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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 4 : Put Your Mind In Another Place
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Chapter 4
Put Your Mind in Another Place

Not once, had Ron stepped foot in Azkaban. But after a month or so, he was too be put up in Azkaban. But not in a major holding cell like Harry, but rather a normal one, since they claimed that killing him in a muggle way didn't matter. It was Wednesday when they took him on the large square bus, that Ron could have sworn was made of concrete, to Azkaban. It was just him on the bus pulling up to the dark desolate place that was Azkaban. Azkaban was like Alcatraz, in that it was kept on an Island. Th bus pulled up the tall, tall building. It was tough, and rusted on the outside as well as the inside. Ron didn't want this. Killing Harry was something Ron didn't know he was actually doing at the time. He felt the most sorry about Hermione, though. He was escorted into the large building. It was made up of 4 large silos. From wall to wall their were cells. What made it interesting was the spiral staircases that stopped every 5 levels. They brought Ron over to desk. They dropped off his wand, clothes, and everything Ron had in his pockets. Then they took out his arm and tattooed a number on his wrist "3427". Then they brought him up 3 levels and put him in one of the cells. The cells weren't common metal bars, but a stone wall with few bricks missing would slide open and closed. They put him in a cell with a gangly, bald man. Ron set the things the guards gave him (Pillows, blankets) on his bunk.
"..... So what are you in here for?" Ron asked.
"Murder.. Just like you.." He said, not looking up from the 6 year old Daily Prophet.
"How do you know?" Ron asked.
"they put murders on the third floor.... Lucky for us, the rapists are on the 7th floor." He said again.
"So what's your name?" Ron asked. The man got up and plopped down the paper on his bed.
".... Elias.. All right? Now there are some things I need too know... Who did you kill?" Elias asked.
... Harry Potter."
"So you're the one who killed Potter? everyone's been talking about you." Elias sat down.
"Why's you do it?" Elias asked.
"A girl.."
"Well, that's usually how guys get in here.... Who was she?"
"Hermione Granger.. Don't suppose you'd know who she is." Ron said. Elias put the paper in front of Ron. It was the one about Harry and Hermione "In love".
"Well... So you do..."
"Yup.. Been reading that same paper for 3 years.... You can have it if you want." Elias said lacing his fingers.
"Thanks... So Elias.. Is there anything here to do except read?"
"Just call me Eli.... Yeah there are things too do.... Play checkers with yourself."
"Nobody.. Not even me 'll play with you. Nobody really does much to care about each other."
"... So what's the situation on communication with the outside world?" Ron asked.
"Well.. Every tuesday, you could get a visitor. It's just regulation talking to each other through the glass."
"So I have to wait another week.... I'll have to send an owl to Ginny to come see me."
"So, my good man.. Why are you really here?" Eli asked.
"... You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"... Probably true... i'll let you wallow for now.." Eli said getting up and heading out onto the rest of the open floor. Azkaban was such a depressing place. It was the fact the Dementors practically lined the place like wallpaper. So for the next week, Ron would spend it staring at her picture with Harry.... and wondering... How can I fix this for her?


"So... How are you holding up?" Ginny asked. Ron was in a little room and was facing towards very thick glass with grated hole in the middle of it. Ginny was on the other side which was a properly pampered waiting room.
"... Fine enough I guess...."
"Well I'm glad to hear it... Why did you it?"
"He hit Hermione.. And I was just overcome with anger really... How is Hermione?"
".... Not good."
"Try to tell her I'm sorry."
"I will.... I'll also mention it to everyone at the ministry?"
"Yeah... The ministry..." Ron said thoughts leaking into his head.
"The ministry." GInny repeated.
"Ginny, tell Mom and Dad i love them.. And you too.." Ron said looking behind him at the guard who told him the time was up.
"I have to go.... " He said. Ginny mouthed good luck as Ron was escorted off.


Ron had been in Azkaban for a full week now. Today he spent his time forming a letter too Shockley. This is what he had came up with so far:

Paul, You may have never said this but you know
you think it when you research the Tractus. Memories are like vegetables that
need to be thrown out before they rot or something like that.

A few minutes later and he had a closing.

It would be in your and my best interest if you could show up
with the Tractus in Azkaban. I'll give you all the info on it you need
if you would simply let me have that, and a wand. That is all it takes for you
to save more lives than you know.

It was ready to be mailed. Every letter he sent, he had to walk up to the 9th floor. Eli was good enough to Ron, to escort him there. It wasn't to protect him from the Dementors, but the other inmates. But today, Eli wasn't there.. Ron would have to make the trek on his own. He began it up the first flight of several stairs. Every step or so he would meet up with an unruly inmate, without a wand. When I say without a wand, I mean that they had become more ruthless without the crutch of magic keeping them up. Every time Ron had a choice of starting a fight or dealing with the vicious insults. And every time he chose the damned latter. In Azkaban, if the dementors don't kill you the inmates will. When Ron made it to the 9th floor he found the same tawny owl he used to send the letter to Ginny.
It then took him even longer to get down those same stairs, and even longer for Shockley to show up with an important gift.

