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The Stag and his Emerald by lilkayla
Chapter 1 : The Attack
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Disclaimer: I own nothing everything that you will read belongs to the brilliant mind of J.K Rowling

Rated: R for later

Main Pairings: L/J SB/OC RL/OC

A/N: ok everyone this is a story that just came to me and just wouldn't leave my head so i just wrote it but if anyone knows if this type of story has been written just tell me and i will stop writing on it, i do not want to steal someone story. ok and also i will be looking for a beta reader cause as you can tell when you read this i need one so if anyone interested just review or e-mail me. so enjoy and i hope you like my story

The Attack

In the perfect little town of Surrey England you would think it was a perfectly normal place from the picture perfect houses to the perfect families that live in them.
That is unless you looked in the top floor window of the first house on Privet Drive you would find a very pretty red haired teenage girl, lying on her bed looking to be doing some summer homework.

Perfectly normal, right? Yeah I guess it would be if you overlook her writing with a eagle quill and reading from a book about Transfiguration.
This is Lily Evens, a muggle-born witch getting ready to start her 7th and last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she is the top student of her year something she was very proud.

She was the best at Charms but Transfiguration was always the one subject she was never good at, and right about now she was about to rip her hair out and just throw the book out her window.

"Lily, Petunia come down here and set the table please." Rose Evens yelled to her daughters.

Thank you, Lily thought putting her book, parchment, ink bottle, and quill on her desk, and running down the stairs into the kitchen where she found her father Harold sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and her mother Rose still cooking. Lily took most of her looks from her dad the red hair, green eyes, and her love for learning new things, and of course her very bad temper. From her mother, Rose, she took her soft facial features and curvy body.

"hi daddy" Lily said kissing her dad on the jaw and getting plates to set the table for diner.
"hey sweetie, ready for school to start back?" Harold asked setting the paper aside looking at lily.

Harold and Rose loved the fact that Lily was a witch, and loved hearing about the things she was taught at Hogwarts. Harold just loved hearing about turning animals into water goblets and hearing about the sport that was played on broomsticks, though Lily knew very little about the game he loved hearing about what she did know about it. Rose was just happy that Lily was so happy.

" I can't wait, i hope i get head girl" Lily said, hope and excitement shining in her emerald green eyes.

"Iím sure you will sweetie," Rose said bringing the last dish of food to the table.

"of yeah who better to be the head freak than Lily." Petunia said coming into the kitchen and sneering at Lily, who just rolled her eyes and sat down at the table beside her mother.

"Petunia stop saying that about your sister and get the forks, spoons, and napkins." Rose said with a firm tone the told Petunia to shut up and do as she was told or else.

They were just starting to fill there plates when the door bell rang.

" I'll get it" Rose said standing and heading for the door, and the three just went back to eating that is until they heard Rose scream.


Running Lily, Harold, and Petunia came to a stop at the front door where 4 men dressed in black cloaks and masks, all of which was pointing there wands at the each member of the Evens family.

"filthy muggles, don't see why master wants a muggle-born. They all make me sick." one of the four men said looking in the direction of Lily.

"What are you doing in my house." Harold said standing in front of his wife, hoping to somehow protect his family.

"we came for the red head but don't worry well kill you to." the one in the middle said looking at each of them, stopping when he came to Lily, who jumped in front of her father and mother just as Harold had down.

"No. don't kill them you said you wanted me well take me just don't kill my family they have nothing to do with our world." Lily said determination and bravery leaking from her so much you would never know she was scared shitless.

" oh and where would the fun in that be." the one on the right said grabbing Lily around her stomach turning her so she was looking at her terrified family.

"why don't we make her watch as each and everyone of them die." the one standing next to Lily said pointing his wand at Harold.

Lily tried everyway that she knew how to get lose from the man holding her but she could do nothing but watch as the deatheater said two words and bright green light shot out of the wand hitting Harold Evens in the chest.

"DADDY" Lily yelled sobbing, while Rose and Petunia started crying as the went to Haroldís limp body.

"oh that was fun, lets me do the mother now." the man furthest from Lily said walking forward, his wand pointing at Rose's sobbing form as she held her dead husband.

"NOOO, OH PLEASE NO" Lily pleaded but once again all she could do was watch as two more words were spoken and a bright green light hit Rose in the chest leaving her laying beside her husband. Lily went limp if it wasn't for the man holding her she would have fell to the ground crying her heart out at the lose of her parents.

"see Lily, wasn't that fun." the man holding her whispered in her ear holding her head so she couldn't look at anything else but her dead parents and her sobbing sister.

"well we have one more to go and then were done" the man in the middle said looking at petunia, who could only look back at the masked man about to kill her.

He had just pointed his wand a got one word out when two very loud pops was heard and Lily was finally freed to run to her parents when she heard a voice call out that made her look up


There in front of her was Professor Dumbledore disarming the 4 men and another man that she thought she knew was tying up the now stunned deatheaters. Then they walked over to Lily and Petunia who was still beside Harold and rose, Dumbledore bent down rubbing Lily's back the twinkle that was always seen in his eyes was gone leaving only sadness and grief. he continued rubbing Lily's back until she calmed down a bit before he started talking.

"Lily i don't think it is safe for you here anymore, so Iím going to take you and your sister..."

"What oh no i don't think so Iím not going anywhere with you freaks" Petunia said pointing at Lily." your the reason their dead this is all your fault, Iím going the Vernon's don't you ever talk to me again." Petunia said storming out of the house leaving Lily crying harder than ever.

" Oh no it is my fault, i killed my parents." was all Lily could say, she didn't really care about what her sister said that was that mattered.

"Lily look at me" Dumbledore said gently lifting Lily's head up to look at him.

" this was not your fault, ok those men over there did this not you and believe me they will pay for this." Dumbledore said, it was killing him seeing one of his best students like this.
Finally after Lily was once again calmed down a bit Dumbledore tried talking to Lily again.

"Lily i don't think it's safe for you here anymore so, i talked to Mr. Potter over here as offered for you to stay at his house for the remaining summer, it is the safest place i know ok" Lily finally looked up to Dumbledore but couldn't stand the pity she seen in his eyes so he looked at the man that was silently watching the tied up men, and then found out why the man had looked so familiar, he looked just like James Potter.

All Lily could do was nod her head and look back down at her dead parents only looking away as she was lifted up and her world turned black as she was gone with a loud pop.


A/N: ok that was it so review and tell me if you like it and hopefully i will update soon which will be called The Potters so review and please, please, please be gentle i have a soft heart :)

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