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Draco's Lucky Day by hedwidgeon
Chapter 2 : Insane Ginny
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Chapter 2: Insane Ginny

Disclaimer: Same as Chapter 1, and I know I used a quote or two from the HP movies. Again, anything you recognise is probably not mine. Enjoy Chapter 2, and please leave a review! Thanks.

After classes had finished, Draco still couldn’t get Ginny out of his mind. She seemed to be there, everywhere he went. It was driving him crazy.

Firstly, he’d punched Pansy in the face for offending Ginny, and then his mind had played a trick on him, and Pansy’s face had turned into Ginny’s. He’d pushed her up against the wall and snogged her senseless. When he’d noticed that it wasn’t Ginny, he’d run to the bathroom and stuck his head down a toilet before he realized it was a girls’ bathroom and Ginny Weasley was standing just outside the stall, massaging her arm.

She asked him, “What are you doing? You just ran right into me. And why are you wearing a hot pink sundress? Malfoy, I think you’re... you... you...” She fell over, rocking back and forth slightly, and whispered, just before she fainted, “Waves... of insanity...”


“Ginny! Ginny! Ginny, wake up! Ginevra Molly Weasley! Wake up!” cried a voice over her head. She opened her eyes, but couldn’t see anything.

After her eyes had adjusted to her dark surroundings, she realized that she was shut in a broom cupboard with a male human being. “If you’re not Michael Corner or Dean Thomas or Har- Har- no, or Draco Malfoy, you have no business here. Actually, Michael and Dean, I dumped you, so you might as well get out now. And if you’re one of my brothers, then you definitely don’t have any business here!” she hissed at the figure’s head.

“Relax, Ginny, I won’t do you any harm,” sid the voice she recognized as Draco Malfoy’s.


“Where in this huge place could Ginny have got to?!” Ron Weasley angrily hissed at Harry, Hermione, Fred, and George(who had decided to return to Hogwarts to complete their unfinished year and explore Hogwarts some more). “She was supposed to be at the Great Hall at 6 o’clock!”

“You know, she may have gone to the bathroom or something, Ronald...” said Luna Lovegood vaguely, having just drifted over to join them.

“For over an hour?” said Hermione skeptically.

“No, it’s just that there are these creatures, Shmakeeplapi, I think they’re called, that lurk in toilets waiting to suck down a person’s clothes when they sit down. My Daddy told me about them once, maybe Ginny’s trying to retrieve her clothes...” Luna answered, observing Hermione through her huge eyes.

Hermione looked around at the others. Ron and Harry were chuckling, and Fred and George, not as familiar with Luna’s weirdness as them, wore identical expressions of surprise and amusement. “Well, Luna, I’ve never seen a ‘Shmookapopie’ or whatever they’re called, so – “ Hermione started, but realized that Luna was no longer with them and had disappeared somewhere into the crowd.

“Let’s go and find Ginny,” said Harry firmly, but he was still laughing.

“Okay,” agreed Ron. “Now, where do you think she could be?”

“Hope she’s not snogging Michael Corner or Dean Thomas in another broom closet...” muttered Fred dully. He and George remembered only too well when they had walked in on her doing just that.

“Oh my god, she IS!” cried George suddenly.

“How do you know?” asked Hermione suspiciously.

George started, “Well, we invented this thing over the summer, you know, after she became Dean’s girlfriend – “

“Yeah, that! And it’s something like an invisible tattoo, and we – “

“– just stuck it on her arm when she was sleeping, and it – “

“– can identify what boy she’s with and what – “

“– they’re doing.”

“Unfortunately, I left my control in the dorm. George? I presume you have yours?” Fred said.

“Yes. Like I said before, she’s in the broom cupboard on the third floor, close to the girls’ bathroom. But she’s snogging a boy and – blimey! It’s Draco Malfoy!!” George exclaimed.

Hermione looked at George, shocked and skeptical. Ron turned on his heel and sprinted away. “Malfoy?!” gasped Harry. “Ron, wait!”

