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The Baby's Coming! by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 1 : Uniqueness
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Disclaimer: The only character I own is the OC.
Author's Note: This is my first fanfic so please be nice. I promise it will get better in the next chapter.

It was early morning on July 31, 1980. James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin were sitting at the Potter's kitchen table eating toast and discussing the threat of Voldemort and what their friend Peter Pettigrew could be doing when he wasn't with them, which was most of the time, like at that moment.

Just then, Lily Potter, who was about 8 1/2 months pregnant, stumbled into the kitchen, looking a little happy and a little concerned, with her best friend, Jasmine Black, Sirius's cousin, close behind her. Jasmine was smiling, but tried very hard not to show it.

"James," Lily said in an awkward voice.

"What is it? What's wrong?" James asked worriedly as he quickly stood up. Remus and Sirius were listening too, but noticed Jasmine's smirk so they weren't quite as concerned.

"Well," Lily continued, "remember when I told you I was pregnant and you passed out out of shock?"

"Yeah," he said as the color in his cheeks began to rise along with the sudden outburst of howling laughter he chose to ignore of his three best mates who could all remember the incident clear as day.

"Could you please not repeat the, uh, 'uniqueness', of the situation? Please?" Lily asked carefully, weighing the delicacy of the situation.

"Why would I repeat that? You're not having twins, are you?!" he asked looking extremely worried.

"No, no, just one baby."

"Oh, thank goodness," James said looking relieved, he recovered and continued, "I still haven't lived down the first dose of 'uniqueness'." He shot the hackling hyenas a death glare; but far from making them shut up, as he hoped it would, it just seemed to regenerate their desire and power to laugh until even Remus was rolling on the floor from laughter. "SHUT UP!" James roared at them as he turned beet red, but they kept laughing.

"Guys, please," Lily asked in her calmest voice possible. Knowing she was pregnant and hormonal, the three marauders subdued their laughter enough to get up and stay seated in their chairs, but occasionally let out a small snicker.

Lily turned back to James. "James, um, I think, uh," all the time she was aware of James's concerned eyes on her, "um...the baby's coming!" she finished as strongly and quickly as possible as well as with a semi-forced smile on her face. Lily watched as her husband's expression turned from concerned to shocked and dazed.

James was out cold before he hit the floor.

Over at the table, Sirius and Remus looked up at Lily, at each other, then back at Lily. No one expected the bundle of joy for another two weeks. "Oh my gosh!"

Jasmine, who already knew this, was on the floor by James trying to wake him up. "I think we can handle it in here, you two just better get in the car incase Prongs gets up, goes crazy, and forgets something. We've been prepared for this for a couple of months."

"Right," they said and left for the car knowing exactly how crazy their unconscious friend could get, or so they thought.

"Prongs! Wake up, Prongs!" Jasmine yelled into his ear.

"Oh, James," Lily cried, now worried that she might have to leave her husband behind, something she did not want to happen, no matter what the circumstance was.

"Don't worry, Lil," Jasmine tried to assure her, "he'll be there if we have to tie him to the car to get him there."

Lily smiled weakly hoping that would not be the case.

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The Baby's Coming!: Uniqueness


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