in.

Afterwards, Dumbledore made his yearly annoucements.

"Welcome,new students and old students,welcome back!"
(He always says this, it gets tiring after a while.)

"Now, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to every student in this school."
(Of course it's out of bounds! Thats why it's named 'Forbidden' Forest!)

"Quidditch trials will be held in two weeks, on the Quidditch pitch. Our new Head Boy and Girl will be Lily Evans and James Potter."

His voice rang through the Hall. JAMES POTTER? Why would he pick JAMES?!

Sirius laughed loudly in the silence and Lily choked on her ice-cream, turning slightly blue. James whacked her on the back until she was better. He looked a little shocked himself, really. I looked up at Dumbledore and I could of sworn he winked at me as if to say, 'Maybe this will keep him out of trouble, hey Ms.Heart?' I shook my head at him lightly and grinned. Sometimes he really is off his rocker.

We walked back to the portrait hole, Lily uttered the password, still in shock, and we all clambered inside.

Sirius jumped onto the couch and lay down. Everyone else claimed an armchair. I sighed, shoved Sirius' legs off the couch and sat down. Sirus put his legs on my lap. I pushed them off but he did it again. And again. Oh yeah... and again. I gave up, I couldn't be bothered.

Ruby raised her eyebrows at me once more. I asked her, "Do you have an eyebrow twitch Ruby?" She shook her head. "Then stop raising your eyebrows at me!" Sirius let out a bark of laughter but instantly stopped at Ruby's glare.

Ruby is what you could call a snob. A complete snob. But she can be really cool and nice.

James went off to try and charm Lily again. She was getting really pissed off, I could tell. "If James keeps this up, Lily will explode!" I whispered to Sirius. He laughed and answered, "Yeah! But James'll still go out with her!" I giggled.

Remus entered through the portrait hole and stretched out on the rug. Ruby stared at the bit of his stomach that was showing, her head slightly tilted. I laughed again and she glanced at me, blushing.

"So Ruby," Remus said,"How was your summer?" Ruby snapped her head in Remus' direction, cracking her neck as she did so. She rubbed her neck and replied, "It was alright. We went to Venice, it was so pretty!" Ruby rambled on about her holiday while Remus watched her all the while. It was cute. I think Remus likes her. Ruby certainly likes him!

"Do you wanna go for a walk?" Sirius asked, looking bored. I was pretty bored too, so I agreed.

We wandered around the Quidditch fields, while Sirius exclaimed,"You should join the Quidditch team! You were heaps good during the summer!" I told him I would think about it. It was a good idea I guess.

Suddenly, an owl flew towards us and it dropped a letter at my feet before flying off to the Owlery. My stomach tensed when I saw my name scrawled on the front in Mothers handwriting.

I picked the letter up and read it aloud for Sirius.

"Dear Melissa,
I hope you are enjoying your seventh year. Cassandra sure did.

"That's my bitch sister," I informed Sirius. I kept reading,

"Cassandra told me that when she left to convince you to come home, you were at a certain Sirius Black's house. I am ashamed you would do that, Melissa. He is in Gryffindor, along with you, and his family had also been in Slytherin for generations. Disgusted with him, they were."

"Oh God, Mothers a cow!" I exclaimed.

"And also a James Potter. Blood traitors they are! I marched right over there the next day but you had left. Run away again like a filthy coward."

I was furious that she would say that about me. Her own daughter!

"So I have made a decision that it would be better for everyone if you didn't come back."

Her writing got slightly shaky at this point. So did my voice.

"You have dishonoured our family and we are all ashamed of you. In no small way have you betrayed this family with your rage, and no love for your caring family. So I am writing this letter to say goodbye. Please break contact with us - "

I couldn't read on. It was too hard. My eyes had filled with tears and they overflowed,splashing onto my shirt. How could she just dump me like that? And Father too! Sirius took hold of the letter and quickly read the last lines for me.

My question was soon answered.

"Your Father had no say in this, it was my decision. I have talked to the Black family and they also agree with me. They are now saying that they are not related to any Sirius Black, they are glad to be rid of him."

Sirius suddenly rubbed his eyes, I knew he was crying.

"So, farewell. Good luck. From Mother.
P.S. I apologize greatly.

"NO YOU DON'T, YOU BITCH!" I screamed at the letter, "I HATE YOU!"

A silence came between Sirius and I. We had both just been abandoned from our families.

I don't know who reached first, but suddenly we were holding onto each other. I sobbed into Sirius' shoulder and he gripped me tighter, fighting back his own tears. It was the saddest moment of my life. Who wants their family to leave them? As much as I hated Mother, I couldn't believe she would do that to me. And Sirius' family! How could they leave him?

"I'm sorry," Sirius whispered into my ear.

"No, don't be. This is all my fault, if I hadn't fought with Mother, if I hadn't come to your house, and if I hadn't yelled at my sister then none of this would've happened. I'm sorry."

Sirius looked at me, tears still in his eyes, "If you hadn't come over to my house, then I would never of gotten to know you. That would of been worse."

I let out another sob and clung on to him tighter. It felt so good to be able to just cry. To cry out all my feelings, just let them all go. Besides, he was right. It would've been worse if I hadn't gotten to know him like I do now.

He pulled away and took my hand in his. We began to slowly walk back towards the castle. I knew how he felt, what he was thinking, everything, just through the silence. And I also knew that he knew that too.

I looked up at him, just wanting to kiss his lips. He must of felt the same way because he leaned forward slightly and our lips met. It was like fireworks errupted around us, like we were the only people on the planet. It felt like there was no world, just us... together. It was like an electric tingle going up my spine, I shivered. Sirius held me closer, he must of thought I was cold.

When the kiss ended, we walked the rest of the way back to the common room silently, where everyone was still talking, like nothing had happened. We had only been gone nearly an hour. Yet it had felt at least five hours!

I exited to my dorm, saying goodnight to everyone as I went. I met eyes with Sirius and I silently told him, 'I need to think about what happened.' He nodded, (I have no idea how he knew what I meant,) and I went to bed. I could hear Sirius explaining everything and the gasps from the girls and every now and then a 'No way!' from one of the boys. Yes, life was a bit like a story.

I had to make mine with a happy ending.


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Different worlds come together: Life like a story


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