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True Love by Londonluva
Chapter 1 : True Love
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Hey everyone! Please R/R! Srry I won't be finishing Don't You Have A World To Save- but I will be writing some more!

There is such thing as true love.
Ginny walked up and down the corridor of St. Mungo’s. Her brown eyes stayed dry yet she was sobbing inside. Ginny wouldn’t admit it though it was true.

Ginevra Laura Weasley was afraid out of her wits.

She stopped pacing and proceeded into the waiting room where a crowd of people were sitting wearing the same expression on their faces as Ginny was feeling inside. The whole Weasley family had come, even Percy who was leaning against the wall silently. Mum was dabbing her eyes with her handkerchief every once in a while letting out a frail sob. Dad sat next to her their hands clasped tightly together like magnets. Hermione was leaning on Ron’s shoulder; his maroon sweater was wet with both their tears mixed together. Fred and George paced mutely on the linoleum tile on the opposite sides of the room. Bill and Fleur were sitting together as Charlie was trying to calm their daughter Katrina on his lap. Her golden hair was remarkably down to her minute waist at only seven months.
Professor McGonagall sat with her hands folded neatly on her lap. Her face wore wrinkles that supported the fat tears trembling down on her cheeks. Neville sat his face vacant. Ginny felt his sorrow looking into his blue eyes. He was just like her- sobbing only inside. Luna sat a few seats down looking into her hands that were damp. Her blond hair fell over her blue watery eyes. Lupin looked frailer than ever, and would not even look up from the seat that he rested in. Tonks sat also with her regular mousy hair instead of hot pink.

It was cruel that the rest of the world was celebrating victory while the one who made it happen was hanging on a single thread of life. Harry Potter had finally defeated Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. But it was a defeat that cost him to almost die on the spot if no one had whisked him to St. Mungos.

A Healer stepped into the waiting room. Every witch and wizard’s face looked up not knowing if they should get ready to shout for joy or to cry for loss.
“Good evening everybody,” he said. Everyone muttered their hellos. “Mr. Potter is still in a bad condition; luckily it is not getting worse. By tomorrow, he might be better yet we don’t know.” His face was expressionless so Ginny could not read his body language. “You are all welcome to stay overnight at our waiting quarters, though space is limited.” The Healer looked over the big crowd. Mum jumped up before he left and asked,
“Will we be able to visit him?”
He shook his head. “I’m afraid not until his condition gets a lot better.” Mum sat back down and wiped her eyes again.

Ginny flooed back home. Ever since Voldemort had come back to power, witches and wizard could not apparate to and from places like the Ministry or St. Mungo’s. After Hogwarts she had become chaser for the Tornados. It had been three years and she had just become captain. As Ginny lay in bed in her London flat all she thought about was Harry. They had been in love before he broke it off to protect her. Ginny understood why but she still loved him. His laugh, his personality, and most of all, his green eyes that glinted in the sunlight; they were her favorite things. She turned over in bed many times before she fell into a nightmare.
She was walking on a stone cobbled lane clad in a black dress. Her stomach dropped when she looked at the end of the lane where there lay a black coffin garlanded with every type of flower there might ever be. Around it were hundreds of people in black. Ginny could see Cornelius Fudge in his bowler hat, Rufus Scrimegior, and other ministry people. Then she saw the Weasley family and Hermione in front. There was even Harry’s aunt Petunia.

Harry James Potter
Loving friend and nephew
Rest in Peace

“No!” Ginny sobbed. Harry was dead. She ran up to the coffin and sobbed uncontrollably. Harry was dead. The man she loved died. Her heart was broken forever and no one would be able to fix it.
Ginny woke up crying.
“Calm down Ginny,” she said to herself. “It was just a dream.”
Sunlight was peeking through the blue curtains above her bed. A ray hit a picture on Ginny’s desk. It was of her and Harry in the Weasley’s orchard on a summer’s day. They were waving at the camera on top of Harry’s gleaming Firebolt. Ginny looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. She changed out of her nightgown into jeans and a green sweater.
While she was drinking a cup of tea with buttered toast, the fireplace emitted emerald flames. Hermione burst out of it brushing soot of her clothes.
“Morning ‘Mione,” Ginny forced a weak smile.
“Morning Ginny,” Hermione replied. “I have news about Harry!”
Ginny stood up knocking the Daily Prophet off the table. The headline read:
Boy-Who- Lived Conquers Lord Voldemort
“Is it good?” she asked. Hermione nodded.
“The state of his health shot up last night. Harry’s still unconscious, but we can go see him!”
Ginny and Hermione hugged and jumped up and down happily.
“I’m going to see him this morning,” Hermione said. “Want to tag along?”
“Let me just grab my coat and clean up the house.” Ginny replied. “You go ahead of me.”
Hermione left and Ginny started cleaning up.
With a flick of her wand the plates in the sink sparkled and shined instantly and the Witch Weekly magazines on the coffee table stacked themselves up. The couch cushions straightened themselves and a duster sped around the room dusting everything. The red oak floors were waxed to perfection. Ginny grabbed her coat and stepped into the vast fireplace.
“St. Mungo’s” she hollered. The emerald flames slithered up above her head and she hastily tucked in her elbows as she spun round and round. Peeking through the flames Ginny could see various fireplaces of homes around the world.

