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Turning Back by CrabPerson
Chapter 3 : It Gets Better
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Chapter 3
It Gets Better

In a flash, things stopped spinning. But everything was still black. At least until he opened up his eyes. What he saw was absolutely not his room in Grimmauld place. The room was neither grim, or old at all. It was vibrant, yet peaceful. He knew it absolutely couldn't be any room of his, when he saw the droves of books on the walls. He pushed off the pleasant covers and looked around the room. Yellow beams of light shone through the window. The beams lit up a desk with papers upon papers that belonged to St.Mungos. Ron looked at the bedside table next to him and saw a pair of gloves, and papers form the ministry. They were papers that he had seen in his office before. But the most surprising thing in the room put her hand on his shoulder which made him jump almost a foot in the air.
"What the hell?" Ron covered himself up. Hermione looked at him drowsily.
"What are you doing?" she asked as Ron fell onto the floor.
"... Yes." she smiled, looking confused.
".... Where am I?"
"Our flat.. Where else?" she said getting up. Ron wrapped the covers around himself even tighter when Hermione go out of the bed, displaying how she had "changed". After she put on a robe, she saw Ron scrambling for some clothes. She threw a pair of baggy
corduroy pants and a blue shirt at him.
"Umm.." She threw a pair of boxers at him.
"Uhh.. Okay.. Could you.. Leave?"
"...Seriously?" she asked.
"Well I'll just be in the bathroom... Not like I haven't seen you naked.." she said leaving Ron in awe. He slipped on the clothes faster than he had slipped on anything before. After he was done buttoning up his shirt, his head began pounding with a headache. It felt like a balloon was being inflated in his cranium.... It stopped suddenly and it was all clear to him. He remembered his and Hermione's first date, him actually confessing, some other things.... And finally moving in together. He brushed his nose. A drop of blood had come out. Hermione came out, (thankfully fully dressed).
"You ready?" she asked, heading out of the bedroom. When Ron came out, it was rather lavish and.... New-age that's it.
"Ready for what?"
"Too see Ginny... Remember?"
"Oh and Harry?"
".... Are you trying too be funny?" she asked serious.
"... Never mind." she said putting on a coat. Ron took a coat that assumed was his as they headed out. Ron, instinctively put his arm around Hermione.
"... Well?" she asked.
"...Oh I thought you were taking us." Ron evaded the apparation to god-knows-where. She rolled her eyes.

They showed up at a small cafe of some sort. Ron saw Ginny sitting alone at a table. They came over to her and sat down.
"It's so good too see you two.." she said. Ginny had changed a bit from when Ron saw her in the last.. Well universe. She looked strung out, and tired. Unlike when she was with Harry, at that time, she had a certain glow about her.
"So how have you been?" Hermione asked.
"Still recovering from the divorce..." Ginny sighed. Ron thought it was obvious that she and Harry were wed, and recently divorced.
"Well... I mean you were both so young too be married. I mean and Ron are waiting.." she said. This told Ron that their relationship couldn't get much better.
"I'm happy for you two... I can't believe we did it though." Ginny said.
"It was obvious why you did it.. To get over the loss." Hermione consoled.
".... Wait who died?" Ron said caught off-guard by the previous question .
"... Nobody... But he might as well be dead.."
"So they moved?" Ron said. The two women looked at him, as if he had a giant fly head.
"Moved?" Ginny asked.
"Yeah.. So you married Harry and-"
"Don't ever... Bring him up again..." Ginny said suddenly.
".. Do you not like talking about the divorce or-"
"Divorce?! We were never married! They took him away before we got any sort of chance!!" She yelled getting up and leaving in tears.
"...... Ron?" Hermione asked a little disbelieving of Ron's behavior.
"I'm sorry.... Things aren't that clear today..." He tried to save him self. She gave a look as if he was a puppy that knocked over a bottle of water.
"Oh.. Well I guess anything could happen in the wizarding wold.." she smiled and kissed him.
".. So now what do we do?" Ron asked.
"Well neither of us have work-" when she said work, another small balloon inflated that gave him memories of Hermione not going to amsterdam, but staying and becoming a healer.
"So I guess we can just stay home..." she laughed.
"... Oh wait... She couldn't be talking about.. Doing THAT, could she?....." Ron thought. It would be hard to get over the fact that he would have to face her sexually, even after doing it lovingly... And unfortunately, it looked like he would have to do it tonight.

