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Spiraling Guilt by FlameWolf3182
Chapter 6 : Noises and Kisses
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Draco sat in the Common Room with no fire, but the large open windows letting in every bit of sun light possible. He left lunch early not being able to stand Blaise’s mindless chatter about Voldemort and Pansy’s roaming hands were enough to make him gag. The portrait opened slowly and Hermione walked into the bright room in a dazed. She didn’t even notice Draco there or else she would have thrown some sort of remark at him and left. He enjoyed a silent Hermione a lot more than one that hasn’t learned to keep her lips closed. But the urge to make her blood boil was just too great.

“So what’s wrong with you, finally realize your worthless?” Draco said nonchalantly not looking up to her.

“No, but I just realized Ron is out of his bloody mind.” Hermione opening announced.

“About time Granger. Did the Weasel finally ask Potter out?” Draco was only curious what would make the most composed girl he knew to become so bemused; he didn’t actually care about her he repeated in his mind.

“Would you shut up already?” Hermione snapped coming back to reality.

“I take that as a yes then. Hmm, Zach will be so lonely.” He said thoroughly enjoying himself.

“I said quiet! Ron asked me out, alright?” Hermione shouted becoming annoyed with Draco. “Well, he never actually asked me, just kissed me and told me pretty much.” Hermione said to herself but Draco heard. She hadn’t noticed his body become stiff at her statement, but simply walked to her room without another word. Draco got up also and trudged into his room fuming for no reason.

“She’s going out with that dirty Weasel. And why the hell do I care so much? I should be happy Granger is going to be out of the Tower more often now. But she should have seemed happy about it. She doesn’t actually like him.” Draco proclaimed happily but mentally kicked himself for even thinking he would be happy about that. He remembered there was still class so he quickly collected his things and left the Head’s Tower before Hermione even came down.

Draco walked to the Transfigurations classroom and spotted Zach sitting alone on the other side of the room with the Slytherins. He had no one from the Golden Trio with him, but Draco felt badly when he saw his own house mates ridiculing him.

“Shove off!” He shouted at them making each Slytherin return to their seat. “You picked the wrong side of the room to sit Zach.” Draco said taking the seat next to him.

“Obviously, I’m just glad you’re here.”

“Good afternoon class, and welcome to your 7th and final year of Transfigurations here at Hogwarts. I am Professor McGonagall as you all know, and this,” Professor McGonagall pulled a dark blue sheet from a box, “will be what you’ll be trying to make the rest of the year. The Headmaster has agreed to cancel Transfiguration NEWTS for any 7th year that is able to create a diamond ring before the end of the month. Mind you, no one has ever been able to transfigure a newt into a beautiful ring before the end of term.” Everyone in class was buzzing about how they would be the first to make the best ring in all of Hogwarts. “Now, since this is the first day, I’m open for volunteers, but the rest of the month you must make your own time to come see me. Now the incantation is on the board, but I will not be telling you wand motions, or pronunciation. Volunteers?” No one in the room was up to the challenge, but Zach who had his hand up slowly lowered it when he saw the rest of the room staring at him.

“We both know you can do that spell in your sleep, get up there.” Draco whispered to him.

“Yes, please if you would like to try, just step right up here Mr. Hollinger.” McGonagall said smiling at him.

“Alright, does it need to have a specific look?” McGonagall shook her head at him so he stepped up to the front of the classroom and looked at the lazy newt in front of him. He imagined a silver band with three diamonds laid across the top. A larger round diamond in the middle and two smaller diamonds at the sides. “Dimarium Rigarus.” He said pointing his wand to the newt causing it to turn silver, then thin out becoming an elegant band with the diamond arrangement he had imagined.

“Very well done Mr. Hollinger. I have never seen a student master that spell on their first try.” McGonagall praised him taking hold of the ring and checking for any signs of the newt.

“Well, I’ve done that spell before when I was home schooled. So it wasn’t that difficult.” He said modestly. Zach sat back down next to Draco who was laughing slightly at the dropped jaws around the room.

“The Headmaster might have to think up a better challenge for you. Can’t let you get out of the Transfiguration NEWT that easily.” McGonagall joked. The rest of the class was spent going over the major transfiguration spells that were taught the previous year. Zach and Draco sat bored until the class was dismissed and they were ushered into the halls.

“So, who’s the ring going to?” Draco asked trying to get a conversation going.

