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Fights, Tears, and Kisses by ron_hearts_hermione
Chapter 1 : Fights, Tears, and Kisses
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Fights, Tears, and Kisses

It was a sunny afternoon at Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger smiled as she stared at the clouds. She always thought they were so interesting. How you could watch them endlessly and never fail to catch some sort of picture. A sigh of contentment escaped her lips as she took one last look.

‘I should finish that transfiguration essay…’

She stood up and began to make her way up the Hogwarts stairs and into the school. She made her way to the Gryffindor common room.

“Password please?” The fat lady asked.

“Expecto Patronum.”

The portrait opened to reveal the red and yellow common room of Gryffindor.

“Hermione! Glad you’re back!”

Hermione turned around only to find her emerald eyed, raven haired best friend, Harry Potter.

“Hey Harry. Finally start your essay?” She asked with a smile.

“Yup, I’m almost done. But one question,” She nodded for him to continue. “‘SRR’ Stands for Seer rights and responsibilities, right?” He asked.

“You got it.”

“Alright then, I guess I’ll see you at dinner?”

“See ya then.”

“See ya.”

Hermione walked past Harry over to the fire. She loved to stare at the flames, watch them dance and flicker. But, there was another comfort in them, that the flames reminded her of a certain redhead.

‘I can’t keep thinking about him…’

She knew there was no denying her feelings at this point, she had been aware of her “more than friend” attraction toward Ron since first year. Sure, she had only been 11, but what else would explain the butterflies whenever he was around, and the occasional stuttering whenever those beautiful blue eyes connected with hers, always feeling as if her vocabulary limited to only a few sounds. Sure, she tried to deny it at first; this was Ron we were talking about! There was nothing special! Just that beautiful, silky red hair, and those piercing blue- gray eyes, and that cute little lopsided smile of his-

‘Stop it! Ugh… more Ron rambling… I need to talk to Viktor.’

So she ran up the girls’ dormitory steps and walked into the door that said;

Seventh Year Girls:
Hermione Granger
Pavarti Patil
Lavender Brown
Kelsey Landenberg
Sara Pert

She walked over to her trunk and pulled out a piece of parchment, a quill, and a bottle of ink. She sat down on her bed with her supplies, and thought about what to tell Viktor first.

‘This isn’t working. I need the fire…’

The fire always did calm her down…

So she picked everything up and walked down the steps over to her favorite table, the one Ron always plays his little games at, (chess, exploding snap, ect.) She opened her ink bottle, dipped her quill in, and started writing.

Dear Viktor,

I can’t stop thinking about him again.

I mean, I know these feelings will never go away, but I still can’t stop getting hopeful whenever I think he might just get down on one knee and admit his un- denying love for me.

I know it’s silly, and I know it would never happen, but I still dream… Any way, how is France? I heard your game is tomorrow, beat those Frenchies! I know they deserve it, they’re too proper… :- )

I guess I’ll hear from you soon.

Hoping Ron will stop being so oblivious,
Your friend, Hermione

Just when she finished rolling up her parchment Ron walked in.

“Hey Ron!”

He just waved, but then his eyes shifted to her hands.

“I’m hoping that’s not for Krum…”

“So what if it is?”

“What do you guys talk about? I mean seriously, ‘friends’ don’t write novels to each other…”

“Ron, even if you don’t believe he’s just friend, doesn’t mean he isn’t, the world doesn’t revolve on Ron Weasley’s opinions now if you will excuse me, I have to go send this to Viktor.”

She put the letter in her pocket and walked away briskly.

What she didn’t notice was that her pockets weren’t quite deep enough to hold the letter, and so when she stepped out of the portrait hole, a certain letter fell out of her security, and into the worst person’s hands in could have ever landed…


When Hermione got to the owlery, she pulled out her letter-

‘Wait a minute…’

She dug through both her pockets, and found no letter.

She stared wide- eyed at the wall of the owlery.

‘It could be any where!’

She scrambled thorough the hallways looking everywhere that it could have landed, and then found herself facing the fat lady.

‘There’s probably like a 1% chance that he found it…’

Her heart was pounding as she said the password…


5 minutes earlier…

After Ron had finished the letter, it had dropped out of his hands, onto the floor.

‘She feels the same. After all these years thinking I wasn’t good enough, she actually feels the same…’

He stood there for about 5 minutes, before realizing that she would be back soon enough looking for her letter.

‘I could just wait for her at the portrait…’


Hermione walked into the common room right into the one person she praying not to find…

“Ron! Umm… nice to see you!”



‘Everything seems normal…’

She closed her eyes and took a sigh of relief but before she could open them, she felt soft pressure on her lips. She didn’t need to open her eyes to figure out what was happening.

Ron; her best friend, crush, obsession, and possibly soul mate was kissing her… Right there, right then; kissing her.

She couldn’t think of a better thing that could have happened that day.

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Fights, Tears, and Kisses: Fights, Tears, and Kisses


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