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Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 12 : When Two Become One
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A/N: I love this chapter and I’m sure eaglesrule_ravenclaw4eva1155 (Emily) will do too. So please read and review and most of all, enjoy!


Chapter 12: When Two Become One


Ginny fell backwards on to the cold floor, utter bewilderment etched across her face. Hermione steadied herself by grabbing hold of Harry, who didn’t seem to mind and who had collapsed against the hard, stone wall.

Madam Pomfrey; meanwhile, had begun to light the gas lamps around the ward. She wore her dressing gown over her shawls but was still shivering and sneezing.

“Miss, where’re all the teachers?” Hermione asked with an air of worry.

“St. Mungo’s. They have all become worse, I’m afraid Lupin has gone into a coma and most are on the verge, but Hagrid seems quite relaxed,” the matron explained.

“Have they found a cure?”

“No,” referring to the potion which Snape had mentioned. “And I’m afraid I’m as sick as they are. I’m following them to their beds.”

Hermione gasped, and looked down at Luna who now had an urgent face and felt very distressed. “If you go,” started Harry. “What’ll happen if the school becomes ill?”

“Leave that to us!” Yelled two voices from the shadows. Pansy and Blaise stepped to the side of Madam Pomfrey, wearing white coats and stethoscopes around their necks.

“You two, become doctors? Don’t make me laugh!” Harry began to roar with laughter.

“They passed a medical examination this afternoon. They passed with marks that I couldn’t possibly imagine. Good luck!” She left immediately, coughing out of sight.

“And how’re you two supposed to deliver a baby?!” Luna spat. The hormonal stress was getting to her.

“We’ll manage,” Pansy said reassuringly. “If it gets too much for you, you’ll have to go to St. Mungo’s.”

“Now. All of you have to leave, Luna needs rest,” Blaise ordered.

“I’m not staying here!” Luna complained.

“Anyway, we want some answers!” Ginny complained.

“Fine, you have twenty minutes,” Pansy said.

“We’ll have all the time we need, thank you. You’ll find I’m Headmistress here,” Hermione tapped her foot impatiently.

“Well, it’s my Hospital, Granger!” But she left when they all gave her warning looks and Blaise lead her away to safety.

“How did it happen?” Ginny asked as she got up from the floor and sat beside Luna on the bed. Harry and Hermione made their way over.

“Erm… let me think… we had sex!” She said angrily.

“Who with?”

“Who else would it be with?! I’m not a slapper, Gin!”

“Have you told him?” Asked Hermione.

“No, he’ll be devastated. He said to me that he wasn’t ready to be a father. But we were drunk!” She began to cry again, Ginny pulled her into a hug.

“When did it happen?” Harry questioned.

“After the Christmas Ball. And it was our first time. I thought it was something special but it’s turned into something I don’t wish to remember. When I found out, I was disturbed, I thought we used, you know… Charms, that’s why I didn’t drink at the New Year’s Party, I was too scared if I was. When I missed my, you know… time of the month; for the second time, I had to check with Madam Pomfrey,” Luna explained.

“Why don’t you just get rid of it?” Harry thought insensitively.

“HARRY!” Hermione and Ginny yelled at him together.

“Oh no!” Luna said submissively. “I could never get rid of something that hadn’t seen the light of day!”

“But what if Neville abandons you and the baby?” Harry pressed on.

“I’ll live,” she answered, wiping her eyes on her arm.

“So you’re going to go through with this?” Ginny pondered.

Luna nodded. Hermione had to think of a few things. “Have you told your dad?” She asked.

Luna shook her head. “He’ll kill me! He’ll disown me!” She cried louder and a fresh flood of thick, pearly tears fell from her silver orb-like eyes.

“Will you please tell Neville?” Harry urged her. Luna stayed silent.

Hermione thought of something to make her feel a bit better. “Would you like a boy or a girl?”

“Not fussed, as long as it doesn’t cry a lot!” She giggled, quietly.

“Do you have any names?”

Luna shrugged. “I would like to call her after my mum and Neville’s mother, and of it’s a he, after Neville’s dad, but I think Frank is a bit old fashioned… don’t tell Neville I said that!” She quickly added.

“Could you guys leave now!” Ordered Pansy from the office.

“Yes, your royal highness,” Hermione called back. “Come on, you’re not staying here by yourself. You can stay with me if you like?”

“No, I’m OK. I’ll just stay in my own room. I’ll be fine… honest!” She said, assuring all their worried faces. Luna got up from the bed, where she linked arms with Ginny and Hermione; Harry walked in front of them. They left Luna in front of a high book shelf, which slid to one side when she whispered the password.

Hermione was certain that Ginny was miffed off about Luna being cheered up by herself, but she didn’t care. Instead she watched from her portrait hole to study Harry’s ways with Ginny, as hers with his.

The common room was cold and quiet. Hermione tip-toed up the stairs and opened her door, but it creaked and Draco suddenly burst out of his room. “And where, may I ask, have you been?”

