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Different worlds come together by Sunny_Hogwarts
Chapter 3 : Leaving for Hogwarts
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Disclaimer: You know, I'm always gonna say the same thing... okay,here we go... "I own nothing, they are all J.K.Rowlings creations," ect.ect.

A/N:Alrighty, no point of this either. There seems like there is no point to anything. I'm seeing everything in a different light I think. Example: I went into a restaurant and I saw the waitress walk over to some couple to take their orders, and her smile seemed so fake, so automatic. As she walked away, the smile was removed from her face, to be replaced by a scowl. It was weird, I see everything like that now. Okay, I better talk about this fic and not my weird experiance.

Once we got there, I felt breathless and jumpy. As if my Mother would catch me at any minute.

We charged through the front door and Mrs.Potter,surprised at our little vist, cried, "James! Sirius! What are you boys doing here? And with your friend?" Mrs.Potter looked me up and down, then she smiled warmly.

"Sorry Mum,we were in a bit of a pickle if you know what I mean." James answered. Sirius and I laughed nervously at this. James spoke so politely around his mother, it was weird that he didn't swear once in a sentence.

"Melissa here, ran away to Sirius' house, then we ran from Sirius' to here because she has major family issues. Like, more then Sirius." James continued, "So we were thinking that we would stay here until tomorrow."

I quickly butted in and told the whole story. When I was done, Mrs.Potter just smiled again and said, "Thats quite alright. James, Sirius, you can share James' room. And Melissa dear, you can use the spare room. Just across from theirs."

I thanked her and dragged my trunk up the stairs, exhausted.

I showered, dressed and combed my hair so I looked acceptable. Just.

I wandered down the hall, when I saw a door marked, 'Jamsie.'
I laughed out loud and at that moment, the door swung open and James said, "Yeah, gay name, I know. Sirius hasn't let me forget for years. Come in."

He held the door open and I strutted in, acting posh. James laughed and Sirius emerged from a second door, just in his jeans. He was topless! My eyes widened and the I quickly looked away. Sirius looked embarressed and pulled his shirt on.

James laughed again and said, "This is my room. Make yourself comfortable." I sat down on his bed and gazed out the window and thought about Sirius topless again. 'What a great six-pack he has!' I found myself thinking. Weird how that popped into mind.

Mrs.Potter called up the stairs that it was dinner and we all ran downstairs. Since Mother wasn't there so watch my every move, I could act as rowdy as I wanted. It wasn't acutally that bad, being with the boys. They were really cool.

Dinner was delicious, roast chicken and mashed potatoes. And it was home made by Mrs.Potter. Not like the imported 100% fat free, 100% tastless dog crap that mother orders for the house elves to heat up.

I met Mr.Potter, and he was really nice. He talked alot and James looked almost identical to him. It was scary really. Messy, jet-black hair, hazel eyes, a maniac grin and a twisted sense of humour.

After dinner, we went outside and played a small game of Quidditch. I had only played once, but they were sympathetic and taught me how to play. Once I got into it, I was quite good. Yet James was the best by far. He was Seeker.

When I finally collapsed into my room, I showered again, being sweaty from all the Quidditch. (Its disgusting being sweaty, but it made Sirius look hot. Wait... did I just think that?)

Then, I made sure I had everything in my trunk and at last I could sleep. It was the weirdest summer of my life.

First: chucked out of my home.
Second: Became good friends with Sirius and James.
And third: Hogwarts in about nine hours.

The next morning, Mrs.Potter was shaking me awake. I mumbled a, "Just a minute, Mrs.Potter." And tried to rub the grit out of my eyes.

Sirius bounded into my room, full of energy and seeing that I wasn't quite awake, he yelled into my ear, "Wake up sleepy-head! Time for a year of mischife and pranks!"

He had shouted so loud that I jerked away, falling off the bed entirely, bringing the mattress with me.

Okay, now I was tired,annoyed and had a mattress squashing me. Great, the perfect start to a day.

Sirius laughed, pulled the mattress off me and helped me up. With my eyes half closed, I slugged Sirius in the arm. He was still full of energy so he didn't seem to care.

I stumbled off to the bathroom, showered (again!) and cleaned my teeth.

When I emerged from the bathroom, Sirius was still there! And I was only in a towel! Shit! He leapt off the bed and sprinted out of the room, yelling, "SORRY!" as he went.

I shook my head and dressed in ripped jeans and a tight fitting tank top. I glanced into the mirror and gasped.A pimple! NOOOO! It looked like it was taking over my face! I didn't know the counter-curse so I ran downstairs,with my hand over my chin.

"Mrs.Potter!" I cried, desperately. Where was she? She wasn't in the kitchen, or the living room, or the dining room. Where could she be?

Wandering around the house blindly, (well not blindly,it just add's effect.), I, unfortunately,bumped into Sirius. "Oh crap, don't look at me!" I shrieked. I honestly don't know why I screamed like that, it just came out of my mouth randomly loud.

Sirius stepped back,his eyes wide. I'm not surprised that his eyes were so huge, I had just screamed in his face.

"Woah. That was loud," Sirius put his hands over his ears, "What's the matter?"
I sighed. Guys just dont get it. "Have you seen Mrs.Potter? I need to ask her something." I asked as calmly as I could. "Uh, I think she's outside. Why do you-," I cut him off before he could finish. I just turned and sprinted outside.

Finally! I found her!

"Mrs.Potter!" I called out to her. She turned around, "Yes my dear?" I removed my hand and she winced. "That looks like a whopper," she chuckled. When she saw my flat expression, she stopped laughing and removed it. I sighed again. The Pimple Kingdom has finally been defeated.

I had breakfast and went back upstairs and grabbed my trunk. Pulling it down the hall, I passed James' room, which opened and a trunk came flying towards me. I screamed, "CRAP!" and ducked just in time.

Sirius came running out shouting, "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" He looked around for a moment then I grunted, "Down here Mr.Cant-aim-for-his-life."

He looked shocked,helped me up for the second time that day and took both our trunks downstairs.

You could say that, by that time, I was pretty pissed off.

Mr.Potter was running round, pulling all the trunks and stting them on top of each other.

Mrs.Potter hugged each of us and then we all touched the (legal) portkey that resembled a pillow.

We arrived at the platform and we staggered onto the train,trying to find a compartment.

Lily spotted me and came jogging up to us, "Hey Melly! How was your summer?" I groaned and replied, "Long story, where's a spare compartment?"

We followed Lily and shoved our trunks onto the rack.

"What are you doing, hanging out with the Marauders?" asked a girl, smirking. I should of known, it was Ruby.

"Shut up Rubes,there my friends." I said angrily.

I sat down heavily and told my story. Again. Lily looked shocked about my fight but she knew what a cow Mother was.

"Oh god, poor you Mel." she sympathized. I grimaced. Sirius and James said goodbye and went to find their fellow Marauders. But not after James pulled out a few compliments for Lily - which she ignored.

I settled back into my seat and slept, waiting until we arrived at Hogwarts.

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