"So that's when I found out why I was so weird all of the time.." Hermione explained how she found out about the wizarding world.
"... All I did was wake up.." Ron joked as he lay under her.
"Now... I'm sure you didn't learn all that form Lavender..." she joked back. Ron reminisced about the 2 different girlfriends he had in his past life. Well at least all he could remember... Apparently when you traveled with the Tractus, it was strictly "out with the old, in with the new" in the terms of memories. Other than all that, Ron was relieved to have "proved himself" as it where.
"... Ok, well don't freak out..... But what exactly happened to Harry again." Ron asked dismissing the Lavender subject. Hermione stared at him.
"Don't even joke, Ronald." she said. Apparently, she was STILL calling him Ronald.
".. So was it ok?" Ron asked.
"... Oh!.. Well... It wasn't quite as good as the first." she said. Ron suddenly became interested.
"I just think it was the shower that helped the first time." Ron interest had been somewhat fulfilled. He didn't need to know much more. The couple then heard pecking at their window. It was an odd looking owl. He was missing a few feathers and looked a bit torn up.
"Could you get it?" she asked.
"Get off of me first." He laughed she rolled off of him. He picked up a pair of boxers from the floor and slipped them on. He got up and opened the window. He took the letter rolled around it leg, as soon as he did it flew away. He rolled open the scrap piece of parchment. An eery message was written in charcoal. It looked like a large brick of charcoal had done the job.

Unlucky for you and your girl that I'm
the second wizard to do this...

He put the message on the bed and pulled a robe over himself. Hermione, after doing the same, came up behind him and read the letter.
"Oh no...." she said putting her hand over her mouth.
"What's wrong?" Ron asked.
"...... What do you mean what's wrong?... Isn't it obvious?" she asked.
".... No it isn't." Ron said, truly not knowing exactly what the note meant. Hermione took it and ripped it up.
".... Let's just go to bed..." she said calmly.
"FIne then.." Ron said. He was a bit confused as to what had just happened. He covered himself up... He slowly went to bed... But quickly woke up when he felt something near his legs.
"What the fuck!!" He yelled. He looked over at Hermione... Who wasn't there!! But he did find her eventually... When he did he realized he wouldn't be going too bed for a while. Ron was completely shocked by Hermione's almost 360 in behavior... But who was he too complain about what kept him up?

The next day, after an uplifting day at work he came home to Hermione already there and cooking. It was uplifting becasue had a little more authority. But what was odd was that he still hadn't seen Harry, nor did anyone seem to want to talk about him.
"There you are.." she said smiling. Ron plopped down on the couch. He picked up a daily prophet and began reading.

Azkaban Riots Cause Uproar and an Escape from the Most Dangerous Wizard Alive, Be alert!!

He would have read more if Hermione hadn't snatched away the paper and laid down a plate of food in front of him. She sat down across from him.
"So.. How was work?" she asked.
"... A bit strange actually... People seemed frightened of me."
"Well you are a powerful worker there..."
"I didn't like it though."
"Really? You seemed to always like power and control of things." she said. Ron found this unbelievable.
"You're the one who took me out of that room, that night. Ever since then, you've been acting more like a leader." she explained. Sure, Ron liked being in charge of things. But it wasn't like him too go ahead and take charge all the time. His train of thought had then been interrupted. It was a large brick that had been thrown through their window. Hermione shrieked and seemed too move far away from it. Ron, after checking outside the window looked over the brick. It was all normal, except for the pair of particularly round glasses attached too them. He showed them too Hermione. Her face went very, very pale. It was as if she'd seen a ghost.... Or at least a ghost's glasses.
"... Are these.."
"Harry's.." Hermione cried.
"What's wrong?" Ron sat down next to her.
"... It was my fault, Ron... Now I'm going too pay... If I hadn't been so stupid..."
".... You don't remember? When you got me out of that cottage, the man from the ministry asked me about Harry.."
"I told him he had attacked me.... They had been suspecting that once Harry killed Voldemort, he would become power hungry and more of a threat..... I was so stupid!" she cried. Ron had become even more pail. He remembered traveling back to the moment he saved her. When he was out of breath, she DID tell them that Harry attacked her. But she didn't know he was possessed. In a way, Ron was the reason for the Azkaban escapee coming to punish Hermione..... Another balloon was inflating. He remembered hearing about Harry being taken to Azkaban, kept in a solid stone holding cell with no doors, windows,cracks or crevices. The reason they hadn't tried to kill him was for the plain reason of what happened the first time Voldemort attempted to kill him.
"... everything' going too be okay..." he said, his head pounding.
"You're bleeding." she chocked rubbing away the blood from his nose.
"Listen... We'll go somewhere.. Get away form him and in the meantime.. Alert the ministry."
"What do you want us to do?"
"Well.... Head out to the Leaky Cauldron or somewhere like that and I'll-"
"I'm not going alone!"
"... Ok then.. Let's go right now."
"What if he's still out there.. Hiding?" she asked.
"Let's just take the fire escape and then we'll apparate out." Ron helped her up. The coupled then headed out through their back door.
"Thanks for coming.." she said as they walked down the steps.
"Why wouldn't I?... I already lost you once.." he let out. She then looked at him weird. He hugged her tighter when they stepped onto the pavement. They walked about further until they heard steps from around the corner. Out came Harry. He wasn't wearing glasses, his hair was still messy and about 6 inches longer. He also had a haggard bit of facial hair, and a torn jacket over the grey jumpsuit of Azkaban. And maybe the most disturbing of all was the rusty pipe he was carrying.
".....Harry?" Ron said.
"Oh.. It's me motherfucker."
"Look, you stay away from us!" Ron yelled. The couple was too overwhelmed too reach for their wands.
"Us? What us? Like I would hurt my own best mate.... But then again."
"Just let us go.." Ron backing up, with Hermione behind him.
"I might just hurt both of you... You have a nice job... Not to mention a nice little girl to shag."
"Shut up, Harry!" Hermione yelled.
"Oh be quiet you damn mudblood..."
"Listen.. Just let.. Us go." Ron pleaded again. He couldn't believe that Harry, once his best friend, was now advancing on him and Hermione with a pipe.
"Why should I? What would happen if I didn't? They'd put me to sleep, finally putting my shit parade of a life..."
"It's not worth it!" Ron pleaded again.
"... Really... then let's find out!" Harry swung at Ron, but missed and hit Hermione upside the head. Ron then charged at Harry but was struck in the back. He could hear his wand crack in his back pocket when he hit the ground. He coughed up some blood onto the ground. He rested the side of his head on the pavement. He saw Hermione get up and apparate away, unbeknownst to Harry who was now advancing mor on Ron. Harry raised the pipe over his head, but Ron stopped him by kicking him in the crotch. Just doing this too Harry hurt Ron. But the more he fought back the more he didn't care about Harry. In fact, the more he struck Harry, who was sprawled out on the ground, he became more infuriated. Son it didn't hurt him at all when he drew more blood with each punch.
".... You ruined Ginny's life!!" Ron yelled as he drove his elbow into Harry's chest.
"You tried to kill Hermione!" He punched Harry to the point of where that, if he was wearing glasses, the broken pieces would've cut Harry. But Harry looked like he had been more cut up than ever.
".... Now you were trying to kill me...." Ron breathed. Harry was still panting, but was a bloody mess.
"Trying to KILL me!" Ron punched him more and more. Soon practically every bit of his rage had come out onto Harry. This included Harry's pipe that had made a sickening thud when Ron finally ended Harry with it. Ron kneeled over Harry's mess of a corpse. His blood speckled his face and clothes. The only thing that made it worse was that Hermione had just shown up with two aurors. They pulled Ron off of Harry's body and began dragging him off. All Ron could do was watch the bawling Hermione next to the body of his best mate.

