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I ignored all the signs by Leighthree
Chapter 1 : I ignored all the signs
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I ignored all the usual signs

Chapter 1
Hermione looked out of her kitchen, looking along the golden fields that stretched out at the back of her house, she sighed, some one put there arms around her waist, she turned around in there embrace, she came face to face with her boyfriend of 6 months Mark Jason, a very clever and interesting Wizard a year older then her self.
‘What’s wrong?’
‘There’s something wrong.’
‘I just miss some people.’
‘Old friends.’
‘Do you want to talk about it?’
‘No that’s ok.’
Hermione turned and looked out of the window once more, she didn’t want to talk about her two best friends, but she did miss them more then anything else in the world. After they had finished school Ron, Harry and herself promised to keep in touch and they failed, there lives became to busy, herself going to university and having to do over time working, Ron started working in the ministry of magic and then started working in the united states so he lost contact, then there was Harry who trained to be an auror and was good at it as well, but he quit because he realised it wasn’t what he was wanting in life so he went to Australia to train in Quidditch as a Seeker, the letters carried on for a few months but they soon fell apart, she was now 23 years old and she had not seen her two best friends in four years, she had pictures of them dotted around the house, she was now sitting at the dinning room table and was looking at a picture of the three, it was a muggle picture but it held the most memories, it was a simple picture taken of the three Hermione was in the middle with the boys either side of her, Ron was looking directly at the camera smiling and standing tall, then there was Harry facing the camera but not looking at it but his eyes were looking at his friends, a smiled was not on his face because he wasn’t happy; he was content. She turned over a page and looked down at her favourite picture of the three of them, it was on there leaving ball, Harry was in the middle, all three were in a weird cuddle and were all looking at the camera, Ron standing still taller then the other two his red hair the brightest thing in the photo apart from two green eyes, Ron’s head was tilted ever so slightly to Harry and he was smiling, he was in a dark red robe and he brown eyes twinkle with happiness, then there she was looking at the camera her brown eyes dark, and her white teeth showing as she smiled widely, she had rosy lips and cheeks and she was a little shorter then Harry, she had a beautiful blue dress on that sparkled in the lights, and there he was… Harry for once looking at the camera, his green eyes glowing more then normal, his grin was cheeky and happy his hair was still scruffy and stuck out at odd angels, he was in green robes like he was often, they made his eyes stand out, he stood as tall as he could which was only about three inches taller then Hermione and Hermione never forgot that she was wearing high-healed shoes.
‘You have a letter Hun.’ Mark walked in from the living room, and handed Hermione the letter she looked at it and tore it open.
Dear Miss H Granger,
Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry would like to invite you and a guest to the school for a reunion of your year, we are hoping that everyone from your year will come to the school, it will be a formal dressed evening, and will start at 7pm and carry on until 1am, on July the 10th.

Yours truly,
Minerva McGonagall.
Hermione smiled at the letter and handed it to Mark.
‘So who are you going to take?’
‘Don’t be silly! You of course!’ Mark smiled happily.
‘You need to tell me about all of your friends now!’ He sat down next to Hermione while she started talking about her friends.


Harry was sitting in his flat looking over the beach on the shore of Sydney; he smiled and turned when a door opened.
‘Do you want some breakfast?’ He walked over to the open kitchen, ‘pop up!’ A small voiced answered.
Since he had left England his life had not been made easier, he had moved over and started playing Quidditch in Australia as there Seeker, he was already famous in Australia for the defeat of Voldemort but he had become more so, he still played Quidditch but once he had got to Australia he had dated a girl called Becca a muggle born witch, but when she had given birth she died in Labour, he was now a single father of a two year old, almost three, she had brown hair that was smooth and long, and she had bright green eyes, her skin was pale. Harry loved her more then any thing in the world, he was sipping his hot tea when there was a loud scream, ‘Daddy, Daddy. Owl.’ Harry practically ran into the living room. There Kymberley was jumping up and down with a envelope in her hands.


‘So you were friends with the Harry Potter?’ Mark asked Hermione smiling widely.
‘Yes I am friends with the Harry Potter! He’s my best friend!’ Hermione looked at Mark.
‘But you haven’t talked in three years, people can change a lot in one year let alone three!’
‘No but I know if I were to write him an owl asking for help he would be here so fast! The same goes for Ron and that is how you can tell who your real friends are!’ Hermione smiled sweetly looking at Harry Potter with his signature round glasses and his scar on his forehead.


Hermione and Mark walked in to the Great Hall; Mark held his breath as he looked up at the ceiling, he had not gone to Hogwarts to had gone to a school in Canada.
‘Its amazing isn’t it?’ Hermione asked holding her boyfriends hand.
‘You could say that!’ Hermione laughed slightly.
‘If it isn’t Hermione Granger!’ Hermione turned her head and her tight curls moved with her, her eyes came face to face with Lavender Brown and Parviati Patil, ‘Oh hello!’
‘You’ve improved a lot!’ Parviati said holding her self as if a higher person.
‘So have you!’ Hermione added in bitterly.
The two stared at each other before Parviati and Lavender turned around and walked away.
‘Who were they?’ Mark asked putting his arms around her waste.
‘They were Parviati and Lavender, they were two girls in my house in my year and they hated me, they were always been rude to me.’ Mark started to walk Hermione over to another table. They were about to sit down when some one spoke in a foreign accent, ‘Hermione Granger!’ Hermione turned around so fast that Mark thought it was a spell. There in front of her was non other then…

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