Ron found himself in the same little room looking through the glass at the young black man wearing the same green robes. Shockley looked at Ron like he was crazy, in a way Ron now had that reputation.
"Ok... So you want to talk too me why?" Shockley asked.
"Did you bring everything?" Ron asked.
"Oh, yeah." Shockley pointed behind Ron too see the guard holding a bag with Ron's things in it.
"How did you..." Ron ducked down. "How did you put the wand in there?"
"You'll see." Shockley said.
"Now.. There's supposed to be something in it for me right?"
"Well I just want to let you know that the Tractus.. actually works. Very well.." Ron explained.
"Like how?"
"Well it's the reason I'm here, for one."
"You know.. The only reason I'm about to explain this hell is because in a day or two you won't even know who I am." Ron said. he told Shockley about going back and fixing the future. He then told him how it led too him killing Harry.
"that's interesting... Well if what you say is true, then you should have no problem with me coming back in 2 days to get it back." Shockley said.
"You're making it even harder, Shockley."
"2 days..." Shockley said getting up.

Ron continued up the steps and was now on the 5th floor. He walked over the floor that held convicted death eaters, and other dark magic groups. He had almost made it to the steps when all of a sudden, a tall man stepped up in front of him. He gave Ron a hateful stare. Ron was a little frightened of this man.
"... whaddya' got there, killer?" the man grabbed for Ron's bag. they both fought for it in a sort of tug of war. Eventually, when the larger Death-eater got the bag, a crowd gathered around them. The death eater taunted Ron with the bag. He opened it up and took out the wooden bottle. He dropped the bag on the floor not seeing the wand that was somehow concealed so well that Azkaban guards didn't see it. the bottle was like a thimble in the man's hand. The death eater controlled Ron's fate. Ron had the choice of taking action and getting it back, or letting the Death Eater crush Ron's life in his hand...... Fuck the latter. Ron pounced on the man and began hitting him with a volley of punches but was soon forced off with a foot to his chest. It soon escalated into a brawl between the inmates. Then finally a group of Dementors closed in on the fight. The few men stopped fighting and all fell to the floor. Before everything turned black, Ron grabbed hold of the Tractus that lay on the floor and shoved it inside the bag.

Ron woke up on is bunk, the bag in his arms.
"I was wondering when you would come to.." Eli said. He was sitting on the bottom bunk reading a new daily prophet.
".. How long was I out?"
"I would say a good day." ELi said.
"Shit!.." Ron rummaged through the bag and pulled out the Tractus. He then looked around in the bag for a concealed wand. He got to the point of tearing it open, and still nothing. He looked over the Tractus, defeated and noticed two things. One, was the name written on the bottom of the jar. Etched into it was the word "Treborn". And on the top, was a cap that hadn't been there the first time Ron used it. He tugged at it until finally out slid a full length wand. It had marks and things in it. It was from the Ministries lost and found, Ron could tell since he been htrough that room more than once.
"Holy shit... A wand?" Eli asked.
".. Eli I need a favor.."
".. I gotta do it right. You've got the wand."
"Dementor's know when you have something you're not allowed to have.." Ron looked through the open cell gate. Dementors were turning towards Ron. Among other people turning toward where the Dementor's were looking were some of the inmates from various floors. Among them Ron heard: "izat' a wand?"
"Eli, the gate!" Ron yelled as Dementors and inmates flooded towards their cell. Ron took out the memory he had thought over in his head for a week now. It was a memory that was sure to keep him with Hermione, and Harry out of Azkaban. Eli was strong but not strong enough. Ron put the wand into the Tractus and waited for things to spin... And they didn't.
"come on!!!" He yelled. Then things began spinning as he saw Eli get trampled over and maybe 10 prisoners charged at Ron in the little cell. They spun faster and faster...


"Rot in hell you fucking animals." Ron muttered to the prisoners who were no longer about to maul him. He stood in the middle of the Gryffindor common room were a, beautiful, 14 year old Hermione and a not so haggard 14 year old Harry potter were staring at him for using such language.
"Ron.. Are you all right?" she asked. Ron leaped out of his chair at her.
"Yeah, better than ever." Ron adjusted to his surroundings.
"hey I was thinking.. Did you want to go to the yule ball.. With me?" He asked trying not to plead.
"Uh yeah.. Yeah that works." she said trying not to make a big deal of something she obviously cared a lot about. Ron had figured that if he went with her, then Hermione wouldn't have felt like he wasn't brave for taking her out of the house since this act of bold courage would be enough to sustain at least 4 years.
".... I'm glad you mustered up the courage." Harry said after Hermione left to go squeal without anyone seeing her.
"Only took me 20 years.." Ron muttered to himself again. He had another moment to take in the warm glow of the fire before it began spinning again.
"No..." Ron said. He didn't know it would work, but things did stop spinning.
"I need to stay here for a while.." Ron said wanting to adjust for a few more days.

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Turning Back: Put Your Mind In Another Place


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