“Not sure, maybe Hermione. She’s the only girl I know in the school so far.” Zach said eying the tiny ring.

“Doubt that’ll happen.”

“What do you mean? She would love it.”

“I’m sure she would, but Weaselbee might try to beat you to a pulp if you give Granger a ring, especially one that he would never be able to make let alone purchase.”

“Ron wouldn’t care it’s not like -”

“They’re dating, Granger told me. She seemed a bit less than thrilled though.”

“Why would she tell you that? It sounds like you were having a social conversation.”

“How should I know why she told me? All I know is that she doesn’t like him.” Draco saw the smile on Zach’s face and got irritated, nothing he said was funny. “What?”

“You care that Hermione is in a relationship with Ron, and that she isn’t happy.”

“I don’t care. I just like knowing that there is one more thing in Granger’s life to make her miserable.” Draco said thinking his excuse was perfect.

“You and Hermione are terrible liars, just so you are aware.” Zach said. “But you are a bit better than her.”

“Huh?” Draco said confused.

“Earlier today she lied about calling you ‘Draco’ and now you’re lying about being happy she’s in a relationship you know won’t work. And who will she have when her and Ron break up? I think you’re hoping she’ll go to you. Don’t know why she ever would though when she has Harry and maybe me if she needs.” Zach said.

“I don’t think I like the new you.” Draco grumbled.

“That’s because you know I’m right.” Zach said triumphantly. “So are you going to admit it, or do I have to steal some Veritaserum and have you make the announcement at dinner?”

“I really do hate you. You’re lucky we are related.”

“I know.” Zach laughed turning down another corridor to his next class leaving Draco alone on his way to his own.

Zach’s next class was Double Defense Against the Dark Arts with a teacher Harry had told him was new each year. When he walked into the dimly lit room he noticed two people waving to him. Zach walked over and recognized Hermione and Harry sitting in the font row.

“Oh it’s so good to see you’re in this class.” Hermione said happily but noticed him staring at her mysteriously. “What?” She asked hurriedly.

“I heard what Ron did.” He said simply catching both their attentions and Hermione’s eyes went wide.

“Who told you?”

“Draco.” Zach said lowly.

“What did Ron do, and how does Malfoy know before me?” Harry asked.

“Ron asked Hermione here out. And Draco told me.” After Zach finished Hermione groaned loudly and dropped her head on top of her books.

“I didn’t know what happened and I just said it to Malfoy. Ron is the one to blame, he didn’t even ask me, just kissed me and said he was so happy we were dating.” Hermione mumbled through her books.

“Wow, looks like Ron’s good day is about to end.” Harry said sadly.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked lifting from her books.

“You can’t just ignore him. ‘Mione he’s our best mate, he deserves to know what a big idiot he is.” Harry laughed but still felt bad for both of his friends. “He’ll understand, I think.”

“Yeah thanks Harry.” Hermione said sarcastically. The doors to the room shot open scaring the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors who were engaged in conversation. They all looked back to see the new teacher but saw nothing in the doorway.

“Up front class!” A cheery voice echoed and everyone turned to see a plump young woman with laughter in her round red cheeks. “Good afternoon, I’ll be your Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor this year and I hope I’m up to par with the previous Professors here at Hogwarts. Now I’d like to get to know everyone, so please when I call on you state your name and what you enjoy most here at Hogwarts. I know, this seems a bit first year, but I like knowing my students before we get into spells. I’ll go first. I’m Joy Burslem and I enjoy most is reading about the latest Quidditch crazes. As you can see, I wouldn’t be too graceful on a broom myself.” She laughed at her own joke and so did the rest of the class. The Professor had medium length black hair and dimples in her cheeks. Zach couldn’t help but notice when she spoke she half laughed with each word. It lightened the atmosphere immensely from what Zach had been used to learning Dark Arts in.

“I’ll begin with you young miss.” Professor Burslem said pointing to Hermione.

“Um, yes I’m Hermione Granger and I like reading anything in the Hogwarts library and write about different things.” Hermione said shyly knowing she sounded like a boring person even though she surely wasn’t.

“Maybe you would be able to show me the best places to look for a good read in the library, it is a tad bit big.” Joy said smiling at Hermione. “And you sir?”

“Oh, I’m Harry, Harry Potter and I’m the seeker and captain for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.” The Gryffindors in the room cheered for him causing Harry to turn slightly red.

