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After the Winter Ball by nirvanagurl
Chapter 1 : After the Winter Ball
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Disclaimer:I don't own Hp.
Me: Hey this is my story now!!!
Celia: Hey your lucky I gave you permission.
Zara: OH STOP!! God you two act like Ron and Hermione!!
Celia: I think I need more persuading love.
Me: Not now we have to write this story!! *Kiss her anyway.*
Draco:Oh no let them contiue. *Ginny slaps the back of his head now.*
Ginny: Don't you dare start! *He smiles and the begin to kiss.*
Ron: Hey what the hell are you doing?! That is my sister!!
ME: Hey do you want another time out Ron?! *He shook his head and stayed quiet.*
Zara: Don't I get anyone?
ME: Yeah... Tom Marvolo Riddle get your cute little ass out here!!* Tom walks out and Zara faints.*
Tom:Wait I am evil?!
Celia: Not in this! Now oh come on!! Nicole Harry stop!!! *She said still holding me close*
Harry: Sorry it's just well I just met you Nicole but I think I love you!!
Nicole: I LOVE YOU TOO!!! NOW KISS ME *She pulled him close and she began to kiss.They sneek away to the DADA room.*
Tom: O.K fine! She is cute.*Zara jumpes up into his arms and they begin to kiss.*
Fred: O.k this is getting really weired.
George:I agree. Let's go take Katie and Angelina somewhere.
ME:Fine bye guy's!! You be good?!
Zara:Hey Tom let's go up to the gryffindor common room. I want to tell you something. * Everyone else rolled thier eyes and smiled at them.*
Tom:Lead the way.*He picked her up and she lead him to the common Room.*
Ron:O.K Hermione let's go up to the astronomy tower. You can help me plott my revenge!
Hermione: Oh just shut up and kiss me Ronald Weasley!!*She grab's him by his shirt and Kisses him deeply. The room cheeres and the rush up ti the astronomy tower.*
Draco: Well I think I am going to have nightmares for a month. *He smiled down at Ginny who smiled back eviley.*
Ginny:Well then let me take care of that.
Celia: Well no one is left but us.
ME:Good exactly how I want it. Let's go to The head Girls room.

A/N:I am on something. i don't really know what. Call it love or whatever.

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