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Different worlds come together by Sunny_Hogwarts
Chapter 2 : Running away for good
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Disclaimer: Yep, I own nothing. They are all J.K Rowlings creations and I just muck around with them.

A/N: Chappie 2! It only took me a day to write it all... it just goes to show how much effort I put into writing this fan fic. Not much.

Staying at Sirius' wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We just mucked around and basically trashed the house. (Lucky his parents weren't there.)

Towards the end of the holidays, James Potter, Sirius' best friend, came round for the last of the holidays.

When James walked into the house the first thing he said was, "Been busy huh?" Sirius chucked a pillow at him and grinned.

I waved and said, "Hey James, how are your holidays so far?" James glanced at me and said, "Shit until I came here." I nodded and he said, "So what are you doing here anyway? I thought you lived next door."

Sirus interuppted, "She does but she's just crashing here until school starts. Family issues I s'pose. You know the drill." James nodded and sat down.

I picked up some interesting stuff while I was there: James has loved Lily Evans, one of my pals, since, well, forever (but I kind of already picked that up.). And Sirius's whole family is basically evil.

The day before we were due to leave, Sirius pulled me aside and said quietly, "Don't you think you should kind of say goodbye? Even if you do have family problems."

I decided that was an alright idea so I strode over to my house confidently and rapped at the door.

Mother answered and she gasped when she saw me, "Melissa! Where have you been?"

I raised my eyebrows at her and replied, "Well, you kinda kicked me out." I thought that this wasn't a good way to start a good conversation so I said, "I just came to say goodbye because, you know, I'm leaving tomorrow."

Mother nodded and remained tight-lipped. I knew she wanted to know where I was.

I sighed and said, "I've just been staying at a friends."

Mother looked relieved and said shortly, "Well, ok. Goodbye then." Then she promptly closed the door in my face.

I couldn't believe her! How could she do that? Tears welled up and dripped down my face and I sprinted back to Sirius' house.

When I entered the boys looked around in alarm and Sirius said, "What happened? Are you okay?"

I just fled upstairs to the room I was staying in. She was meant to love me! How could she do that? Was it just because I was in stupid Griffindor and I wasn't like perfect Cassandra?

Speaking of the Devil, I heard a small explosion in the fireplace and Cassandra strode out of it! She glared at me and said, "How could you stay here? At filthy Sirius Black's house?"

I stared at her and muttered, "What the hell are you doing here?" Then I started to scream at her, "ITS YOUR FAULT I WAS KICKED OUT! GET LOST, YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!"

I threw pillows at her and then when she didn't move, I started to throw books. She turned and abruptly jumped into the fireplace and shouted, "It's not my fault! You're the one who has destroyed the entire family!"

Then, she disapeared. I threw myself down onto the bed and screamed into the bedsheets as loud as I could. Sirius and James burst into the room, wands at the ready.

"Are you okay? We heard you screaming!" Sirius cried, his face pale. I just shook my head disgustedly, "No, it was my horrid sister who paid me a vist." Sirius understood and sat down next to me with James on the other side.

"Don't worry, it's okay now," said James, "Why don't you tell us what happened from the start?"

I felt comfortable with my new-found friends, so I began the story from when I got kicked out to what had just happened. When I was done, James said simply, "Your family is screwed up."

I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Tell me about it."

Sirius thought for a moment and said, "We should leave. My family's due back really soon and they hate Gryffindor's along with me and James so they will definately turn you in, Mel."

I agreed, so we decided to really run away. It was a bit of a hard decision for Sirius, having to leave his whole life so fast. So we made a plan to only go as far as James' house.

Sirius sent a note by owl,explaining that he had run away, and he wasn't coming back, while James packed his stuff for him. I knew it was hard for Sirius, but his family WAS evil.

They acutally returned the letter, ten minutes later, saying that it was good for the whole family if he left. Sirius was so shocked by this. He even started crying a little! I hugged him and told him he wasn't alone and the sooner we left, the better.

He agreed and then we went by floo to James' house.

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Different worlds come together: Running away for good


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