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The Long Road Home by Kenguy
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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2: Picking up the Pieces

It was a short and very quiet thirty-minute drive home to the apartment that Robert and James shared. James was extremely tense the entire time. It had been eight years now that he had been able to hide from his past life. Somehow that past was catching up with him, and there would be no way to hide it anymore. Not if it was her as he suspected.

As they pulled into the driveway, James shut the engine off. He paused trying to turn the turmoil in his mind into sensible words. He sighed, took a deep breath and smiled then turned to Robert.

“Are you meeting her or is she coming here?”

“Oh I thought that I’d introduce the two of you. She was very interested in meeting you.” Robert looked at his watch. “She’ll be here at seven-thirty so I need to get changed.”

Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of torture, of anguish, and of fear. Thirty minutes until his world collapsed. He could feel the world closing in on him, and was powerless to stop it.

“Oh so what is it that she is researching?” James asked to the air since Robert was already getting changed in his room.

“Not so much a something as a someone she said. This guy that left England a few years ago. She thinks that you and I may have come into contact with him.” Robert called back. He stuck his arm out of the door with two ties.

“The blue one.” James replied. So it really was her. Panic began to rise in his stomach.

“Robert I need to tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out, but I think I know what she is researching, or I should say who.”

Robert looked at him as he crossed the hallway into the bathroom, his shirt still open and the tie around his collar. “Really?”, a note of sarcasm in his voice.

“She’s looking for me. Robert I’ve never told you about my past have I?”

Robert looked at James. “Look can we do this later? I need to get ready.”

“Fine.” James said sadly. “I’m just warning you now.”

At the east end of town there was a shopping plaza and a new ‘internet café’ To the casual passer by they would not notice a thing. She didn’t look any different that anyone else. Her clothes were in style, in fact perhaps a tad behind the current trends, but then again there is nothing wrong with that. There was no mistaking her accent though. English, perhaps from somewhere near London. Her auburn hair, and nearly porcelain complexion was also a give away that she was not a local.

She was sitting in a café with her laptop computer plugged into the wall like many others in the shop, only they were not on the same service as she was. This particular computer was not accessing the internet from the shop’s provider. She was connected to, catching the latest news and trying to continue her research when the computer indicated she had a video call.

“Hey Brother. How’s my favorite brother and his wife doing?”

“What? You mean other than worrying about my little sister who is chasing what could very well be a ghost of my best mate, but I hope not around the world. Between that and dealing with a very pregnant wife? Oh nothing. Everything is just peachy!” There was some sort of jostling happening in the background between the red headed man, and a busy brown haired woman at the other end. The red headed man on the other end of the conversation said. “Bloody Hell ‘Mione again?”

Ginerva laughed, “So Sis, Is he being his usual prat of a slob?”

Hermione Weasley laughed at her sister-in-law “Yeah as always. Are you sure about this Gin? I mean you’ve been looking for the past seven years…”

“Herm’s I’ve just got this feeling. I’m close I just know it.” A sound caught her attention and Ginny Weasley then looked into her purse and found the alarm on her cell phone. “Damn I’ve got to go. I’m meeting Robert at his place to meet his roommate, then to dinner and see if I can’t get a track on Harry. This is the closest I’ve been yet Hermione. Bye! Love you guys!” Ginny then kissed her fingers and placed them over the camera. Quickly she disconnected the laptop and gathered her few things. She then hopped into the rented Sebring convertible and headed for the address that Robert had given to her.

“James, she’ll be here soon, can you get the door when she arrives?”
Robert called from the bathroom where he was still getting ready.

‘Oh no…what do I do’? “Ummm. Robert I really think you should know
something before she gets here!”

At that moment a certain fiery redhead with porcelain skin, and freckles on her nose had parked her car and was heading for the door.

“James I really don’t have the time!” Robert headed into his bedroom to
button his shirt and finish getting ready.

“Robert the one she’s researching is…”


Ginny Weasley stood waiting for the door to open.

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The Long Road Home: Chapter 2


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