18 Years Old

"Draco, did I tell you too do that to Weasley?" Lucius sneered. Ron lay near the side of the wall books piled over him.
"..... Yes" Malfoy said after blasting Ron into a bookcase. Harry stood his ground against the two Malfoys, in the Slytherin common room. Hermione was balled up with her arms over her face in the corner.
"No I didn't! Why don't you ever listen.." Lucius sneered. Which seemed to anger Lucius greatly.
"Well no matter.... Finally.. The famous boy-who-lived will die." Lucius grinned. Harry still stood his ground
".... But first... The mudblood." Lucius turned towards the corner where Hermione had tears rolling down her face from what had happened to Ron.
"Draco, you do it." Lucius pulled up his son in front of him. Then, to everybody's surprise..
"..What? No? I hate her, yes but... I'm not going to kill, Granger. I'm not a killer."
"Well you're right, there! You couldn't even kill a frail old man!! It's because you don't have the gaul, Draco! You're no son of mine! DO you know how many I've had too kill to get what I want?! Don't you remember.... I had too kill your mother too get out of Azkaban!!!" Lucius barked at his son who was shivering with anger. The three who were conscious had yet too learn that Lucius was the one who killed Narcissa last summer. Ron suddenly woke up, when he regained consciousness and saw the predicament, he could barely move.
"And once again, someone has to do it for you!" Luscius pointed his wand towards Hermione. Before he open his mouth , his son sent an anger driven elbow into his father's throat. Lucius tumbled onto his back as his son jumped on top of him, chocking the life out of him for his mother. He was finally able to stun his son off him onto his own back. Lucius got back up and pointed the ebony wand at his son. Before anybody could do anything, a yellow sparkling light blasted Draco's legs. When the smoke cleared only bones and blood remained on Draco's lower half. Then, before Lucius could realize what he had done Harry put him out of his misery by sending him into the stone wall headfirst which, to say the least, didn't sound pleasant. The trio stood (in Ron's case laid) in utter shock. Harry was the first too come to his rival's aid. And against all normality, Draco sobbingly apologized to Harry for basically everything.
Days after, in the hospital wing, Draco apologized some more. He figured that his father was scum, and living like him only got him more and more pain. Draco said he couldn't help Harry, and also to not think that they were best friends now, but that he was simply sorry. Over the next few years he would try to turn things around for his life, and karma. Ron wouldn't have believed Draco's apology if he had all of his legs.

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