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Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 5 : The Taste Of Whiskey
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A/N: Hope all my readers are excited for this chappy. This is kinda like my point of view, because the same thing happened to me at a New Year’s Party, which I highly regret! Enjoy!


Chapter 5: The Taste Of Whiskey


Draco rushed back and forward from their small kitchen, placing food and drinks on the table, setting up music and decorations, then he sat down.

This is servant stuff, he thought. He was already ready for the party, how long it took for girls to get ready he did not know. All he could hear from upstairs was the gentle hum of Hermione as she applied her makeup.

“Just a bit more lippy,” she said. “There. Done!” She got up and made her way out of her bedroom. As she approached the staircase she noticed that her common room had completely changed.

In one corner, she saw a buffet table, with snacks and drink. More chairs had been placed around the room. She felt cold as the fire wasn’t lit, it would get warmer later.

The candles and torch brackets extinguished and instead, disco lights and a disco ball, which hung high, lit up the room. “What do you think?” Draco asked as Hermione walked down the stairs.

He was leaning against the wall in loose jeans, but his tight shirt made all the difference. She felt highly under-dressed in her faded light-blue jeans and sparkly-beaded strap top.

“How did you do it? And all by yourself, well, I am impressed!” She laughed out loud.

He shrugged and made his way over to her, “You look nice,” he said.

Hermione stood rooted to the spot, completely shocked. Why was he being nice all of a sudden? “Thanks,” she replied back to him. “So do you.”

It all became too quiet, so Hermione moved towards the kitchen to prepare more food, while Draco waited for people to arrive.

Harry and Ginny were the first one’s to arrive, along with Ron. They walked straight past Draco, who didn’t mind as he greeted Pansy and the others.

“Hey Hermione,” greeted Ron, kissing her passionately on the lips. “You never believe who I thought I saw?”

“Who?” She asked nervously, pulling away from him.

“Snape!” Ron whispered to Hermione. But Draco caught his voice, his grey eyes caught Hermione’s attention.

She turned back to face Ron. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she said. “He’s dead, isn’t he?”

“Not that I know of,” Harry stepped in. “I would’ve given Voldemort credit if he was.”

“Harry!” Hermione yelled.

“Sorry ‘Mione, but he is a slimy git, and can’t be trusted. If I saw him back here, he wouldn’t know what hit him!”

Hermione smiled at his humour, she left them to talk between themselves, as Neville and Luna made their way over to them. She went over to talk to Draco who was letting the last of the guests in.

“Have you told anyone about him returning?” She asked him.

“No, I’m as shocked as you. I want to know why he’s returned!”

“Yeah, me too. It can’t be a coincidence. But, I need to tell Harry.”


“’Cause, if he finds out that I know he’s returned before I tell him, he’ll never trust me again,” she explained.

“Fine,” he dismissed her with a wave of his right hand. She stood still, she had just seen something she didn’t expect.

Maybe it was the light or maybe she was just seeing things. No, that was impossible. Me; she thought, Hermione Granger, seeing things, never! She shook her head and went to talk to the others.


The music played low throughout the night, the common room was full with a mixed air of laughter and chatter.

The Slytherins; which included Pansy, Blaise and Sabrina, kept themselves distant from the rest. They mainly talked to Draco, but Pansy didn’t seem to want to talk to him just yet, but he seemed worried about her.

“Pansy,” he dragged her away from the crowd. “Are you talking to me?”

She nodded. “Why do you ask?”

“You’re avoiding me, by not talking to me.”

“Well, I thought you wouldn’t want to talk to me, seen as we’ve just broken up,” she explained.

“I told you, I still want to be friends, it’s just that… I have a lot of things on my mind.”

Pansy shot an evil look at the back of Hermione’s head, who was cuddling up to Ron as Ginny and Luna told her about the Venomous Tentacula’s teething problem.

Draco caught her stare. “My problems have got nothing to do with that smart-ass Mudblood! If that’s what you’re thinking?”

“I don’t think, Draco. I know,” she walked away from him and joined Sabrina; Blaise had gone to get drinks.

Draco went into the kitchen. He opened a bottle of whiskey he had stored for himself and poured a bit into a glass. He downed it, then washed out the glass. The cold water pierced his skin.

He looked down at his right palm, the scar had reopened and it was bleeding again. He wrapped some paper towels around his hand and went to sit down, by himself.


It was half an hour before midnight.

Ron was taking care of Ginny, who was in the bathroom, after swearing to herself that she wasn’t drunk, then made a bee-line straight to the toilet.

