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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 25 : Epilogue: Welcoming Tomorrow
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, and Kayla and anyone not in the books belong to me. Lily's ring belongs to Ernest Jones and Ernest Jones only.

A/n: So here it is the epilogue!!! Wow, how sad is this? Well for me anyway. The end note or whatever you wanna call it is at the bottom. So read first!

**Epilogue: Welcoming Tomorrow**

And so ends the story of four friends. Each girl unique and from a completely different walk of life. Each with a different temperament and yet when they finally parted there were no four friends quite so close. No I don’t mean that day at King’s Cross when I said “finally parted” they had a little time together after that, but not too long.

Lily fulfilled her promise. She’d shed her one tear and all trips to memory lane were ended and saved for another rainy day in the foreseeable future. On the platform The Potter and Evans families met on good terms and each member was considerably pleased with the others, much to James and Lily’s advantage.

The parents were informed. On the Evans’ side, there were nothing but blessings. The Potters needed more convincing, however and so Lily was invited to spend a week at the Manor and all doubts and fears were thus eradicated. Lily and James were two halves of a whole. She was good for him and her influence on him was more than visible and did a lot in her favour.

After informing the parents, came the daunting task of informing the friends. And for some reason: telling their friends seemed more terrifying than telling their parents. Kayla, Adea, Jane and the Marauders were assembled at Lily’s house for the explaining. The meeting went something like this:

Kayla and Remus were sat on a sofa, quietly talking. Adea and Jane were seated on chairs and Sirius was on the floor resting his head against Jane’s knees. Peter had been unable to make it, Sirius and Remus promised to fill him in on whatever was to be revealed in the gathering. While Remus and Kayla talked and laughed, the other three looked on expectantly.

James was standing in front of them, waiting patiently for Lily to appear. It was 10 o’clock and Lily hadn’t been given time to get ready. After waiting a further five minutes, she appeared in the living room with a nervous smile on her face.

‘Finally!’ Kayla cried and got up to hug her. Lily laughed in a way that matched the expression on her face, perfectly. She hugged her friend back and then hugged Jane and Adea. Then she went to stand by James who gave her a reassuring squeeze of the hand before she started.

‘What we want to tell you is really important. So listen before you speak, I know you’ll be tempted’ Lily glanced at Sirius who was staring confusedly out of the window at her neighbour (who was gardening). Jane smacked him around the head. Lily rolled her eyes ‘Sirius, will you listen, it’s important’ she asked, he nodded.

Lily now looked at James to continue. He swallowed before saying ‘Well you remember the night of the Graduation Ball?' he paused, the others nodded.' So... after we got back, I, well-I….proposed to Lily’ four mouths instantaneously opened but Lily was too quick and held up a hand before they got a chance to say something. ‘Hang on. Let him finish’ she said.

James continued ‘after a bit, Lily gave in and said yes. And so- I mean, we’re engaged now’ silence. No one said a word, their five friends exchanged glances and then Lily spoke up.

‘We didn’t tell you right away because we wanted to make sure our parents were okay with the situation before telling you. But, now that we know we have their support we just need yours’ she finished.

Sirius was the first to speak. He got up and clapped James on the back and hugged Lily ‘Congratulations, mate!’ he said to James and then turned to Lily ‘Congratulations to you as well Lils, you guys are gonna be perfect together. Oh and I hope you can cook, because you know, I can’t and well….’ He trailed off and Lily laughed at the implication.

Remus was next to speak ‘Congratulations you two. You’ve done the right thing, there couldn’t be two more suited people in the world’ James thanked him and Lily beamed, that’s what she had wanted to hear.

Lily looked at Jane whose eyes were glazed over. ‘Jane?’ Lily said. The girl looked at her and said abruptly ‘do you think you’ve thought this through’ Lily was a little taken aback but nodded nevertheless. ‘Do you think this is the right thing to do? Do you have any doubts?’ Jane asked. Lily thought a little longer on these questions but finally said ‘yes and no’ Jane smiled affectionately.

‘Well that’s all I wanted to know. Congratulations!’ Lily sighed in relief and hugged her friend excitedly. All eyes turned to Kayla who looked a little doubtful.

‘Well Kayla? What do you think?’ Lily asked anxiously. Kayla looked around and bit her lip. ‘I hate to seem the bad guy but I dunno Lils’ she voiced. Lily looked crestfallen; she had counted on the support of all her friends.

Kayla got up to face Lily head on. ‘I know James is for you. You two were practically sculpted for each other. I know it, I can see it. At the same time, I see that you’ve been going out for like five months. That’s not enough. And you’re eighteen! I mean come on guys. I just think you should’ve waited a little longer, gotten to know each other more and what not’

Lily smiled sadly and was greatly tempted to tell her friend about her dream but she didn’t. ‘Kayla this is me you’re talking to. Don’t you think I’ve thought about all of that? Do you honestly think I’ve rushed into something as important as this?’ she reasoned. Kayla looked Lily hard in the eye.

‘Of course not’ Kayla conceded and hugged her redheaded friend. Lily beamed and hugged Kayla back. When they broke away Kayla shook her head ‘Don’t know what I was thinking, of course you wouldn’t have rushed into this. It’s you, you never rush into anything’ Lily’s smile grew wider (if possible). Jane and Adea exchanged smiling glances.