“Really? I would love to talk with you about your techniques if that’s alright.”

“Of course Professor.” Harry said.

“And I’m Zach Hollinger. I’m new to Hogwarts so I have nothing that truly stands out yet, but the meals are fantastic.”

“Yes very, I’ve been down to the kitchens twice already to thank those hard working house elves for the delicious meals they’re supplying.” The Professor continued on with the rest of the introductions. It was only the first ten minutes into class and already every student loved the new professor.

“Nice change huh?” Hermione asked once the three were out of the room and heading to dinner.

“She’s not Umbridge so I’ll give her a chance.” Harry joked.

“Who’s Umbridge?” Zach asked confused.

“The woman that could make even Voldemort shrink to the size of a fairy and make his skin crawl.” Harry said matter-of-factly.

“Should I even ask?” Zach said to Hermione getting a whispered ‘better not’ in reply.

“Hermione, we’re almost to the Great Hall.” Harry said catching her off guard.

“I know.”

“What are you doing about Ron? I don’t want to see my two best mates together if only one of them is going to be happy, and the other is miserable. It just isn’t fair to either of you, no matter how much I’d love for you two to be together, this isn’t right.” Harry said sounding disappointed.

“Oh yeah, this’ll go well. ‘Hey Ron, we’re breaking up. Yes I’m aware we’ve been together for exactly 3 hours. But it’s over with.’ How do you expect him to react to that?”

“Well if you tell him like that of course it’s going to be bad. Just be nice, and considerate, you know how he gets.” Harry said trying to calm her.

“And here’s your big chance, looks like we caught up to him before dinner.” Zach said in a mocking tone pushing Hermione in Ron’s direction.

“Hey Ron, can I talk to you?”

“Well could we talk after dinner, I’m so hungry.” Ron pouted grabbing on his stomach under his robes.

“No, I need to talk now it’s important.” Hermione asked again tugging on his arm to move away from the doors. But Ron had spotted Seamus Finnigan waving to him so he just grabbed onto Hermione’s hand and pulled her into the Great Hall where much of the student body noticed their interlocked hands.

Hermione spent almost half of the time for dinner trying to get Ron into a private conversation. ‘Never have I realized how chatty the Gryffindor table is.’ she thought to herself.

“Ron, please we need to talk. This cannot wait.” Hermione pleaded feeling invisible.

“What’s wrong Hermy? You seem a little preoccupied.” Ron said.

“Of course I’m preoccupied. I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past half hour.” She hissed keeping her voice low.

“Oh I’m sorry. But you know I’ll give you plenty of attention now.” He said placing his hand heavy onto her thigh.

“Ron!” Hermione squealed hating the feeling of a hand that belong to the boy whom she had thought of as no more than a brother for almost seven years. “This is what I need to talk about.”

“What? You aren’t making any sense.” Ron said looking around seeing the interest that was building through the room.

“We can’t be together Ronald. This,” she grabbed his hand and placed it firmly on the table, “this cannot happen between us!” Hermione was ignoring the scene she had created, but noticed the horrible embarrassment showing on Ron’s face.

“Hermione but -”

“No, this isn’t right. It’s not fair to either of us.” Hermione finished softly. She picked up her books and walked out of the Great Hall quietly with her head pointed completely to the ground trying to hide from the eyes prying at her. But unseen by every student but one, a tall blonde slipped out of the chattering hall after her. ‘There is no way he is going for her that quick.’ Zach thought to himself shaking his head in disbelief.

“Merlin what have I done? Poor Ron, he’s going to be shattered.” Hermione groaned walking into the warm Common Room. “Go away Malfoy.” She mumbled hearing the portrait swing shut.

“How do you know it was me? Could’ve been Weasel running from that scene you made.” Draco said walking past her to sit on the couch before she could.

“You were following me the entire way back. I’m not as thick as you are. Move, I was going to sit there first.” Hermione huffed slumping onto the space Draco had made for her.

“Don’t be so immature Granger. I already know you aren’t stupid. But Merlin help you if you are going to be crying all over the tower just because of Weasley.” Draco warned staring at her sternly.

“I’m not going to cry because I’m not sad. It had to be done. He had no right assuming we were dating and then ignore me when I tried to talk to him in private. Ron brought all of this on himself.” Hermione justified narrowing her eyes at Draco who smirked at what she had said.