A few seconds later she landed in the lobby of St. Mungo’s and brushed the soot off her jeans. Ron rushed up to her, Hermione at his heels.
“Ginny!” he exclaimed.
“Hey you,” Ginny replied hugging him. “Have you seen Harry?”
Ron nodded. “Now I’m off to work, see you later.” He hugged her once again and kissed Hermione before stepping into the fireplace. The two had been dating for almost a year. Hermione turned to Ginny.
“We’d better head over to his room.” She said. Ginny followed her to the reception desk.
“We’re here to see Harry Potter,” Hermione looked down at the reception desk where there sat a woman wearing wire rimmed oval glasses. She looked up then replied in a monotone:
“Mr. Potter is in room 509 on level five. Enjoy your visit.”
The two women proceeded to Harry’s room.
Ginny silently pushed open the door of room 509 and stared at the single hospital bed. There lay a scrawny young man capped with jet black hair. His forehead was marked with a lightning shaped scar. There were several cuts on his body and his breathing was shallow. Ginny heard a small sniffle and noticed it was coming from herself. Tears were trickling slowly on to her cheeks. Hermione put an arm around her.
“He- he looks so lifeless,” Ginny managed to get out. Hermione nodded. She had tears in her eyes also. “Can I have a few minutes alone?” Ginny asked weakly.
“Sure,” Hermione replied. “Take your time Ginny” she stepped out of the room.
Ginny moved forward to sit on the edge of Harry’s bed. She took his hand and dropped it as though it burned. But it was as cold as ice. Maybe even colder.
“I wish you were with us right now Harry,” Ginny told the sleeping figure. “I know you can’t hear me, but I just need to say that I never stopped loving you.”
She slowly took his hand again, wincing at the frosty feel but held on tightly.
“I know that you will survive because you’re the strongest person I know. If you don’t survive- then I won’t survive because you and I won’t be together.” Ginny spoke softly. She looked out the small window above the bed. It had started snowing. The snow was pure white in perfect flakes gently descending down to the earth. January’s fierce winds had expired to a small breeze. Ginny remembered the last time she remembered snow falling as easily as this.

It had been about two years ago when Ginny was nineteen. She and Harry were walking along the frozen lake at Hogwarts. Her auburn hair flapped behind her in the wind. Harry halted and turned to Ginny.
“I hope that you understand why,” Harry said uneasily just waiting for an outburst.
“I understand why you have to go back on that journey Harry,” Ginny replied. Harry looked relieved.
“But I don’t understand why you broke my heart.” She finished.
“Ginny, I couldn’t have anybody die again. Especially you.” Harry said.
“I’m at as much risk as Ron or Hermione,” she complained. “You haven’t dumped them yet have you?”
“Ginny, they’re helping me!” Harry exclaimed. “If I lost you I would never forgive myself.” He looked straight into Ginny’s eyes and she looked into his. How beautiful were those green eyes! “I love you Ginny Weasley,” He kissed her lightly on the lips and as they pulled back Ginny felt the wind change into a soft whispery breeze and she felt powdery snowflakes touch her cheeks. Harry pushed a stray strand of Ginny’s red hair away from her face. Then he looked up at the sky and the snow around them.
“I promise that by the next time the snow falls like this I’ll be back from this journey.”
“Promise?” asked Ginny hesitantly.
“I promise,” he said.
“I’ll be waiting Harry,”

He had come back from that journey hadn’t he? Ginny thought. She kissed him tenderly on the lips. “I love you too Harry Potter.”
She exited the room.
“Hey,” Ginny put on a lopsided grin for Hermione.
“Are you alright?” Hermione questioned anxiously.
“I’m alright,” Ginny assured her. “I’m going to head on home, you can go in.”
“Well then, see you later Gin.”
Ginny flooed back home once again, though not as empty as she was before. Just seeing Harry for the first time in two years lifted her spirits at an enormous rate.

A week went by and Harry still remained unconscious. Ginny visited him regularly at St. Mungos. One night Ginny fell asleep in the comfy armchair that she had conjured in front of Harry’s bed. Outside snow drifted down onto the streets of London. The wind carried it swiftly across the city. At three o’clock in the morning, only the street lamps of London were left on. Ginny dreamed of snow falling and herself in Harry’s arms. They were laughing and dancing. Life was perfect.

