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love at first sight by fluffy
Chapter 1 : love at first sight
Rating: MatureChapter Reviews: 12

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"I cant take it anymore"harry said to everybody."Everyone is together and not one person is with me.Ron and herminie,Ginny with Draco,and everyone is all together."he said very load.As a girl nicole was going to hogwarts she bumped into harry."OH! im so sorry i didnt mean to......"She said as she looked up and seen harry."i always wanted to meet youbut i never had the chance"She said in a very low voice."Well now u have"he said very exited to see her"How long are u staying""Why do u want me to leave"She said almost starting to cry."No i want you to stay and i will show you around."He said.Then cho came in."What are u doing harry i thought u loved me!!!!" she said crying."i dont and i will never again love u all u want is us to have a family and know its over." He said screaming at her"I love nicole even though i just met her."He said as he slapped her.She went to her dorm and started to cry.then all of a suddenHarry kissed nicole and said "i love you nicole i want to have you for the rest of my life."Then in a wisper she said"i love you to"And they began kissing.They moved to arizona and had 2 children there names were conny and michael.They lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!And cho died of wictch craft.

the end

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love at first sight: love at first sight


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