Neville and Luna were dancing together, along with the ether couples; Blaise and Sabrina, Ernie and Susan, Justin and Hannah, Seamus and Lavender, Dean and Parvati, and Nathan and Padma.

Draco was upstairs, Hermione reckoned that he was alone with Pansy, but when she saw Pansy leave five minutes ago, she was found wrong.

Harry was sitting next to her. His eyes were concentrating on the dancing lights upon the walls. She turned her face upon him, she had to tell him now. “Harry,” she said to grab his attention.

“Hmm,” he turned to look at her.

“I need to tell you something…”

“Go on,” he cut in.

“It’s about, Ron, seeing Snape in the castle,” she said uncertainly. He frowned at her, but nodded at her for her to carry. “But before I tell you, you’ve got to promise me that you won’t do anything irrational, OK?”

“I promise,” he said.

Hermione sighed, “He has returned, Harry.”

“What?!” he erupted.

“Harry, listen to me. I don’t know why he’s back, but McGonagall told me and Malfoy that…”

“Malfoy knows?!” He hissed.

“McGonagall told us,” she ignored Harry’s complaint. “Snape is under her watchful eye. And, he has to work beside us.”

“What?! Snape has to work with you! And Malfoy? You’ll be killed! Why’s he back?” He shook her shoulders as in hope to shake the answer out.

Hermione pushed him back, they were attracting a lot of attention. In fact, everyone had stopped dancing. Hermione didn’t know how to answer.

“We don’t know why he’s back,” answered a voice. “I’m as concerned as you are, Potter.” It was Draco who answered. He made his way over to them, Harry got up to meet his stare.

“What makes you so positive?” Harry spat.

“When I saw him on the side of Voldemort,” Draco began. “I could see it in him that he wasn’t worth living, that’s why he came back; to escape his death, he ran; went into hiding. But it’s not just a coincidence; he’s here for something else, and me and Granger want to find out what.” He looked into Hermione’s warm gaze, she nodded in agreement. Draco extended his left hand. “Are you in?”

Harry looked down at the welcoming friendship. He remembered Draco doing this before back in their first year. Harry slowly placed his hand in Draco’s and they shook with a firm grip.

No one could believe that the famous Harry Potter, who had saved them all from the evil of darkness drowning their happiness forever, had made a truce with the Death Eater’s son, who nearly killed the Headmaster and honoured saviour of all time.

Hermione was crying silently inside. “Hey guys!” Seamus yelled over the crowd. “It’s five minutes to go!”

Everybody crowded together, to celebrate the upcoming New Year. Draco went into the kitchen to pour another glass of whiskey.

He retuned to see everyone in a huge circle, waiting in apprehension. He saw Hermione and Ron close together, holding hands. It made him feel sick, but half of him wished to be Ron.

Pain seared through his hand and up through his arm and into his heart. He fell back into the wall, no one heard the smash of the glass upon the floor as the celebrations turned up to the maximum.

“Happy New Year!” Everyone shouted to one another.

“Yeah, Happy New Year,” Draco said to himself; miserably, gulping down a mouthful of whiskey from the bottle.

If a New Year could bring New Beginning’s, then could it bring New Feeling’s in someone’s life, like it has in mine, he thought miserably.


After returning from the bathroom for the third time, Draco noticed that the common room had been emptied slightly.

Blaise and Sabrina had left shortly after midnight had dawned, Nathan had taken a swollen-footed Padma back to the Ravenclaw common room.

Hermione was standing at the portrait hole, seeing off the rest of her Gryffindor friends. Draco made his way over to the seats by the fire, but they were already occupied, so he lay down on the moth-eaten rug.

Flat on my back
In a lonely sprawl
I stare at the ceiling
Because I can not fall

Hermione sat herself on Ron’s lap, who seemed annoyed by Harry and Draco’s new-found friendship. She kissed him to forget his anger.

Neville and Luna were grappling with each other, taking up the whole of the space on the long, leather couch.

Ginny, who was forcing herself to not be sick again, kept herself company with Harry’s lips.

Draco, who thought he was going to be sick himself, and who seemed very disgusted with the behaviour by the fire, moved himself to the top-most stair of the staircase, leading up to his and Hermione’s dormitories.

Asleep tonight
No not at all
Head lights flash
Across my bedroom wall

He watched as the loving couples laid into each other’s love, if only he had that contact. He wished for Pansy to be in his grasp, but he knew that was over, everything that was on his mind flew him away from love. He didn’t worship that kind of feeling, he didn’t need it. He had himself and that’s what mattered!