“Hospital Wing,” she answered.

“Why? Are you feeling OK, what’s happened?” Draco led her into his own room and sat her down on his bed. She had gone immensely white. “Are you OK?” He asked again.

“Actually, I’m not. I’ve found out some things, and I’m stressed.”


“All the teachers have been moved to St. Mungo’s, Harry has doubts about his and Ginny’s relationship and Luna… she’s… pregnant!”

Draco gasped. “Are you serious?”

Hermione nodded. “Anyway, must go to bed, busy week to look forward to…” She made to go but Draco held her hand firmly.

“There’s something else which you’re not telling me, I can sense it!” Her hand grew hot, she looked down and noticed that he was holding her left hand with his right.

She turned her hand out of his, then turned his over, seeing the scar quite clearly on his skin. Then she turned her hand over so that he could look at the scar on her flesh. They both gulped and their hearts began to beat faster; Draco looked up into Hermione’s eyes, pleading with her to go on.

“I think I know what they mean, by means of this.” She extracted the little red book and turned to the answering page.


The following day came about quickly, and with it, another thunderstorm.

Hermione took it upon as an omen, or so Lavender did. Hermione didn’t believe in fortune telling or palmistry or anything else to do with Divination. But she listened to Lavender at breakfast up at the staff table with deep interest.

Lavender sat with toast in her mouth, pointing at different weather omens and their meanings from a book which was propped open at the table.

The Meanings in Life did not only interest Hermione, but it made a lot of sense. For rain meant sorrow and stress, which she was suffering from, and thunder read pain and exhaustion, again, exactly how she felt. But clouds said unfogging and unfolding, which made Hermione think that Divination couldn’t be all that bad.

You are the moonlight I am the stars
Together we light up the night
You are the passion I am the flame
We are both one and the same

She even asked Lavender to swap Charms for her lesson, but Lavender said a defiant: “No!”

The Hall was full of talk, mainly about the new line of student teachers and the excitements of upcoming classes. Even the older students looked determined to impress, even though they were rarely seen.

Hermione looked up and down the table she was sitting at. Everyone had a book open even Draco, and they were copying notes for their classes. Most looked nervous, but she felt tense.

She felt a hand on her leg and she made a grab for it. Both were shaking, but both were warm because of the pulsing scars. Hermione felt Draco’s cold stare against her and she dared to look up. He actually looked confident and was trying to tell her that everything would be all right.

I am the taker you are the chance
This is the rule of romance
I am the seeker you are the find
Together we are two of a kind

The chime of a distant clock rang through the Hall for first lesson. The students made their way out, soon followed by the “staff”.

Hermione stood in the Entrance Hall. The others stopped abruptedly and looked at her with formidable confidence. “Good luck!” She called out to everyone.

They all nodded. Ron went out of the large oak doors, down to the Forbidden Forest, where his third year class awaited. Neville also followed him outside, but did a turn and headed for the greenhouses.

Harry and Ginny, talked to each other as they walked up the marble staircase and turned left down a corridor to Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts.

“Good luck to you too,” Draco said, and pecked her lightly on the cheek before making his way down the cold hallway of the dungeons to Potions and unlucky for him, first years.

Two hearts one love beating together
I am yours you are mine
Two hearts one love always forever
Standing the test of time

Hermione was thankful that Lavender or Luna hadn’t witnessed his gesture for they were either looking down at their palms or staring absent-mindedly into open space and air.

Soon, Lavender began to hurry up the stairs and off to North Tower, Luna followed soon after muttering a brief goodbye to Hermione, who replied with a wave.

Hermione felt quite alone, and her feet seemed like they were controlling her body and they carried her along the silent corridor leading to her Charms classroom.

There stood waiting, her second years; her class. They suddenly stopped talking and watched her approach cautiously, as if she were afraid of the small children. She unlocked the door with a flick of her wand, (“Hmm,” she thought), and let them inside. They sat down in their seats and she wondered up to the front to begin.

It felt too weird to be a teacher, she was so used to someone old and wise to be teaching her, but now she was the elder and teaching the formidable. She wondered if the others thought this.

She began by asking what the class had learnt so far. One girl; from Ravenclaw, showed them her the Wingardium Leviosa charm in action.

Hermione was pleased.

A boy, from Hufflepuff, tried to cheer Hermione up with a basic Cheering Charm, but it failed. She punished him by submitting him to a Tickling Torture, which was quite funny as he rolled about the floor.

And so her class began.

She felt different now that she was in charge, she had power, a high ruler of a gang of miscreants. But teaching had it’s downfalls.

After break, (which was lonely as she guessed that all of the others had stayed in their classrooms to sort out their next lessons), she had fourth years.

Slytherin fourth years, with some pleasant Gryffindors who she knew by face. She handed out more detentions than she could count, even though she wished she hadn’t put it on a Friday night. But they were a nightmare!

They didn’t respect her in the slightest, they didn’t do any work; the Gryffindors did, but Hermione couldn’t charm the snakes.

