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The Secret Life of Us- Chapter One by HelenaWeasley
Chapter 1 : The Secret Life of Us- Chapter One
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The Secret Life of Us

I don’t own any of these characters (though I wish to God I did) and I am making no prophet from this (though I wish to God I was.) This was begun before OOTP so, even though I have read it, I’m pretending it didn’t happen. Please God r/r.

A/N: This story is about 3 couples (Fred & Angelina, Ron & Hermione, Ginny & Harry) and the lives they build for themselves after Hogwarts. It also follows the adventures of their children during their years at Hogwarts. As this story begins the Trio are 21, and you can work everyone else’s ages from there. The year is 2003 to keep it simple. As I said before please, please, please r/r. Thank you.

For the second time in his life, Fred Weasley felt nervous. Sure, he had always had a twinge or two whenever his mum yelled at him (one scary lady) or he had done something incredibly bad at Hogwarts, but he had rarely felt properly nervous. He just wasn’t the nervous type. He supposed having George around helped that considerably but today George couldn’t be there to hold his hand (well, he probably could’ve but it may have attracted a few odd stares.) Today was Fred Weasley’s wedding day.
The first time he had felt nervous was actually proposing to Angelina. He hadn’t told anyone he was going to do it, not even George. He didn’t think that he could bear it if she had turned him down. It had been their final year at Hogwarts. He would’ve waited until they were older, but he strongly believed that Voldermort had risen again and he knew he had to appreciate every moment he had. If he was going to die young he might as well be married to the girl of his dreams. Gryffindor had just won the Quidditch Cup and the mood was alight with excitement. He had asked George to get the food from the kitchens alone, while he dragged Angelina off for a moment. They had walked around the grounds for a bit, until Fred had finally got up his nerve to do it. He had sat her down on the ground and blurted it out.
“AngelinaIloveyouwillyoumarryme?” Fred had held his breath for a moment as he waited. Angelina’s eyes had glazed over and fighting back tears she had whispered, “Yes.” Fred was elated. But now it was the real thing, his actual wedding day. Help. He thought. Help.
Suddenly George burst through the door.
“It’s getting crowded out there.” George grinned at the look on Fred’s face, “Mum’s already in tears and the service hasn’t even begun yet. God knows what she’s going to be like later.”
“Has Angelina arrived yet?”
“Not that I can see. The whole Weasley clan’s arrived though. All you can see is a sea of red.” The twins cracked into matching grins. George patted Fred on the back.
“Time to go.”

Fred and George stepped through the door to the church. It truly was a sea of red. From the front of the church loud, hysterical sobs could be heard. Familiar faces winked and grinned as they walked past, or in Lee’s case loud wolf-whistles. Fred spotted the rest of his family were spread along the front few rows, along with Angelina’s family. Although they both came from Wizarding families, they had both decided on a Muggle Church, to the great excitement of Arthur Weasley. He was eyeing the priest excitedly and flicking through the hymnbooks with disbelief. They got to the front of the church, and Fred saw George’s face go white with terror.
“ I can’t find the rings,” he muttered, searching his pockets frantically.
“What?!! Those cost a fortune, Angelina picked them out herself, they were really important…”
“Fred, you prat, I was only joking.” George laughed and winked at his brother. Fred tried very hard not to punch him.

Suddenly the organist began the wedding march. Fred felt his heart leap into his throat as he turned and saw Angelina walking towards him, framed beautifully by Alicia and Katie. He snow-white dress complemented her smooth brown skin and her eyes shone. He had never seen her look so wonderful. Fred Weasley, he told himself, don’t let George hear you say that, he’ll think you’re going soft. Turning to his brother once more, he grinned as he saw him wink at Alicia, who blushed prettily. The service was lovely, and went without a hitch. The wedding party posed outside for pictures, the whole party, the Weasleys, Angelina’s family, Fred and George and the bridesmaids. Then came the party.
Most people apparated there, but for younger children they had set up portkeys (Mr Weasley’s contacts in the Ministry had helped considerably.) Mrs Weasley had insisted they had the party at The Burrow, and although Fred felt a bit pissed off at this Angelina didn’t seem to mind. Molly had prepared the most incredible food and he supposed that compensated for the cramped house. Finally after he had been congratulated at least 28 times, and Oliver Wood had nearly killed him by patting him violently on the back, Fred and Angelina set off for their honeymoon. They decided to do it the Muggle way and Arthur had hired a car from the ministry and tied cans to the back of it. As they waved goodbye to the party and the Burrow Fred grinned happily. Here he was sitting with the girl he had loved since he was 12, about to start their life together. Fred slipped his arm around Angelina’s shoulders; pleased this was only the beginning…