“So, the Gryffindor Queen finally put the rubbish in its place.” Malfoy sneered being pleased with what happened.

“Ron is not rubbish. He just doesn’t know what he is doing sometimes.” Hermione reasoned trying to sound nice when talking about her friend to Draco.

“Look Granger, by the little show you put on just now it seems very clear you have no feelings for Weasley and would rather not have him within a 2 foot radius of those lips of yours.”

“It’s funny how you think you know me so well, especially since this is the first civilized conversation that’s been held between the two of us, ever.” Hermione snapped not enjoying Draco’s assumptions of her feelings, no matter how true they might be.

“I know you better than you think Hermy.” Draco retorted imitating Ron’s nickname for her.

“Ever call me that again ferret and you’ll wish you never got picked Head Boy.” Hermione threatened straightening up in the couch.

“Resorting to threats, eh Hermy.

“It isn’t a threat if I plan on following through with it, so it’s more of a promise.” And with that Hermione shoved Draco hard onto the floor with her now outstretched legs. “Thanks for the leg room Malfoy.” She cooed slyly laughing a bit to herself.

“You should be careful about who you threaten Granger, it’ll come back and bite you in the arse.” Draco growled grabbing onto her ankles and pulling her onto the floor with him. Draco laughed at her on the ground and got up to reclaim his spot on the couch. Hermione felt as though she was a child again racing her cousins to the couch to get the most room, so she quickly scrambled up jumping for the couch, but instead of feeling soft cushions under her she fell directly on top of Draco.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Hermione barked.

“I’m not the one on top Granger. I’m on the bottom, and obviously won the couch so sit somewhere else.” Draco said eying her deeply.

“No!” She shouted sitting up on his chest causing his breath to catch low in his throat.

“Granger, I know you want to be on me, but please stand up now.”

“Forget it. Your reverse psychology won’t work this time Malfoy. I’m not leaving until you let me have this couch.”

“This is so childish. Get off!” Draco yelled never being in this situation before.

“If you wanted me off then you would have no problem moving me yourself. And it’s not childish. You stole my seat.” Hermione replied feeling just that though she would never admit it to this certain person.

“You’re enjoying this as much as I am.” Draco said laughing at the pout on her face.

“What? Who said I was enjoying this? Why are you enjoying this?” Hermione questioned him suspiciously. Draco grabbed onto her waist firmly catching her off guard and flipping her onto the bottom of the couch and replacing himself on the top.

“Happy? You’re on the couch.” Draco smirked.

“Not like this, I want the couch to myself.”

“Greedy little Gryffindor aren’t you Granger. But we can’t get everything we want. You want the couch to yourself, but you’ll have settle for being on the couch with me. I want every bit of you, but I suppose I’ll have to settle on just this for now.” Before the meaning behind Draco’s words hit her she felt his hand snake down to support her neck and his lips placed upon hers. Hermione could feel her mind fly far away and her body take full control. She moved her hand to Draco’s silky blonde hair, but could not get her arms to move and push him off of her. Feeling Hermione give into the kiss, Draco slide his tongue softly along her bottom lip and soon tasted just how sweet he imagined she would be when she allowed him entrance. Quickly Hermione was yanked back into reality when she felt his hand inching along her stomach. She was able to forcefully push him a couple inches away, just enough to mumble to him.

“Not right. None of this is right. I have to go to my own room.” Hermione pushed him again and he moved from her allowing her to leave for her room. But Draco couldn’t let her just leave, there wasn’t one girl who ever left him in this state, and there was never going to be. He hurried after her catching the Lioness portrait before it closed completely. Draco grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her into his chest wrapping his arms securely around her so she could not get away from him. Hermione knew it would be a hopeless attempt to try and fight against something she wanted. She lowered his lips to hers and let him guide her to the bed where the two collapsed into a mess of soft sheets.

Author's Note: so finally some Hermione / Draco action... but how is this going to effect the next chapter?! gonna have to wait and see! so please review and tell me what you think... it truly helps motivate me to write and find time to work with the story.

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“Miss Granger, take Mr. Hollinger and please leave. This is no place for the two of you.” McGonagall said politely trying to turn the two around and usher them away. But Hermione glanced behind her to argue when she saw what the problem was. In the middle of the hall, covered in cuts, bruises and torn clothing, Draco laid motionless as professors hustled around trying to make sense of what happened.

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