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Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 6 : Promises
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A/N: So, here’s Hermione’s pain chapter. Read it and weep, well not really. Just enjoy and review please!


Chapter 6: Promises


Classes resumed a couple of days after the party, and the talk that seemed to be going around was about exams, more exams and the delightful tale of Draco Malfoy being beside himself with a bottle of whiskey.

No matter how much this amused students in every year, it didn’t have a large impact on the teachers, especially McGonagall.

Hermione waited for him at the stone gargoyle leading up to the office. He had been called up for a “chat” and Hermione could’ve sworn she heard shouting; not just from the Headmistress, but from Snape as well.

Draco appeared minutes later with a wide smirk plastered on to his face. “What was all that about?” She asked as they walked to the library.

He began to mimic McGonagall. “You’ve put a name upon yourself… you’ve disgraced your family name… you should be ashamed… I’m very disappointed in you Mr Malfoy…” He stopped and began to laugh.

“I don’t think there’s anything to laugh about,” Hermione said sternly.

“There is, I’ve heard it all before, it gets boring after awhile. But I think this one was highly entertaining!”

“What did Snape say?” She asked.

He looked at her suspiciously, “Eavesdropping now? Not like you,” he chuckled; so did she. “He gave me detention.”

“What?! He’s not even a Professor!”

“He seems to think so, McGonagall is behind him.”

“What did you say?”

“To the detention; bullshit! And to the whole thing about getting drunk and making a fool of myself, I said it was fun, and the kiss was worth-while!” He grinned mischievously.

Hermione made to move, but something kept her still, “The… the… kiss?” She stuttered.

“Yeah, it was nice. Did it mean anything to you?” He asked, rather quietly.

“No… I mean… yes, but it was just a promise kiss, nothing more!”

“Oh,” he looked deflated. He left her at the door to the library, said a quick goodbye and headed off to meet Crabbe and Goyle.

Hermione sat herself down and busied herself with homework and upcoming events that involved the entire student population of Hogwarts. But her mind strayed from her work and her quill became limp in her hand.

What did Draco mean by “the kiss was worth-while”? This was so confusing to her, she loved Ron but she had all these mixed feelings involving Malfoy.

Her left palm seared with pain, it throbbed into her skin and it became worse, maybe she should visit Madam Pomfrey and hear her thoughts on this deluded wound, which had now reopened and had began to bleed all over her pieces of parchments.

She remembered what she had seen on Draco’s right palm, it was almost impossible.

He had the other half of the broken heart with the arrow tail going in at the bottom and the head going out at the top. She imagined it in her head and saw them come together, as one.

“Hermione,” someone called. His lips touching mine, she thought… eww, no! Get out of my head! She turned in her chair to see who had called for her.

It was Ginny. The red-head made her way over to her, gave her quick hug and sat down beside her. “You OK?” Ginny and Hermione asked at the same time, they laughed at their closeness.

“Yeah,” they both replied.

“Recovered from your hangover?” Hermione questioned as she tidied up her work.

“Yeah, why didn’t you have much to drink?”

“’Cause I had to look out for everyone else! Did Harry put you to bed all right?”

Ginny blushed. “S’pose. I woke up when he laid me on his bed, then it kinda went on from there,” she giggled.

“Eww, really? How was it?”

“It hurt, seen as it was our first time, but he’ll be mine forever,” she giggled some more, Hermione tutted. “What did you do after everyone left?”

The guilt rose from her stomach and into her throat, should she tell Ginny what happened between herself and Draco? What if Ron found out?

“I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell the others, especially Ron, OK?” Hermione pleaded.

It's OK, to go and make mistakes
It's OK, to break your promises
You're moving on anyway

“I promise,” Ginny answered gleefully.

“After you guys left, I fell into Draco on the stairs, he was asleep,” she quickly added because of the look she was receiving from Ginny.

“Oh,” Ginny sighed. “Carry on.”

“Anyway, I could smell whiskey on his breath, I saw the empty bottle beside him. He’d drank it all ‘cause he said that his life was ruined and it wasn’t worth living anymore,” Hermione explained.

