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Welcome Home by butterflyeleven11
Chapter 14 : What Now
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Hermione looked down at her guy and wiped the tears away from her eyes.
“Yes, yes, yes” Hermione said with a leap towards Harry. Harry pulled her towards him and they sat there amongst the lilies and Harry reached out and grabbed a handful of them and brought them into Hermione and said, “I knew you would say yes”.

Hermione said, “Oh did you? What would you of done if I said no.” She said teasingly. She knew she would have never said no. Harry looked at her and teased back and said, “You wouldn’t have.” And then added, “right?”

“I would have never said no. You knew I was always going to say yes. This is like a dream for me. I never would have imagined that I would be marrying you. We are finally together. You and me. Nothing can ruin this perfect wonderful brilliant moment. I’m so happy” Hermione beamed.

“I’m happy too, Mrs. Potter” Harry said.

“I like the sound of that.” Hermione said.

They sat there for a while and enjoyed the beautiful day and each other.


Ron knocked on Ginny’s front door. When she answered, she knew it was going to Ron.

“Ron, I haven’t heard from them yet. I just sent the letter out last night. I don’t even know if the owl made it to them yet.” Ginny said.

“Maybe I just came over to see how my sister was doing. Besides, I have to hide. She’s looking for me.” Ron said.

“Still?” Ginny said.

“Yes, Cho has been hounding me since Saturday when she realized that Harry and Hermione were gone.” Ron said coming in but checking to see if Cho was around first and then slipping inside.

“She won’t come here. Neville told her not to come by.” Ginny said.

“Neville said that?” Ron said nodding his head as if he was proud of him.

“Yeah.” Ginny said.

“Well, so, do you really think that they are both together?” Ron asked for the thousandth time.
“Yes, I do. Why wouldn’t they be? They needed this time to be together Ron. They needed to figure things out between them before being here with all of the drama that was going on. I’m sorry that she didn’t like you.” Ginny said pouring tea for him.

“I guess I always knew, I just didn’t think that Harry really liked her that much. Or maybe, I just didn’t want to believe that he could like her as much. But, I have been thinking about it and now I realize that he’s probably liked her ever since the beginning just as I did. I hope that it won’t be too awkward for me to see them.” Ron said.

“I’m proud of you. You are being very mature about this. I’m sure that it won’t be easy to see them at first, but, you’ll see that over time it’ll get easier. Each day will get better till one day; it won’t bother you at all.” Ginny said.

“You’re right. I know you are. I also know that one day I’ll meet a girl out there for me.” Ron said.

“Of course you will. I mean, look at me. I’m with Neville. I would have never guessed that would be who I would marry.” Ginny said with a smile towards a picture on the wall of her wedding day.

Ron drank the rest of his tea and talked with his sister for a good while and felt much better about everything. It was always nice for them to get a moment to talk. They were quite close out of the Weasley siblings much like that of Fred and George.

Across town, Cho was stirring in her bed. She wasn’t feeling well that morning and didn’t know what was wrong with her. She jumped up and ran to the loo and got very ill. After finishing, she got a washcloth and washed her face and looked in the mirror and wondered what in the world could be wrong. She thought to herself, ‘did I eat something bad?’ “oohhh.” She grunted. After getting sick once more, she decided to make an appointment to go see the doctor. She called her friend, Marietta to see if she could drive her to the appointment. She didn’t think that she could drive.

“Sure, Cho. Be right over” Marietta said over the phone.

Cho sat on the cool tile floor of the bathroom and waiting for the sickness to pass. She didn’t want to be sick anymore.

Marietta arrived and let herself in and went into Cho’s bedroom where she saw her lying on the floor.

“Merlin, are you okay?” Marietta said.

“Yeah, I think so. I just ate something bad or something.” Cho said.

Marietta helped her up and they got in the car and headed off to the doctor. On the way to the doctor, Marietta wanted to know how Cho’s plan of getting Harry back was and thought that this was a great opportunity to get her friend’s mind off of not feeling well.

“So, how’s the plan going?” Marietta said.

“It’s going. Harry is still off with that evil little girl” Cho said with her head resting against the window with a cold washcloth over her face.

“Hermione? She’s not evil. Come on now.” Marietta said without really thinking about what she was saying.

“Whose side are you on?” Cho said sitting up and taking the washcloth off her face.

“Yours, of course.” Marietta said quickly.

“That’s more like it.” Cho said and then leaned back in her seat.

Marietta pulled into the doctor’s parking lot and helped Cho out of the car and suddenly Cho was feeling much better.

“I feel much better.” Cho said.

“Really? Well, maybe you should go get this checked out. You don’t want another episode?” Marietta said.

“Yeah, you’re right. It was probably something I ate anyway.” Cho said.

After waiting close to an hour, the doctor came back into the room where Cho was waiting on a small table.

“Well, congratulations, Ms. Chang. You’re pregnant.”

Cho looked at the doctor with disbelief and then said, “How is that possible?”

“Well, you should know that” the doctor said smiling.

“I’ll schedule an appointment for you for the Women’s Center across town.” the doctor said.

“So, I’m really pregnant?” Cho said stunned and then thought, ‘Who’s the father?’

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