Harry was also dreaming also. He dreamed about the girl of his dreams, Ginny Weasley in his arms once again. Her red hair danced gracefully behind her and her cocoa eyes glittered with joy. If he could just wake up, Harry would be able to see Ginny for real, not just in a dream.

Ginny woke around six o’clock as sunlight was streaming through the window. She looked down at the sparkling white city before her. The streets of London were busy with red double-decker buses and children were frolicking in the thick snow at the near by park. If an artist had sketched the view, it would become a masterpiece. If only Harry could see the view. He would love it. Ginny turned towards Harry’s bed at the lifeless figure. Suddenly he stirred and groaned. She rushed out of the room shouting “Someone get in here quick! Harry’s waking up!” Healers hustled towards room 509 excitedly. Ginny leaned over Harry and held his now warm hand.

“G- gin- Ginny,” Harry groaned, stirring even more. His green eyes flickered open and he smiled up at Ginny.

“Excuse me Miss; you must leave the room while we check him over.” An elderly healer told her.
“What?” Ginny asked. “No!”
“I’m sorry Miss,” the Healer pushed her out of the room.
Ginny leaned against the wall outside of Harry’s room for what seemed like hours. Healers rushed in and out of the room every once in a while not bothering to stop for Ginny’s questions. Ginny spent the time pacing the length of the hallways almost walking a few miles. Finally a healer came out of the room.
“You can go in now, he’s alright.” She walked down the hall along with the rest of the healers. Ginny quietly stepped into the room.
Harry was propped up by his pillows lying silently looking out the window at the streets of London. He smiled widely at her; his green eyes sparkled at the sight of the beautiful redhead.
“Ginny,” Harry whispered. Ginny moved forward and sat on the edge of his bed and took his now warm hand. She looked into Harry’s green eyes and felt tears in her eyes.
“I was never so afraid in my life until the past week Harry!” she choked through tears. “I thought that I was going to lose you, I thought that I was going to lose the one man that I truly loved.” She leaned over and hugged him.
“I’m here now Ginny,” Harry whispered in her ear as they embraced. “I won’t leave you.” They pulled apart and Harry kissed her softly on the lips.
“Check mate!” Ron shouted gleefully to the room.
“I think that was the hundredth time you’ve beat me Ronald, doesn’t it get boring to gloat of your victory?” Tonks inquired. The Weasleys, Tonks, Lupin, Luna, Neville, and Professor McGonagall were all at Potter Manor, the grand home that Harry inherited from his parents when her turned of age. Inside consisted of several vast rooms uniquely designed by the first Potters in Britain. Outside had a greenhouse filled with colorful and exotic plants and a pond lay on the side of the manor. Harry had come home from St. Mungo’s just days before. He sat on a comfy couch with his arm around Ginny. Tonks and Ron were playing chess.
“Dinner’s ready!” called a house-elf from the kitchen. Every one gathered to the dining room. It was painted in an elegant shade of green that Ginny noticed matched the color of Harry’s eyes.
“I can only imagine who painted this room,” Lupin remarked, his eyes twinkling.
“One of the house elves, Holly told me that my mum didn’t enjoy eating in a room that looked like split pea soup was used to decorate it.” Harry answered. Everyone laughed at the remark and sat down in their chairs. A bunch of house elves sprang out of the kitchen with ladles of soup, platters of chicken, dishes of potatoes, and saucers of steaming assorted vegetables.
Every one dug in, especially Ron who gobbled up two servings of food under five minutes. Dessert came in the form of rich chocolate cake drizzled in raspberry sauce. Coffee was served after everybody retreated back to the living room. Lupin started a story about the Marauders having everyone cracking up in no time. Ginny was laughing with them when Harry took her hand and quietly said. “C’mon lets go take a walk,”
The couple put on their cloaks and silently stepped out to the large estate. It was snowing gently again but Ginny felt warm with her hand in Harry’s. They walked alongside the house reaching the greenhouse where Harry stopped and turned to Ginny. His green eyes sparkled amazingly as he looked down at Ginny.
“You know what helped me defeat Voldemort?” Harry asked softly.
“What?” Ginny replied.
“You,” A smile played on Harry’s lips as he spoke. “I thought about you and how if I could beat Voldemort, I would see that beautiful face of yours again. I would hear you speaking and laughing again.” He kissed her and brought her close.
“Could you answer my next question with a yes?”
“It depends on what it is,” Ginny remarked.
Harry pulled out a red rose from behind his back. Tied to it was a magnificent diamond ring.
“Ginevra Laura Weasley?” Harry asked as he stepped down on one knee and handed her the rose. “Will you be willing to marry me?”
Ginny was speechless.

“SAY YES!!” Everyone shouted from the back door of the manor.

Ginny looked into Harry’s eyes again passionately.
“Yes!” she whispered happily, hugging Harry.

There is such thing as true love.

Please R/R! It'll only take thirty seconds at the least! Hope you liked it!!

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True Love: True Love


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