“No, my sister NOT! Snogging Malfoy!” Ron replied, on his way to the third floor, the others at his heels. Hermione tripped and fell. The others didn’t stop to help her up; they were too concerned about Ginny. Fred reached the door first and wrenched it open.

Their four voices gasped as one. Light flooded the cupboard, where Harry, Ron, Fred, and George saw Draco Malfoy almost on top of Ginny Weasley. They’d just broken apart, shielding their eyes from the sudden light and groaning.

Hermione came limping up behind them, and before Fred and George let her see the scene, she muttered apologetically, “Sorry, tripped... What! Malfoy! Ginny! What has gotten into you?! I thought Fred and George were joking – “

“What? Us? Joking?” cried Fred indignantly.

“What has gotten into you, Hermione? To believe such rubbish as us joking?” George agreed.

Hermione rolled her eyes and turned back to the couple on the floor of the cupboard. “I never thought... Ginny, really!” she muttered.

Noticing Malfoy’s clothes, George said, very seriously, “Wow, Malfoy. You really did pick out the perfect outfit this morning. Or was it the Shmakeeplapi that ate your real one and you took this one from Ginny? Although I don’t think she really has all that many pink dresses, do you, Ginny?”

Ginny, finally getting over the shock, snapped coldly, “Shut up, Weasley. What’s your problem?”

“Ginny! Watch your mouth,” Ron scolded.

“You too; all of you. What is your problem, bursting in on my private moment with Draco?” Ginny replied, getting up and pushing them all back.

“He’s Draco now, is he?” asked Harry, a hurt look in his eyes.

“Didn’t I say to shut up?” Ginny snapped giving him an extra hard push.

“Ow,” he cried, rubbing his arm.

“Shut. Up. And go. Away,” sneered Malfoy, enjoying his power over Potter. “Ginny and I have some unfinished business to attend to.” He slammed the door behind him and Ginny and locked it with numerous spells.

For a few seconds the five teenagers stood outside, open-mouthed. Then Ron pulled out his wand out, and angry, determined air about him.

“Leave it, Ron, it’s no use,” sighed Hermione, grabbing his arm and forcing his wand back into his robes. “He’s done something to her, I’ll go research it in the libra – libra – lib –“ Before she could finish, she dropped to the ground, shaking and rocking back and forth. “Waves... of insanity...” she whispered, and went limp. For a second, all the boys stood there, staring at her, at a loss for what to think.

Suddenly the twins dropped, then Ron and Harry. None of them knew that Luna Lovegood was standing at the end of the hallway, watching, with a huge library book entitled Potions of the World in her hands. Her mouth was slightly open, and she was wondering what strange creature that her father had told her about could have attacked them.


When Pansy had helped Draco yesterday morning, she had felt it was a sure way to gain his attention and keep it focused on her. Yet his behavior today worried her. It was very strange.

He was walking around, occasionally bumping into random things or people. There was a preoccupied look on his face all day and a few times she saw it change to shock or emotion when he looked at random objects.

This once happened to her. She and Draco were just strolling along a hall. She was blabbering on and on about yesterday morning, how successful she’s been and how stupid Potty and that Weasley girl had looked; using a load of bad language to make her point. She didn’t think he was paying much attention, until he just swung around and punched her in the face, hard. Then his expression changed from anger to surprise as he looked closely at her face.

The next thing she knew, he was holding her against the wall, snogging her senseless. She was surprised as she could be, eyes wide and alarmed, but she relaxed. Realizing she was getting everything she had ever wished for and disregarding the fact that he had just given her the most physical pain she’d ever experienced, she kissed him back.

But a second later, he pulled back, looked at her, and his expression turned to angry realization. Pansy was confused again, especially when he just turned around and ran away from her.

Trying to figure out what had happened, she felt a sudden strong dizziness completely unrelated to anything she was doing. She grabbed the wall to hold herself steady, but slipped down. Waves of something weird were rocking her back and forth. At first she thought she was sick, but what could this be? The waves were turning into a whirlpool of strange colors, trying to suck her into their depth...

Anyone walking by, which was only Luna Lovegood on her way to her dormitory, would hear her whisper of “Waves... of insanity...”

Luna stared.

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