“But why would he want to do that? He could get through the pain like the rest of us. He’s a strong boy!”

Hermione laughed, then continued. “He’s tried to hurt himself before, but I never talked to him about it… he’s slit his wrists before, I’ve seen the scars!”

Ginny gasped. “There must be other reasons though?” She pondered.

Hermione nodded. “His dad’s in prison and his marks are beyond fail.”

“So what’s he going to do about it?”

“You mean, what I’m going to do about it?” Ginny gave her a perplexed look, so Hermione went further into the explanation. “I said to him that I would help him…”

“But you can’t!” Ginny interrupted. “He never helps you, so why should you?”

“’Cause I hate to see people fail. I’d help any Slytherin if they’d just give me a chance.”

I hate the way
It makes me feel inside
You promised me
You'd be all that I need
I wonder why you lied

“But this is Malfoy we’re talking about!”

“I know! But he seemed all right with the idea. But I said I’d only help him if he promised me something.”

“What was that?”

“To stop drinking.”

“Wow! You really do know how to work miracles. Did he agree?”

“He sealed the promise as well,” Hermione looked up into the girl’s eyes with utmost guilt.

“How do you mean?” Ginny pushed on.

“He kissed me… well, we kissed each other,” she gulped nervously as she waited for the reply.

“You what?!” Ginny bellowed.

“Keep it down! There was no tongues, just a simple kiss, a promise sealed with a touch of friendship,” she tried to explain, but Ginny wasn’t having any excuse.

“You cheated on my brother! You evil cow!” She yelled.

“Ginny, I didn’t cheat on him. The kiss didn’t mean anything,” her left palm burned into her soul.

“Did you like it?”

“No… I mean, it was nice of him, but I love Ron. Don’t you understand, Gin?”

“I understand that you’re a fucking slut!” Ginny began to walk out of the library but Hermione ran after her.

“Ginny, whatever you do, please don’t tell Ron?” She pleaded.

Promises you made, coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye

“No, I won’t do that. You’re going to tell him!”

“But I…” but Hermione didn’t finish as Ginny had already walked off, leaving her in the thick tangle of webs where her heart was the spider; contorted with evil.


She tried to avoid Ginny for the rest of the week, but it seemed that Ginny’s eyes watched her every move. After classes and during breaks, she would go up to Hermione and would always ask the same question: “Have you told him yet?”

With always the same reply: “I will!”

What appeared to be the worst of all was that Luna had found out as well, who seemed to have told Neville, but both had kept their mouths shut around Harry and Ron.

You gave me time
To think about you and me
I hate the way you make me feel inside
I wonder why you lie

Whenever she was with Ron she felt uncomfortable. This was the guilt and the pain in her palm that caused this feeling and she could tell that Harry knew that something was wrong, but he didn’t question it.

But then the worst really did dawn upon Hermione. Not that she couldn’t stay away from him, but she tried. Draco turned shy towards her, so their work-related conversations were very muffled and short.

She could tell that he knew that something was wrong, and he was the one who questioned it. “What’s up? You’re never this quiet.”

“Well, I've had a lot of things on,” she answered.

“Don’t lie to me, Hermione. I know when you’re worried about something. I…” he stopped when he saw her shocked face.

“You just called me Hermione!” She whispered to him, sheepishly.

“Well, it is your name after all,” they went quiet for a minute or so, then he continued. “So, why are you quiet?”

“Did that kiss mean anything to you?” She blurted out.

Draco blushed, then said: “It was just a promise kiss, nothing more. I don’t fancy you! Did it mean anything to you, like?”

Promises you made coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye

“No! I have Ron remember. It’s just, I told Ginny and she thinks I cheated on him ‘cause I kissed you.”

“Just ignore her, she’s just jealous,” he chuckled at his own joke. “I fancy someone else,” he ignored the searing pain in his palm. “I’ll see you around.” He left to go to the Slytherin common room, but returned quickly to say something. “We have to see McGonagall on Saturday. She said Snape will be there too,” then he left.

Hermione slumped on to the leather couch. With no work to do, (seen as herself and Draco had completed every thing in total silence), she relaxed and read her book.

