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The Baby's Coming! by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 2 : Forgetful
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Disclaimer: I own Jas, nothing else.

In a last attempt to wake James, Jasmine set the rather loud kitchen timer. When it went off James seemed to go right off with it, running into his and Lily’s bedroom saying something about ‘changing’ and ‘packing’ that made absolutely no sense to the girls.

“He didn’t just say ‘packing’,” Jasmine wondered aloud. “Doesn’t he know you’ve been packed for almost three months?!”

“I guess not,” Lily answered, now truly worried for James’s state of mind and what would happen if they didn’t get going.

Out in the car Sirius and Remus had settled into the backseats when they heard a series of queer noises coming from the house; including a faded crash, the distinct sound of something breaking, a small ‘thud’, and a “Youch!” contributed by James.

“What does he think he’s doing?” Remus asked out loud.

“I don’t know,” Sirius answered. “Remember what he was like when Lily agreed to date him?”

Remus gave a small ‘heh’ as he remembered James’s excitement that had kept them all awake. And that was just Lily, this was his kid!

Inside the house the noises weren’t so small and faded. Jasmine began to wonder how she could have let her best friend marry this idiotic fool; but James was like a brother to her, and as long as he made Lily happy….

“Ready!” James yelled as he ran into the kitchen with a look of pure happiness on his face.

All Lily could do was think ‘Well there’s something you don’t see everyday.’ as Jasmine slapped her head in frustration.

James was wearing his glasses slightly lopsided as it appeared he had hastily changed out of his pajama top and into a t-shirt; his pajama bottoms, however, were merely taken off, not changed – at least he was wearing his boxers underneath – and he was carrying one of the larger drawers filled with Lily’s clothes that had evidently been pulled from the bureau.

“James, we’re already packed,” Jasmine said in a you-are-really-wasting-time-and-it-is-really-getting-on-my-nerves voice as she picked up a small suitcase that was on the floor next to her and Lily.

“Right.” The drawer was on the counter and James was out the front door.

“I hope he calms down soon,” Lily said as she felt her contractions kick in again.

“Don’t worry, hon, we’ll get you there in time.”

Back in the car Sirius and Remus watched in shock and slight amusement as their best friend ran out the door without any pants on. James ran over to the car, wrenched open the front driver’s side door, pulled the key out of his shirt pocket, attempted to put it in the ignition, but instead accidentally dropped it on the floor.

“AHHH! Key, key, key, key,” James muttered to himself as he bent over in search of it.

“Hey,” Remus whispered as he nudged Sirius so as not to be heard by James. “How long do you think it will take him to realize he can use magic to find the key or start the car?”

“No idea. How long do you reckon it’ll take him to figure out he’s not wearing any pants?”

They both began to snicker a little loudly at the thought, but James had not heard as he had just found the key and was starting the car.

As the car began to pull out of the driveway and onto the road, Remus saw a half amused, half annoyed Jasmine and a dumbstruck, pregnant Lily standing in the front doorway.

A/N: I know it's not much better, sorry.

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