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The Not So Secret Diary of Lily Evans by Kitastrophy
Chapter 8 : Pie: Part 1
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Thanks guys, it meant so much to me!



“So, Lily, where do you want to go first?” James asked, tugging on her arm a little more to make her walk faster than the slow speed she was going.
’I want to go away from you, you prat!’ she thought, scowling at him as her ruffled his hair with his spare arm.
“I don’t care, but I have to be somewhere at noon.” She said, not caring if she sounded rude, but then again, that’s what she was going for.

“Okay, let’s go tho the Shrieking Shack.” James started walking up the main road and Lily reluctantly followed, his arm still holding hers.

“Do you think she’s under a spell?” Elle asked Remus, watching Lily and James walked away. Remus looked at her and back at the disappearing figures, and after a long time, answered.


Lily shot daggers at the passers by that stopped to stare at the two young people walking down the road, amazed at who they saw together.
’How did I get myself into this?’ she asked herself, wishing that she was anywhere but where she was at that very moment.

“Lily? Are you even listening to me? LILY!” a voice nearly shouted in her ear. Lily shook herself out of a daze and glared at James, who took this as a sign that she was listening, and continued rambling on.

“As I was saying, then Sirius whacked him in the head with a bludger. Pretty cool, huh?” Lily shook her head in distain.
“What are you even talking about?” she asked, noticing how easy it was to talk to him, even when he was being pig-headed, as usual. ‘No, Lily, don’t think about that!’ she thought.
“The Quidditch match.” When Lily still looked confused, he went on. “About a week ago. Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw? We won?” Lily’s expression became angry.

“You mean the one where you and that fool of a friend of yours put my boyfriend in the hospital wing for the entire weekend?” James suddenly started looking innocent.
“Oh, so you mean you were going out with him? I never knew.”
“Oh yes you did!” she said angrily, grabbing her hand back from his “You knew a few days before the match when you saw him kissing me goodnight in front of the Fat Lady’s Portrait.” He shrank down as Lily continued on her rant. “You also knew a few days before that when you were spying on me and Jasyn.”

“Lily?” a person asked from behind her. She quickly sun around and her eyes grew wide when she saw who it was.
“Jasyn!” Uh, you said you had to study, what are you doing here?” He saw James standing behind her and frowned.
“I believe that you also said that you had to study. What are you doing here? And with him?” he asked, nodding his head towards James. Lily sighed. Even after the past few weeks when she had continuously given hints that she didn’t like him anymore, he still didn’t get it.

“Jasyn, one, this isn’t what it looks like, and two, we need to talk. Jasyn’s eyes grew wide and James snorted, trying to stifle his laughs. Lily glared at James and turned back to Jasyn.
“What are you talking about?” he asked her in a small voice, not really wanting to know the answer.
“Jasyn, you’re a really great guy, but I don’t like you.” She said bluntly, silence following her words.

“You’re breaking up with me?” Jasyn asked in a pitiful voice. Lily gave a little smile.
James bit his lip. He would hate to be in his position. Sure, it was bad having a girl break up with you, but having Lily break up with you? That was bad. Well, it’s not like she ever went on a date with him, so it shouldn’t be counted as breaking up, but her rejections hurt all the same.

“It’s him, isn’t it? He’s done this to you. What was it?” he asked, turning to James, his eyes gleaming murderously. “Love potion? Imperius Curse?”
“Jasyn!” Lily said sharply, but he didn’t care.
“Well, you won’t take her away from me. Come on Lily!” he said, as he grabbed her wrist and started to pull her away. Lily gasped and tried to get out of his grip, but it didn’t work.

“Jasyn, let me go! You’re hurting me!” she shrieked.
“It’s for your own good, Lily.” He said, still pulling her along. James snapped out of his shock that Jasyn would actually do this, and walked up to them.
“Let her go, Derming!” he yelled, as he punched Jasyn in the Jaw and pulled Lily out of his grasp.
“Thanks.” She said, as she massaged her wrist where it had started to bruise and cried out in shock when Jasyn got up and tackled James.

“Jasyn! Get off him!” She yelled, trying to get Jasyn off of James as he punched him for the third time. When Jasyn stood up to kick James in the stomach, Lily saw her chance. Getting a good aim, she punched Jasyn in the side of his head, sending him flying to the ground. Shaking her hand in pain, she ran to help James up, glaring at the crowd that had formed around them, making them grudgingly walk away, still looking at the three. Some of Jasyn’s friends that were watching the fight ran over and tried to pick him up, but failing as he was knocked out.

“Are you okay?” Lily asked James uncertainty, searching in her bag for some tissues. ‘Oh great,’ she thought, ‘next I’ll be asking him what shampoo he uses.’
“Ah!” he cried out as she pressed down on a cut above his forehead that had started bleeding. “I’ve been better.” She smiled a little as he winced and shook her head.
“What is it with you guys? You always have to be the bigger man and get the last punch.”
“Well, does that make you the bigger man, then? Because, to be honest, that was a bloody brilliant swing.” Lily laughed a little, grabbed a new tissue and started wiping at his lip that had also started bleeding.

“Yeah well, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put you in that position.” James winced again and feigned shock.
“What’s this? The Lily Evans apologising to the James Potter?” She raised and eyebrow at him.
“Would you like me to take it back?” His eyes grew wide.
“No!” Laughing she wrapped up the bloody tissues in a clean one and conjured them to the nearest bin. She sighed and looked up to find herself staring into James’s eyes, not being able to take hers away.

‘Oh merlin,’ she thought, ‘I think I’m falling for James Potter.’ She started turning away, her eyes still on his, but her stoped her by putting a hand under her chin. ‘Oh merlin! He’s leaning forward. WHY THE HELL IS HE LEANING FORWARD!’ She closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her lips. Leaning forward a little bit, their lips brushed lightly, but she drew back when the clock sounded noon.

“Um,” she said nervously, avoiding his eyes, “It’s, uh, twelve, I have to be somewhere. Oh! I’m going to be late!” She looked up at him and saw the look in his eyes before running off towards the main street.

James groaned in frustration as he saw her run off. ‘I must have done something bad in a past life time!’ he thought as he ran after her.



Authors Notes: I know, just shoot me! I told you that i'd have this up ages ago! I'm really sorry, lol. things just haven't been going my way lately. I wrote basically all of this chapter in an english class where we were supposed to be re-writing our english assignments. Lol, this was a lot better than writing a feature article on Australia, let me tell you!

So, sorry that you've been waiting so long, i hope you liked it. I know i may have rushed it a bit at the end, but that's the bit that i wrote just now when i was also supposed to be re-writing the english assignment at home.



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