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Carved in Flesh by tac
Chapter 1 : The Abyss
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Carved in Flesh
By Tac

Chapter One
The Abyss

Hermione stood there. Staring into the abyss. The darkness and voices closing in on her. Harry and Ron lay there in front of her, bloody and torn. A cold rush swam over her and she screamed. Her voice felt muted as she tried harder and harder to shout. She colapsed onto the floor along side her best freinds. Dead in the abyss.

Hermione sat up with a jolt. Cold sweat eased its way slowly down her face. Her mind felt strangly lost. She looked around spoting her watch. 5.30am. she lay back her mind jogging back into life. The darkness. Ron. Harry. Blood. What had happened? Was it a dream? It had felt so real. She got up and got dressed into her black Gryffindor robes. She started to warm up slightly as she headed down the marble staircase. She entered the great hall to find that alot of people were there at the time and Dumbledore was saying something important judging by the look on the pupils faces. She sat down at the table next to a very anxious looking Ron and Harry.
'What is the matter?' she asked quietly.
'Hogsmede. there has been a murder. Some man that works or should i say worked at quality quiddich supplies!' Ron replied sounding grogy.
'Like what happened?' she said sounding more anxious than before. Her arms now starting to burn.
'The poor bastards name was Cade Verkissan only worked there a few days. Well anyway the guy was doing a burglar check and when they found him he was hanging like a f**king pinyata from the roof! And even more odd, he was a death eater! I mean with Voldemort back i would think he would be left to live! He spent thirteen years in Azkaban serving his bit and eating shit out a bowl you would think Voldie would cut him some slack!' Ron replied. The hall had now gone quiete and people were leaving. Hermione clutched her arm feeling an exert of immense pain. She pushed the chair over and sprinted out the hall. She leaned back on the corridor. She rolled back her sleave and shreiked. Her arm was bleeding slightly and there was writing carved in, flesh peeled back with the look that it was effortless. she read the writing,
'Cade Verkissan No:1'

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Carved in Flesh: The Abyss


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