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The Long Road Home by Kenguy
Chapter 1 : Prologue & Chap 1
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The Long Journey Home


After that final battle he had left it all behind. His friends, school. Everything he had known for nearly half of his life.

It had taken almost two years to find him and destroy his followers leading up to that final day, the last day of the Golden-Trio’s seventh year. It had been hard work rounding them all up and that had meant some special considerations around classes and examinations for several professors, and also several students. As he stood by the remains of a most evil creature, love, the love of family, of friends, and the one who loved him most surrounded him.

The battlefield was strewn with the dead and injured. Medi-Wizards were helping all that they could from both sides. Moans of pain and anguish could be heard across the once pristine green lawns of Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry. Sobs of loved ones crouching beside their lost or dying loves. Aurors were moving through and taking note of those from both sides who were beyond help.

Out of the center of the battlefield, from the steaming earth of the crater, three forms emerged. They were battered and worn and looked nearly broken. The two were being supported by the one in the center. One who had held the weight of the world now supported his dearest friends. As soon as they were clear of the crater, the medi-wizards came taking the bushy-haired woman, and the red haired man away. This left the third, a tall, muscular form who stood alone.

Across the field a woman with fire in her eyes, and nothing but the purest love in her heart attended to the injured. Something told her to look toward the battle. Something she had tried hard not to do for so much of the last hour since the three had entered the forest. He stared toward her, his face dropped in pain, not physical but emotional. On the lawn stood his true love. Her fiery red hair was matted from sweat and the blood of others. Her robes stained and dirty. ‘She is beautiful and I will miss her so!’ Seeing her, his head drooped and the wand fell from his hand. She began to run towards him, but before she had crossed even half of the distance he was gone in a loud pop. Hanging on the air were the last words that she would hold in her heart for she knew that someday she would see him again. He apparated, to who knows where, the only sign he had been there was a twelve inch Holly wand with a Phoenix tail feather core.

She reached the spot where he had disappeared, and fell to her knees. She clutched the wand to her chest and was filled with the pain of his loss. “Harry!” She choked out. “I will always love you!”

1: Class Dismissed

Elliotsville was a small mid-western town in Missouri, full of typical people who lived typical lives. Or at least most of them. Only one knew that his life was not ordinary, in fact it was quite extraordinary, but that was part of his past. Until that past caught up to him and dragged him back.

There was a coffee shop on the corner of the main intersection where the local farmers would come in and sit and talk about their cops and the weather for the coming months. A small convenience store to sell candy and sodas and magazines to the school aged children sat across from the first. A beautiful park was filled with students tossing a football or busy studying with their friends. Boyfriends and girlfriends enjoying the late spring warmth.

There was an elementary school and a high school in the town, The high school was as typical as any other. There were the cool kids, the athletes, the popular girls, and those who were not in any particular group. Their teachers knew many of them by name, and many of the students knew their teachers by name as well.

For the past five years there was one teacher who stood out as the student’s favorite, and that was James Black. There was just something about him. Maybe it was his messy black hair, or the brilliant emerald eyes, which sparkled as he taught. The girls adored him and the boys aspired to be like him. Again in his life he was admired, but this time for who he was, not for who he was expected to be.

James was sitting at his desk marking papers at the end of the day. He had been daydreaming of a different time. James Black taught physics, and his favorite subject within that science was aerodynamics. He was always talking about velocity of objects, and how you had to know just when to pull out of a dive to avoid hitting the ground… “In a plane” he would quickly add before changing the subject. He watched in the neighborhood park as the seven year old boys would run around with brooms, pretending to be cowboys. What he wouldn’t give to have had a carefree childhood as they had..

“James” This was accompanied by a knock at the door. “James, are you just about finished?” It was nearly six thirty in the evening and James made it a habit of working this late nearly every night.

“Almost Robert. Just hang on.” James placed the last few files into his briefcase, stood buckling it and turned off the lamp on his desk. “So, what’s for dinner tonight?”

Robert laughed, “Your on your own pal, I’ve got a date!”

“Really?” James was pleased that Robert had started to see people again. James and Robert had been friends since James arrived in America nearly eight years earlier. They had attended teaching collage together and had both gotten positions in Elliotsville after graduation.

“So anyone I know?” James asked as they pulled away from the parking lot in his red Mazda 6. He enjoyed driving although there was another method of travel he missed dearly as he again glanced over to the park. There was a little girl with red streaming hair who was running around with a broom too, but unlike the boys who held it with the broom head to the front… she ran with hers behind her.

“Don’t think so. She’s a reporter for some daily in London. She’s here doing research. Beautiful fiery red hair.”

James hit the brakes hard nearly putting Robert through the windshield.

“What did you say?”

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The Long Road Home: Prologue & Chap 1


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