James caught the exchange and cleared his throat. ‘Sirius, Remus, why don’t we go meet Adam and Rosalind, Lily’s parents’ James suggested. The boys walked out of the room and the girls could soon hear James call ‘hang on, I’ve left something in the living room, you go on’ and appeared before them again in a minute.

Lily rolled her eyes. ‘Smooth’ Kayla quipped.
‘Shut up’ James replied and they all turned to look at Adea. She looked back at them and then sighed ‘ah well, knew it was coming’

‘Do you think we’re doing the right thing?’ Lily asked, Adea smiled at her nervous friend. ‘Now I’m not one to oppose marrying young’ the others smiled at the witticism. ‘But I’m with Jane. Do you think you’re doing the right thing’ Adea asked in reply to Lily’s question. James and Lily exchanged glances yet again.

‘Yes. I’ve had a couple of weeks to think on it and I really do think I am doing the right thing’ Lily answered confidently. Adea shrugged ‘Well then that’s all that matters, isn’t it?’ she commented. Lily looked ecstatic and flung her arms around her pretty best friend. ‘Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you’ she squealed. Adea rolled her eyes and laughed at Lily’s enthusiasm. Behind her back James winked at her and left again to join Remus and Sirius.

Lily, James, Jane, Sirius, Kayla, Remus and Peter joined the Order of the Phoenix a few weeks afterwards. Adea had been advised not to get involved as Dumbledore reckoned she wouldn’t be able to handle it very well. The prophecy involving Harry was revealed to Dumbledore not long after that and Lily and James had to move up their wedding as a consequence.

Lily began her healer training at St. Mungo’s that September while James began Auror training. The Evans’ died soon after Lily and James’ wedding and slowly throughout the following year all of the other Evans’ were murdered as well. We all know what befell Lily and James Potter on that fateful Halloween night. Their son Harry is still living and I’m sure we all know enough about him.

Waqar and Adea got married in November, as had been planned. Soon Adea began work in the Obliviator Headquarters while Waqar worked for the International Magical Office of Law. A year later Adea gave birth to twin girls named Khuwayla and Chandni. In the following four years Adea also bore two sons who were then named Aayan and Talal.

Jane achieved her goal and was given a post in the Committee for Experimental Charms and began working late that August. Sirius began work in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Jane and Sirius decided to (albeit reluctantly) break off their relationship once Sirius became Lily and James’ secret keeper. Sirius decided to go into hiding and they thought it best that they weren’t going out so he wouldn’t have Jane as an additional emotional burden. They had promised that once Voldemort had been defeated and there was no danger, they would resume their relationship.

After Sirius was taken to Azkaban, Jane spent two months at home, grieving. Eventually she married Oscar Lovegood, who was the editor of her favourite magazine, the Quibbler. They had met when she was leaving work one day and he asked her if it was true that Bagnold had retired because a wrackspurt had made a nest in his head. Though to herself, no one ever compared to Sirius.

Ten months into their marriage, Jane gave birth to a girl called Luna. Nine years after that, while Jane experimented with some charms at home for work, one went horribly awry and resulted in her untimely death.

Remus and Kayla continued dating for a while. After Sirius’ arrest, Remus could no longer handle their relationship. James’ loss still meant something to him and the thought that Sirius, his best friend and James’ most trusted, had turned his back on his oldest friends and deceived them all, became too much for him. Kayla meanwhile had to cope with the loss of Lily and felt it her duty to spend as much of her time as possible in being of use to her remaining two friends. To do this and also manage to maintain Adea’s secret was impossible. Together they decided to break off their relationship and parted as friends.

Kayla then began to work in the Department of International Magical Co-operation like her mother. She married an Italian wizard whom she had met on one of her trips abroad; she had a little boy called Philip and a girl whom she named Aurelia. After Jane died, Kayla finally snapped, she practically withdrew from the world and almost became a recluse. She may not always have understood Jane, and yes she teased Jane but at the end of the day Jane had been her best friend. Jane was different; you couldn’t find another quite like her, it just made everything harder. Two years after Jane’s death, Adea sought out her greatly changed friend. After almost six months of reasoning and arguing, Kayla finally began work again and came out of the shell she had drawn into.

To this day, Kayla can’t look at Harry and Luna on Platform 9 ¾ without freezing up and feeling as if her thoughts have been doused with the iciest water.

And so now, only two of the original four live. Fate had more macabre plans for the other two. But their friendship lasted strong and impenetrable to their last moments. And even now when two of their number are missing, Kayla and Adea are still the best of friends just as they were all those years ago when they met for the first time in the Gryffindor Dormitory.

There it is. The actual end. Now I’ve told you their story and how it ended. So who am I? I don’t suppose it crossed your mind that someone must’ve been telling this story. It was told to me by my mother and now I’ve told it to you. I’m Chandni Mohsin and this was my duty, to let you know. On a parting note, and to round this all off, I’d like to say something my mother told me at a very young age: We’re all going somewhere, we just have different ways of getting there.

A/n: Oh my god! It’s over now. Gone. I just want to say that I had always planned for Jane and Sirius to eventually break up. And when I first started to make up Jane’s character, I centred it all on the fact that she was to be Luna’s mother. I just have to say well done to I_LOVE_BOOKS for working out who Jane was meant to be.

I want to thank everyone who’s ever reviewed this story, I love all you guys. A special thanks to Prongs_Padfoot_Moony and Sirius Padfoot Black for all the reviews and support and on occasion for making me feel guilty for not updating. So thanks to you. Oh and hey! Don’t forget to review ;)

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