By the time lunch came around, Hermione was exhausted. She dreaded her next lessons throughout the week, but she was pleased to see that she had a free afternoon.

She headed down to the Great Hall, where the buzz of talk had already erupted, She entered and was met with happy faces and cheerful waves.

She wondered up to the staff table, where she sat down in the throne-like chair and stared aimlessly at her plate of roast chicken.

“What’s the matter with your face?” Draco whispered into her ear as he cut into his lamb chop.

She wasn’t hungry. “I’m not hungry!” She answered.

“You have to eat something,” he said. “How were your classes?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Dunno.”

“So, not in the mod to eat, not in the mood to talk as well?”

Not really, she thought. “Nope!”

“Are you going to be in a mood all day?”

Most likely. “Probably.”

“Why are you in a mood? Is it me?”

I can be happy you can be sad
Together things aren’t so bad
You are the sailor I am the sea
The treasure of eternity

Not you. Try being in my shoes this morning. Try having Slytherins at your throat and try being in charge of a whole institute of mental animals. “Dunno,” she said. “And no.” She got up and began to walk out of the Hall.

Draco got up and followed her, reluctantly leaving his dinner, which he whimpered at the thought under his breath. They were in the common room when they finally got talking.

“Are you worried about the teachers and the hole school thing?” He pondered.

She nodded. “But I’m worried about next Saturday.”

“Next Saturday?”

“Thirteenth of February, Hogsmeade. The day before the Valentines Masquerade Ball. I don’t trust Snape!”

“Does anyone?”

“McGonagall did.”

Draco pulled her into an embrace and her head fell on to his chest. “We’ll think of something,” he said calmly.

Two hearts one love beating together
I am yours you are mine
Two hearts one love always forever
Standing the test of time

“Will you come to Hogsmeade with me?” Hermione asked abruptedly.

Draco looked down into her chocolate brown eyes. They warmed his insides, making his face burn, making him feel like he was melting away. “Sure,” he answered. He kissed the top of her head.

Sparks emitted from their wands, which were in their pockets. They vibrated, making them move and fall out and on to the ground.

The both bent down to pick up their wands, but Draco was too fast for Hermione and he picked hers up first. Their eyes met again. “Your wand, and my wand…” He said nervously.

Here we are the two of us
Nothing in our way
Wanting you wanting me

“Hmm, all part of the bond of these broken heart scars.” They laughed lamely, but it sounded sorrowful, but they were both thinking the same thing. But who would say it first?


“Yes, Draco?”

Two hearts one love beating together
I am yours you are mine
Two hearts one love always forever
Standing the test of time

“I think I understand what you meant by when two become one,” he held his right hand and she followed suit by holding up her left. They came together and held on tight. The light was strong from their linking fingers and the different coloured sparks reappeared before their eyes.

You are the passion I am the flame
We are both one and the same

“How Draco?” She said, romantically

“When my heart beats as fast,” he recited. “I know that’s when I’m with you. So let’s make our love last, and make one out of two.”

“When I hold you in my arms,” she began to cry. “I realise what I feel inside. That all this love you’ve given me, can only be true to two.”

“So let’s take this sign, as an omen of love.” He brought Hermione up to full height.

“And let two become one, until we’re in heaven above.” She finished for him.

Their lips came to together, and the heat rose from their hands. They knew their destiny and nothing could or would break that bond of love, friendship and trust.

Their lips moved and his tongue pleaded with her soft, flavoured flesh for entry. She opened her mouth slightly and their tongues began to explore each other’s mouths. It was the best feeling they had both felt as they kissed passionately under the fireworks of the two halves of their scars came together above them.

Two hearts one love beating together
I am yours you are mine
Two hearts one love always forever
Standing the test of time

“So, are we going out now?” Hermione questioned once they broke apart.

“We’ve been together since we kissed on the stairs on New Year,” he began to twirl his hands through her soft, brown curls. She smiled warmly then kissed him again.

Two hearts one love beating together
I am yours you are mine
Two hearts one love always forever
Standing the test of time

“There’s something else,” she said suddenly.

“What might that be?” He gazed at her adoringly.

“I received a letter before lunch, from St. Mungo’s. That’s why I didn’t want to eat. It’s made me nervous, Draco.”

“Why would it do that?”

“It said Emergency on it!”

“Oh right,” he gulped.


Song is by Shania Twain and it’s called Two Hearts, One Love. Very appropriate, don’t you think?

A/N: So what’s this letter then? Hehe! I’m hyper, please review, I’m on the edge for your comments and I’m hyper, especially when I’m listening to various artists and such!


When My Heart Beats As Fast, I Know That’s When I’m With You.
So Let’s Make Our Love Last, And Make One Of Two.
When I Hold You In My Arms, I Realise What I Feel Inside.
That All This Love You’ve Given Me, Can Only Be True To Two.
So Let’s Take This Sign, As An Omen Of Love.
And Let Two Become One, Until We’re In Heaven Above.


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