She had bought it from Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley, and even though she had only read a few chapters it was an interesting read.

But soon, the boredom of having nothing to do overtook her mind, and the book fell from her hands and she closed her eyes.

~*~ Her Dream ~*~

She was standing by herself, in a dark space, but light soon appeared to show herself in the middle of a circle of people. Her friends.

Even Draco was there, but his face was turned away from her, as if in disgust.

(Duh-dah) I was breathing coz that's that the gauge was indicating
While was blaming I was soon to be so implicated
Now I’m through with all the lies and pictures are back-dated
Almost lost my friendly feet coz boy I’m operating (uh-uh)

Ginny stepped forwards, “You’re not a friend to me,” she sneered. “You’re nothing! You slut!” She stepped back in to the darkness, a tear fell from Hermione’s face and on to the ground.

Harry appeared in front of her, “Why did you do this?” He asked. “He’ll hurt you, you’re going down the wrong road, and I can’t believe you did this!” He too, disappeared.

Hermione collapsed to the floor and cried into her hands. A shadow loomed over her, she looked up and found Ron. I thought I could trust you,” he said, a tear fell down his pale face. “I hate you!”

Promises you made coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye

“I’m sorry!” Hermione screamed.

~*~ End Of Her Dream ~*~

Hermione awoke suddenly with a cold sweat, her heart thumping madly and a single tear falling down from her eye.

She didn’t notice the other person standing in the room. She looked down at her left palm, the scar was pulsing harshly and she felt like it would explode, but no blood appeared.

Promises you made coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye

She sighed, then fell back. She looked up at the ceiling, but instead met a pair of green eyes, “Hey Mione, what’s up?” Harry asked through a smile.

Hermione jumped. “How did you get in?”

“Draco told me the password, ‘cause I asked him where you were,” he explained.

“Oh… you called him by his name, you know?”

He shrugged, then sat down next to her. “So,” he began, “have a nice sleep?”

“Not really,” she said whilst emitting a yawn.

“What was the dream or nightmare about, which woke you up then?”

It was creepy of Harry to think of such things, but Hermione knew that Harry could detect the simplest things that were happening. She just hoped that he didn’t know about what happened between herself and Draco, ending up with a fall out with Ginny.

“It was nothing, I just woke up!” She thought to change the subject but Harry stepped in.

“You’ve fallen out with Ginny ‘cause she called you a slut or something. That’s why I came to see if you’re OK, and for why she did that,” he said sternly.

Hermione gulped away her nerves, but then her confidence began to shine through and so she explained. “After you and the rest left the party, something happened between me and Draco.”

“You kissed, didn’t you?” He asked, a frown appeared next to his scar, it hurt Hermione too.

“It didn’t mean anything though! Please don’t be mad… it was just a promise kiss!”

“A promise kiss? To seal a promise, you mean?” He yelled.

“Yeah, he promised me that he wouldn’t drink anymore. He drank a full bottle of whiskey, he was trying to kill himself, Harry!”

Promises you made coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye

Harry sighed. “You have to tell Ron, it’ll kill him if he finds out before you tell him.”

“I know, and I will, but I don’t know what to say,” she wept and the tears fell. Harry pulled her into an embrace and began to stroke he hair, comfortingly.

“Do you want me to tell him?” He asked.


“Do what your heart tells you. Do you love Ron?”

“Oh, so much. My life would be over without him.

“Do you love Draco?” Hermione fell silent, Harry had read her like a book but instead of going off on one, he smiled. “Well, whatever you do, I’m behind you.”

“But I don’t know what to do! What’ll Ron think of me? Draco doesn’t like me in that way,” she said.

“Not everything is visible to the naked eye, ‘Mione, you should know that,” he smiled wider and hugged her again. He was about to leave when…

“Please don’t tell Ron about this?” Hermione pleaded with him.

Promises you made coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye

“I promise,” he said. She smiled with tears in her eyes.


Song: By the Sugababes: Promises. I think it might be from one of their older albums, but I only have their new one (Taller Than More Ways) which is totally fab by the way!

A/N: That little box below is empty at the moment, but if you fill it up, I’ll be over the moon! Please review!


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