It had been a month since his older brothers wedding, and Ron Weasley still couldn’t help but feel shocked. Although he himself had already been married a year, he had never expected Fred or George to actually get round to it. He knew he and Angelina loved each other, but Fred didn’t seem the settling down type. Well, he reasoned, he and George had always been one for surprises.
“Ron?” Hermione’s voice awoke him from his thoughts.
“Yeah?” He turned to face her, the soft light playing across her face, making her look more beautiful than ever.
“I need to talk to you about something.” She smiled, and sat down next to him. He slipped an arm around her shoulders, and she rested her head against his chest.
“What? What is it Hermione, there’s nothing wrong, is there?” He looked at her anxiously. She laughed at his protective nature.
“Well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong about it but you might. I’” she looked down at the floor, “ I’m pregnant.”
“Ron, please don’t get mad, I’m sorry, I know it wasn’t planned, but…”
“Mad? Why would I be mad? This is fantastic, I’m going to be a dad!!” He pulled Hermione to her feet and kissed her. She laughed, happily. She was just as excited as he was.
“You’re happy then?”
“Of course! Now Hermione, you need to rest. Go and lie down, I’ll make you some tea or something, and we better owl Harry, and mum, and your mum and….”
“Ron! Calm down. I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself. You go and owl Harry, ok?”
“Yeah, sure. I still can’t believe this is happening!” He began to run out of the room, turned, gave her a fleeting grin, and ran in the direction of Pig’s cage again. Hermione sighed. He was going to make a great dad.

Harry Potter sat on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. He had had another row with Ginny. They always seemed to be arguing nowadays. This time it had been about his job again. He had trained as an Auror, and had worked as one for a year. Harry had always felt he would love being one, but he hated it. He liked the investigating element, and the pay was good, but the hours were long and tiring, and it was an incredibly dangerous job. He felt that he had missed his calling somehow, and last week fate seemed to throw him a line. He had heard from Dumbledore that Hogwarts needed a new DADA teacher, and Harry decided he was going to apply for it. He had always been excellent at the subject, he had had hands on experience, and also, in his fifth year, a taste of teaching. He knew he could get the job if he tried out for it. He had owled Dumbledore, and sent his plan into action. Then came the tricky part, telling Ginny.
She was devastated. If Harry got the job, he would be away all year, and she would spend barely any time with him. Also, she believed he was giving up too quickly on being an Auror and he should try harder at it. He had told her she sounded like a cross between McGonagall and Hermione. She had hurled insults at him and he had hurled them back. She had jinxed him and stormed out of his flat. And now, 3 hours later, the curse long worn off and Harry was left sitting on his bed. Alone again. He was just about to go to bed when what he thought was a small tennis ball came hurtling through the window. As it began circling round the room, twittering madly, Harry realised it was not a furry tennis ball at all, but Pig. Luckily, Harry’s years as seeker had left him with excellent reflexes, and he was able to catch the tiny owl quickly. He pulled off the piece of parchment attached to its leg and read what it said quickly. His heart leaped, although Harry couldn’t quite believe it. Ron and Hermione were going to be parents. Ron, a PARENT. Harry grinned at the thought. And, not only that, but they wanted him to be its Godfather. Harry quickly pulled out a piece of parchment and scribbled a reply, congratulating them, and agreeing to be its godparent. As Pigwideon flew into the sunset, Harry knew what he had to do. He pulled out another piece of Parchment. He was going to apologise to Ginny. He loved her too much to let a stupid job get in the way. And she was right; he should try harder at being an Auror. He just hoped she would accept his apology…

Chapter one is done! Yay! Please r/r this as I really want to know what you think of this as it took ages to write. I hope my characterization is ok, because I’m only 13 and sometimes it’s hard to write precise reactions by certain characters.
Thanks for reading; I’ll start work on chapter 2 soon!

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The Secret Life of Us- Chapter One: The Secret Life of Us- Chapter One


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