But as he looked at the fair face of that only girl he wished to be in the room, his beliefs faltered and a new life burst inside of him.

Crying eyes open
Because I can not fall
In love with you
No not at all

He began to drink again from the whiskey bottle, which drained out in no time.

Ginny had fallen asleep in Harry’s arms, so he took the liberty to put her to bed. Neville decided to go with him, with a rather sober-looking Luna.

Draco staggered up straight, wishing himself to fall asleep as to not to witness the scene that would meet his eyes. But he fell back on the stairs with dizziness and saw the whole thing, hurting his insides.

Hermione and Ron were smothering each other with their deepest love that minutes ticked by before they waved and kissed some more goodbye.

The night was over, and by the consumption of alcohol, Draco’s life seemed to be as well. Hermione walked up he stairs; slightly tipsy, tripping over the life-less form as she went.

Walk away and taste the pain
Come again some other day
Aren't you glad you weren't afraid
Funny how the price gets paid

“Oh my God, Malfoy! Wake up you silly arse,” she shook him, but he didn’t stir. “Draco… Draco… DRACO!”

His eyes fluttered open and he smiled weakly up at her, “Hey, what’s the big idea? I was asleep!”

Busted in two
Like a brittle stick
I can not drink
Because my throat constricts

Her heart was thumping madly. “I thought you were… never mind. What are you doing on the stairs anyway?”

Lovesick from you
That will never do
Open my mouth
I couldn't make a sound

“I told you, I was asleep… until you fell on me,” he mumbled. They both stood up, but he wobbled under his feet and he fell into Hermione’s arms.

I could not scream
I could not shout
It out to you
Nothing to do

“God, how much have you drank?” She asked. He ignored her and began to crawl up the stairs, quite lamely. Hermione followed him.

“Face me, Draco!” She ordered, and without waiting for a reply, she grabbed his hand and turned him on the spot. She opened his mouth and sniffed. “Whiskey?” She said, rather puzzled.

“Yeah, I have a liking for it,” he said.

“What?! The full bottle!” She yelled, staring from his guilty face to the empty bottle by his feet.

“Kinda…” he mumbled, mainly to himself.

“Draco, why?” She cooed.

“’Cause I just did. I don’t care if I get drunk! I was doing it ‘cause I have nothing else to live for,” he slurred.

“What’re you talking about?”

“In case you didn’t know, I’ve broken up with Pansy, my dad’s in prison, Snape is back and to top it all off, my school work and marks are below the point of fail!” Se staggered into his bedroom and through into the bathroom, where he locked himself in.

Walk away and taste the pain
Come again some other day
Aren't you glad you weren't afraid
Funny how the price gets paid

Hermione heard him over the sink, but he remained in there even though he had finished empting his stomach. “Draco, are you OK?”

“Fine,” he answered.

“I could help you, you know. With your work and that,” she said.

He stumbled out of the bathroom and fell once again into Hermione’s arms. “You’d do that, for me?” He pondered.

“Yeah, I hate to see someone fail, even the likes of a Ferret,” she giggled, but he frowned. “But you have to promise me something.”

“What’s that?”

“Promise me that you won’t drink again?” She pleaded. He looked at her, then nodded. He fell on to his bed and closed his eyes.

This may come as a shocking surprise
I have to take a walk
I have to kiss it goodbye

“That action doesn’t mean you won’t keep the promise… you have to seal it, Draco.” Hermione presumed he would just shake on it, but nothing compared to what happened next.

He sat up, and locked his eyes; which were no longer grey, but a clear blue, on to her chocolate brown eyes. He pulled her towards his face.

“I promise,” he whispered. His lips touched hers, but it was sweet and gentle; no tongues, just a simple kiss, but it was great all the same.

Goodbye my love
Goodbye my love
I am not alive

They pulled away, “Erm…” Hermione began, licking her lips, which now tasted so deeply of whiskey, she actually felt high. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night, Draco.” She walked out and into her own room, collapsed on to her bed and fell to sleep immediately.

Walk away and taste the pain
Come again some other day

“Yeah,” Draco murmured. “’Night Hermione.” And he too, went into the same dreamless sleep as Hermione.

Aren't you glad you weren't afraid
Funny how the price gets paid


Song: By the Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Taste The Pain, really loving the lyrics! *Thanks guys in my head!*

A/N: Duh, duh, DUH! So what’s going to happen now? I’ll give you a hint… read the next chapter please, then you’ll surely now. I’ll never reveal any of my secrets! Review also!


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