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Finding Her Father by andharrywokeup
Chapter 3 : Two
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A/N: An update ... of long last. This chapter is for all of you on my favourites list that I haven't reviewed yet. I'm really sorry - I will get around to it. Most of my coursework will be done by tomorrow (Friday) and although I have way to many parties to go to this weekend I will be reading again by Monday! (Don't worry I'm staying sober so they'll be nice reviews not annoyed hungover ones! :) )

Special shout outs to Emz and Gubby - love you guys and although my latest reviews may have seemed brief, I really did like the chapters!! (EVERYONE ELSE READ THESE TWO!)

Also thanks to Steve and (again) Emz for beta-reading. (Emz I can't remember if you read this one when you were banner making but thanks anyway - because you're great!!)

Ok enough waffling...chapter...


‘Asha! We haven’t even had breakfast yet! Why do you want to go outside now? Look we’ll be late for Charms, we only have five minutes and you know what Professor Weasley is like when people are late!’

Asha grabbed her best friend by the arm and dragged him outside, at the same time placing a slice of buttered toast into his free hand.

‘Don’t worry about it, Dick! It’ll be absolutely fine with Aun- I mean Professor Weasley; Molly and Jane have agreed to stall her! I just want to go look at the tomb.’

‘It’s Richard! I’ve told you since first year! Honestly, no one would guess you were sixteen from your maturity - Asha, you have seen the tomb a million times!’ Richard rolled his eyes exasperatedly, but allowed his friend to drag him along all the same. She was behaving differently this morning, she hadn‘t even responded to him with her usual comment- ‘Your far to weedy to be a Rick - at least when I call you Dick people will think you’ve got some!’

Richard allowed himself to be dragged along a few more metres, already sweating, before finally giving in. He was far too sensible to be late for class, not even for his friend’s funny moods - it was OWL year. ‘You know Professor Weasley, she knows those nieces of hers too well! Apparently Molly and Jane take after her brothers; you know the ones who started the shop! We’re going to get into trouble!’

Asha continued to ignore her friend and persisted to drag him down to the tomb. She could see it now, shining white in the morning sunlight. She wasn’t sure herself why she wanted to go out there, after all no one would be there. Especially not her father. After circling the white box a few times, she knew it had been a waste of time. What had she expected to find? Slowly she turned back to Richard.

‘We can go back now,’ she whispered, unsure why she felt so glum.

‘It’s all good now we’re late, isn’t it?’ asked Richard, his voice slightly cooler than usual. As he looked to his friend however, his temper melted - he could see the confusion in her eyes. As they walked back he drew his arm around her pulling her into a hug.

‘Are you going to tell me then?’

‘Not now, Richard. We have to get to class.’ Asha was still whispering, but all the same noticed the worried peep underneath his would be cool façade. She wasn’t sure why she couldn’t tell him, Dick of all people wouldn’t laugh at her.

‘Potter! Jenkins! You’re late! Take a seat at once; I have important news for the class.’

Asha looked up at the face of her teacher. It was funny how she looked nearly exactly as she did in the dream. Her hair was still long and her cheeks freckly, like all the Weasleys. But there was something different, thought Asha, her wide eyes were no longer lost and it seemed obvious that they were hiding a smile. Asha smiled at the familiarity of the situation. Yes this was what her life was like, Hogwarts. There was not point dwelling over dreams. She quickly sat down, giggling as she remembered to poke Richard with a fake wand in typical charms lesson tradition.

‘As I was saying, before I was interrupted by our late comers,’ Ginny Weasley laughed as she spoke to the class, she was useless at this strict teacher thing. She couldn’t believe what she was about to tell the class was actually true. She was glad Professor McGonagall had allowed it though, she needed to go. ‘I would like to introduce you all to Professor Flitwick, he was my teacher when I was at Hogwarts.’

The class tried not to laugh as a short man, who somewhat resembled a gnome stood up. Asha had only just spotted him and presumed he had entered the room whilst Professor Weasley had been speaking. The man, oddly, didn’t seem to notice the class; he looked straight at their teacher.

‘Miss Weasley, is it true?’ he squeaked. His voice had caused half the students to clasp their hands over their mouths. ‘Did he really move? That can only mean he is getting better?’

Ginny smiled at her old Professor before turning back to her class.

‘As I was saying, I achieved an Outstanding for my Charms OWL, so you won’t have any problems with Professor Flitwick, here. I’m afraid I have-

‘Asha! Richard! I have already told you what I have to say is important; I do not think sword fighting with fake wands is appropriate! I will not confiscate them yet, but that is ten points from Gryffindor! Asha, I do not understand why you are not interested! Did your mother not owl you this morning? Surely, you know what is happening?’

‘Actually, Professor, mum hasn’t owled me in two weeks,’ Asha smiled. She loved it when her teachers were wrong, but when it was her aunt, it was even better! She winked at her cousins Jane and Molly who sat across the room from her.

Ginny was bewildered, how could his own daughter not have been told of his slight recovery? She smiled at her niece before looking back at the class.
‘Class, I’m afraid, actually no, I’m very happy about this - but anyway, the point is that I have to visit an old friend of mine in hospital. This means that Professor Flitwick will be covering your lessons until I return. I expect you to treat him with utmost respect. Asha, would you mind stepping out into the hallway with me, just for a moment before I leave?’

Richard gave his best friend a worried look. First with her odd behaviour this morning, and now the teachers were acting funny with her as well - there was something wrong. He smiled encouragingly at her worried look and shrug, hoping that everything was all right.


Asha looked up at her aunt, worried. Why was everyone acting weirdly? She had heard Hagrid singing, earlier in the Great Hall. Even Professor McGonagall seemed tpo smiley to be her true conventional self. And what was this about her mother owling her? Something had obviously happened to affect all her family, and yet she couldn’t think of anyone she knew in hospital. Unless - no. That was impossible.

‘Aunt Ginny, what’s happening?’

‘Oh Asha, don’t look so worried. It’s your father. Early this morning, he moved in his sleep. It can only mean he’s recovering!’

Asha looked up at her aunt, the smile scared her. She wasn’t sure she liked this change, it was all too strange. First the dreams and now this. What was happening?

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